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Home Renovation Job Requests in Hamilton

Home Renovation

Below you'll find recent home repair and renovation job requests posted by Hamilton homeowners seeking the help of local trusted professionals.

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Comercial Building

The building needs to be painted outside with 2 coats of out side pain. the walls are all block walls. please give quote asap i can meet with you tomorrow if you would there will be more work to come thank you. Jason

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

New Stone Slab Porch and Stairs

Looking to have existing porch (size 7' by 8') with brick base (same brick as house) replace wood floor base and add new stone slabs and build stone stairs (picture included of what I'd like done). Live in the west end of Hamilton below the mountain and need work completed before Labour day weekend.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

kitchen remodeling

hi i want to change my kitchen top ,i live in condo so its not a big counter top i want estimate first if reasonable i will also consider to change the cabinet

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Store front reno

I am looking for some sub contractors to help in a store reno front of store was hit by car and brick wall is damaged bad. Store owner wants steel frame windows and double glass doors put in across the front of store. Looking for quotes. there will need to be some brick work done as the steel frame windows and doors. Thanks

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Kitchen bacsplash

Install 26 square feet of glass moaic tile that come in one foot squares. I live in Hamilton and want a qoute please.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Small bathroom renovation

Basement bathroom is very small (66x59) includes an enclosed shower stall (35x34) toilet and sink with cabinet underneath. Shower needs to be ripped out and rebuilt - tiles are coming off, and underneath the drywall is rotten. The walls are tiled to 4 feet high, and painted above. Tiles will need to be removed and redone in entire room, as well as repainting. Entire job *MUST* be completed by August 8th. Please do not ask to quote unless you are free to do this work this week or next week at the latest.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Basement Drywall Installation

I have about 1600 sq feet of drywall to be installed. The frame is already up, I just need the drywall to be installed to the point that it can be primed and painted.

Concern: Time | Budget: Uncertain

Mouseproofing a home - sealing exterior

The house is 120 years old, and has a history of rodent infestation. I am looking for a contractor who will inspect the home for all possible exterior entry points for mice (larger than dime-sized gaps) and seal them with a material mice cannot penetrate. I don't know the exact size of the home's perimeter, but its an average sized 2 story home for downtown Hamilton, ON.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Taking down a wall ...

Looking to open up the wall between my living room and dining room in my home built in 1903. The wall is 10' tall, 10' wide, with an opening 7'x6' - all drywall. The flooring in both rooms is wood laminate. End result, I'd like the wall taken down and the remaining ceiling/walls are clean and ready to paint, and the laminate flooring is able to be easily slid over to fill in the space.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Site Clearing, leveling and removal of debris

Site Clearing, leveling and removal of debris Please call Nasir: Site clearing of small concrete blocks and gravel. And leveling the site. A Very simple job. (Site photo will be posted shortly to give better understanding of how simple the job is and make it easy for quoting)

Concern: Price | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000



Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

upgrade of 2 1/2 story victorian house

upgrade of 2 1/2 story victorian house hamilton central house may require: new electrical new plumbing new heating new windows I would appreciate estimates for these projects. I am currently considering the purcase of this house. Access to propery will be arranged

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Door opening outward!

I have an outside door on the side of house that opens inward, and I need it to open outward!

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

central air repair

disconnected frayed wire on central air unit. Unit 5 yrs old.

Concern: Time | Budget: $100 - $500

Back yard renovation

Back yard is a mess. Need it graded and sod added. Would like to put stone at back to park 2 vehicles. Also want to put a deck on the back of the house. Deck needs to be about 15 x 17 pressure treated. sodded arear is 24x21 and parking area is 19x25 House is brick. Deck would be about 3 feet of the ground.

Concern: Price | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

2ND floor addition

2bdrm. & 2pc bth. rm. window & stairs. residential, unobstructed. aprox. 625 sq.ft. aprox. 70 yrs old. pre. reno. none.

Concern: Price | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

paint interior of church

5500 sq feet of interior painting,stucco slightly textured walls, two ends 30 ft high side walls 15 ft high

Concern: Price | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Light renovations to dealership washrooms - Hamilton, ON

2 bathrooms at new vehicle dealership require patch, paint and refreshing. Hamilton, ON We are a new vehicle delaership. We are open to your suggestions for imporoving upon what we already have, but time is of the essence to us and we would prefer if you could work when we are not open.

Concern: Time | Budget: Uncertain


I am looking to purchase an old bungalow that is on a nice lot that I like. However the house is small and older so I would like to find out how much it would cost to redo (change, gut and add) or knock down and rebuild a house. I am wondering if that is more cost effective rather than purchasing new from a developer. Please provide me with any information you can. In the end I would like to have approximately a 1500sq. ft bungalow. The older house already has a basement so that is already there. I need someone who has experience in major additions and renovations. Thanks!

Concern: Price | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Office Building to renovate - Hamilton (8,000 sf)

Just bought a small office building in Hamilton. 3 storeys, the building is 46 x 80. I need tiling for the corridors, drywalling in some places, renovation of 2 bathroom, painting. I need a contractor with experience in commercial buildings and who is a bit of an architect as I will need ideas on how to divide the rooms. The work will have to be done from July.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

New flat roof over garage, stucco or repair brick work, replace existing concrete driveway with new concrete driveway and stairs to front door

We have a 1.5 story brick home and attached flat roof garage built around 1945. The garage is approximately 10 x 16'. The roof is in need of replacement. The roof is supported with a center beam running across the width with 2 x 8 joists running from the front to the back. There is a steel ledger above the garage door. The roof joists in the front section need replacing along with new plywood, the rear portion of the roof is structurally sound and only needs the old roof material removed. The brick work on the garage also is in need of repair. All the brick from the top of the gargage door and up, which I am guessing is about 10 courses needs to be torn down. Along the side of the garage (one side) about 6 courses need to be removed. I am considering the following options. Rebuild using brick which can be slavaged to repair front of the garage. New brick for the side. Or, rebuild top front face and top side face and stucco. Would like to have that old world look, stucco with dark wood frame members showing. I think this would be preferred. Third project is remove existing concrete driveway which is about 16 x 10 currently. Extend the driveway 3 feet in width to make room for two cars. Remove existing stairs to the front door and rotate them from the side of the concrete front porch to the front of the porch, and pour a concrete arc or quater cirlce connecting the drive way to the new walk way to the stairs which have been repositioned. The stairs are also concrete, but they are individual steps.

Concern: Price | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Small repairs in a house at Hamilton

Hi, I have a few things to be repaired at my house at Westdale, Hamilton: - Repair or replace broken heating ducts in basement - Repair or replace heating vents throughout the house - front door needs weather strips on the outside to stop draft - replace exhaust fan in bathroom Additional: - reattach the garden gate - something to seal off the "rock" garden in the front yard so wild weeds cannot grow there

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

home windows

I need a price for 4 windows to be purchased and installed in my home. 3 are in the bedrooms and 1 is in the kitchen

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Install Doors, Closet Doors, and Small Drywall

Job consists of installing doors in: 2 bedroom doors 1 hallway (linen) closet 3 bedroom closets Details: BEDROOM ENTRY: Replace one existing bedroom entry door and install 2nd bedroom entry door. (openings measure aprox H 80" x W 30") HALLWAY: Replace existing bifold door with single slab/hinged door (opening measures aprox H 81" x W 23.5") BEDROOM CLOSETS: Closet openings currently floor to ceiling (two measure aprox H 8' by W 39.75" ) (one measures aprox H 8' x W 35.25"). Box in/drywall top of all three openings to create standard closet sizes and isntall doors.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Laundry/Utility Room - Hamilton, ON

I would like to have a laundry room/utility room built in my partially finished basement. The existing space is tiny! - approximately 10' W x 5' D x 5' 9" H. It presently houses the furnace, a floor drain, a free-standing shower stall, a stacked washer/dryer pair, and the hot-water tank. It also has an ventilation fan insert, and overhead light in the center of the ceiling. In order to enlarge the space, the existing drywall-over-wood-frame, non-load-bearing wall (with door opening) would have to be taken down, and a new one erected - pushing approximately 4 feet into the adjoining space. (ie. The final room dimensions would become 10' W x 9' D x 5'9" H) Abutting the new wall, a small area of sub-floor over the uneven concrete would need to be created - upon which upper and lower storage cabinets and a counter (less than 5 linear feet) could be installed. Wiring to an electrical outlet above the counter would need to be run, and some type of floor covering would need to be laid on any remaining, exposed sub-floor surface. The existing shower stall (tile over concrete base) would need to be removed, and where it stood, a laundry tub (preferably one mounted "in cabinet)" installed.

Concern: Time | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

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