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Contractor viewing drawings
Do I need an Electrician to replace pvc pipes?
I had a tree limb pull down my hydro lines and it also pulled the pvc pipe down from the top of my meter up to the top where the hydro lines connect from the street. I still have power and I know I have to con...
January 07, 2014
Construction hammer and nails
Hydrostatic Pressure Resolutions Help Please!!!!
Hi there. I have been researching basement waterproofing. I have nothing to lose in asking and seeing what you might know or how you may be able to direct me. I am at a loss.!!! I am a home owne...
December 03, 2013
Contractor Tool Belt
Delay in Furnace Flame shut off
I have a Goodman furnace and had a cleaning service perfo last week. The technician said that there is a small delay (2 seconds or so) before the valve is shut off when the thermostat calls for it. He s...
November 27, 2013
Contractor Tools
Basement Window Replacement
I have three basement windows that are steel framed. They are the poured in place type. They are badly rusted and the frames are buckling. On the inside, the buckling has pulled up pieces of the poured conc...
November 20, 2013
Repair lolly column in basement
Repair lolly column in basement
There are two lolly columns in the basement and one of them is removed and replaced with wood support. The wood support is located about 4 feet from original lolly column. Can you put the lolly column back ...
November 05, 2013
Cutting Wood
Bryant code 13
Hi, I have a 12 yr old Bryant plus90i furnace. This morning we woke up to a cold house. First noticed the thermostat was blank. Checked and found the 24vac dead at the thermostat and the terminals at the...
October 20, 2013
Contractor Build
Sand Point Well
We have a sand point well that we are unsure of the last time it was replaced however we were having issues with the pump turning on as soon as we would turn a faucet on. We thought we needed a new pressure tan...
October 15, 2013
Contractor using a table saw
Sand Point Question
We have a sand point and pump system, however when you try to fill bath tub or run sprinkler it will run for a few minutes. Pump will kick on and then sputter air. You have to shut water off for a bit and t...
October 02, 2013
What is the average cost to re glaze an old iron bath tub? (no feet)
What is also the turnaround time to re glaze a tub? Is there cols to choose from and is it a bigger jump in the cost for darker cols?...
September 25, 2013
Architectural drawings
New jet pump install in basement, but pump won't turn off after hitting cutoff pressure
Hello, I'm working on installing a new 1/2 hp jet pump for my father-in-law since his old pump died on him. I've done this before for him a couple of times over the years, so I do have a...
September 24, 2013
Hammer and nails
How or who might I go to for help?
Hey there. I'm looking for info on who I should go to for documentation and a write up of all covered up damages on a house just purchased. A home inspector completely missed a ton of problems with ...
September 24, 2013
Chimney Brick Color
Chimney Brick Color
Can anyone answer this question? How do I get the portion of chimney that is exposed to the elements on my roof to match the colour of the chimney that is also exposed? However it is protected as it...
March 27, 2014
Tools for a contractor
Telepoles are not plumb
Hey - looking at buying a home in Calgary and one thing that came up during property inspection was that the telepoles in the basement were not plumb, noticeably out of line by the naked eye. The assesso...
September 29, 2013
Waste Disposer
Waste Disposer
Do I need a Electrician to remove and install a new garburator from a 20+ year old building?...
September 03, 2013
Possible Foundation Cracks
Possible Foundation Cracks
I have three corners of my home that currently have cracks in them. I want to solve the problem myself, but the associate at the Home Depot suggested that I consult a structural engineer to check to make su...
February 07, 2014
Contractor Measuring
Insulating Basement
I am in the process of finishing my basement. I will be using spray foam insulation and wondered if I had to frame before spraying. I will be spraying 2" of foam....
July 29, 2013
Architectural plans and tools
Relocating the condensation tube from the furnace/air conditioner
My customer recently had a new furnace and A/C installed. The condensation tube runs across the floor to the drain as it is supposed to. However, now that they are renovating the drain is in the middle ...
July 10, 2013
Carpentry Tool
Damaged Electrical Box
My electrical box had one of the corners damaged due to a water leak we had. The leak has been fixed but the corner of the box that got wet is rusted out. Inside of the box did not get wet and has no rust but...
July 02, 2013
Architectural drawing and building tools
Jet Pump Won't Shut Off
I have a 1/2 horse jet pump that pumps from a shallow well. It has recently started taking a long time to get back up to pressure 30/50. If the washing machine is running the pressure will sit at 30 psi...
May 21, 2013
Trimming deck wood
My basement is freezing all year round
I have a problem with my basement. My basement is freezing cold all year round. In the winter time even with the air ducts open the temperature is around 18C (65F) while the upstairs is 21C (71F)...
May 24, 2013
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