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K E M F Inc.
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K E M F Inc.

Located in: Greenfield Park | Main Contact: Mark FrymlTel: 450-923-4812

K E M F Inc. is a distributor of unique Life Improvement Products for your home in order to Simplify your Life. The first product, which is Gutter Topper (a cover for your gutters), addresses problems of leaves, pine needles, ice and snow, that block your gutters. Gutter Topper is NOT a screen but a patented system of gutter protection which prevents gutter blockage and redirects the rainwater into the gutter. The second product is HOTflake, an outdoor heated mat that melts snow and ice, and keeps your walkway safe and clean. No need to salt or sand anymore! The third product is Spectralight. Spectralight is a UV (ultraviolet light) sterilizer for your pool or spa. It reduces your chlorine or salt consumption by 90%, while killing bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens, algae and the like. No more red eyes or chlorine smell! Keep your pool disinfected and cleaner, guaranteed! The fourth product is Lawnbott, a robotic battery operated lawnmower that will cut and mulch your lawn, thereby saving you valuable time so that you can do what you enjoy best. It is great for people who have allergies, or those that have difficulties doing strenuous yard work. Fully programmable, it will do the job you always detest doing. KEMF is located in Greenfield Park, Quebec, Canada. Dealerships across Canada are now available. Call 1866-923-4812,

K E M F inc. est un distributeur de produits uniques d'amélioration de la qualité de vie pour votre résidence afin de vous simplifier la vie. Notre premier produit, le Gutter Topper (chapeau pour vos gouttières), élimine les problèmes dus à la présence de feuilles, d'aiguilles de pin, de neige et de glace obstruant vos gouttières. Le Gutter Topper n'est PAS un grillage mais un système breveté protégeant vos gouttières en empêchant leur obstruction et en y redirigeant l'eau de ruissellement. Notre deuxième produit, le HOTflake, est un tapis chauffant faisant fondre la neige et la glace et maintenant vos allées et vos entrées sécuritaires et dégagées. Plus besoin d'épandre du sel ou du sable! Le troisième produit, c'est le Spectralight. Le Spectralight est un stérilisateur UV (lumière ultraviolette) pour votre piscine ou votre spa. Il réduit la consommation de chlore et de sel de 90 % tout en détruisant les bactéries, les micro-organismes, les agents pathogènes, les algues et autres organismes similaires. Fini les yeux rouges ou les odeurs de chlore! Assure la désinfection et la propreté de votre piscine, c'est garanti! Notre quatrième produit, la Lawnbott, est une tondeuse automatique fonctionnant à batteries qui tondra et paillera votre pelouse, vous permettant d'économiser un temps précieux que vous pourrez consacrer à des activités plus intéressantes. Cet appareil est idéal pour les gens souffrant d'allergies ou qui ont de la difficulté avec le travail exténuant qu'exige l'entretien d'un terrain. Entièrement programmable, il fera ce travail que vous avez toujours détesté. KEMF est située à Greenfield Park, Québec, Canada. Il y a maintenant un réseau de distributeurs offerts à l'échelle du Canada. Téléphonez au 1-866-923-4812

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Services Offered


We install 5 inch aluminum gutters without joints, as well as downspouts. We use brackets rather than nails. We also offer Gutter Topper, available in 14 colors, is the best gutter protection system that reinforces your gutters to your roof. No more leaves or pine needles, ice and snow will release.

House Cleaning

We thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts prior to installing Gutter Topper, which is the best Gutter Protection system. Gutter Topper is a patented gutter protection system that is screwed to your gutter and roof. It is guaranteed for life to keep your gutters clean during fall, and releases snow.

Lawn Care

We offer Lawnbott, a robotic lawnmower for your lawn. It will automatically cut and mulch your lawn on a regular basis at the height you desire therby saving you time and frustration. Your lawn will be healthier by keeping the nutrients in your lawn. Great for people suffering from allergies andheat

Property Maintenance

We offer Lawnbott, a robotic lawnmower for your lawn. It will automatically cut and mulch your lawn on a regular basis at the height you desire therby saving you time and frustration. Your lawn will be healthier by keeping the nutrients in your lawn. Great for people suffering from allergies.

Snow Removal

We offer Heat Trak, an outdoor heated mat as well as stair treads, so that you will no longer have to shovel your walkway or steps. Never worry about cleaning or falling or having to spread salt or sand. Your walkways and steps will always be clean and safe.

Swimming Pools

We offer Spectralight Ultraviolet Light (UV) system for your pool and spa. It sterilizes the water in your pool or spa, killing bacteria, pathogens, algae, and any microorganisms. Reduce your chlorine usage by up to 90% while maintaining an exceptionally clean pool. No more red eyes.Guaranteed- Life

Other services offered:

Hot Tubs, Water Treatmen

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Location and Coverage Area

Address: 2102 Victoria Avenue, Greenfield Park QC J4V 1M9 | Service area: 200KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: Yes Legal structure: Sole Proprietor

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: Yes Year started: 1995

Offers financing: Yes Employees: 8 Other contact: Mike Campellone

Licensing Information: Contact K E M F Inc. to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact K E M F Inc. to request insurance details.

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