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Home Renovation Job Requests in Markham

Home Renovation

Below you'll find recent home repair and renovation job requests posted by Markham homeowners seeking the help of local trusted professionals.

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Small Bathroom in a basement

Hi I need a contractor with experience to complete a bathroom in my basement. The basement has been finished with the exception of the bathroom and is in a 3 year old house. The bathroom is already roughed in and has the following: - A space for a shower insert - Plumbing for a sink (already purchased sink) - Plumbing for a toilet (Already purchased the toilet) - Exhaust vent already installed So the main scope of the project is to finish the floor, install a toilet, install a sink/counter and shower. Painting and baseboards can be done by me at a later date. This is a relatively strait forward job. Please contact me at and we can discuss in greater detail. Trevor

Concern: Appearance | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

I have 3 bathrooms in my home that I want renovated. If a fantastic job is done with them, then we can do my kitchen.

My house is 30 yrs old in Markham, On. The bathrooms have never been renovated and really need to be renovated badly.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Cut out concrete foundation for new door to basement, install new door

Dig down to the bottom of foundation, cut out for new basement entrance. House is 20 years old, easy access to side of house, build steps down to new door. Install new door

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Water leak from ceiling

While taking shower we notice water is leaking from ceiling in the room below the bathroom.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Air Duct Cleaning

Need to have cleaned the duct system at my home.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Gas stove hook ups in kitchen

How much it cost to install gas stove hook ups in kitchen

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Interior Renovation

Old house Approx 4500-5000sq ft Needs full renovation Tear down whole interior Keeping exterior foundation Drawing provided and is approved by city Need the following: HVAC Plumbing Roofing Flooring New kitchen Extension for new garage New deck New Windows and doors New bathrooms Complete interior renovation New windows

Concern: Quality | Budget: $250,000 - $500,000

New custom build home in markham need every trade to build new home

Demolishing the existing home and build new custom home ..approximalty 4000 sq ....

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Living room upgrade

We would like to remove a wall between living room and family room to connect them. The wall seems to be non-load barrier. The family room floor then need to be re-do with new hardwood floor to match the living room. Also, there is a wood-burning fireplace that we would like to convert to gas with new look rather than the existing bricks to let us install a TV on top.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Bathroom Renovation - 3 bathrooms and 1 powerroom

I have 3 bathrooms and 1 powerroom to renovation: Master bathroom - Size 12-1/2' x 9-1/2' Renovate everything including bath tub (corner tub), frameless glass shower, vanity, toliet, floor tiles and wall tiles, subfloor heating, pot lights, bathroom fan and paint. In addition, change the existing two closets (one is walk-in closet and one is regular closet) outside of the master bathroom into a 12-1/2' x 8-1/3' size walk-through closet to the bathroom - two walls need to be removed and one wall needs to be extended. Floor tiles and pot lights also need to be installed. Second and third bathroom - divide one existing bathroom ( 8' x 11' size) into two. One will be 8' x 6' and the other will be 8' x 5' size. Remove existing closets and add new wall between the two bathroom and new door for the 8' x 5' size bathroom. Renovate everything for both bathrooms including bath tubs, vanities, toliets, floor tiles and wall tiles, lights, bathroom fan and paint. Power room - Replace vanity, toliet, light, bathroom fan and wal paper.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Looking for Electritian to install - Additional Ceiling Light Outlet in Living Room

I am looking for an electrician who can install an additional ceiling outlet in the living room + a dimmer. Please get back with hourly rates and approximate time to complete this job. DETAILS: It the attached picture you will notice that the living room in my house only has 1 light outlet. I need one more on the left side. The new outlet should operate from the same switch that is used to operate the existing ceiling light outlet (so you don't have to install another switch). I will buy the dimmer however electrician must have other supplies. Will pay for supplies. Please get back to me with your hourly rates and approximate time to complete this job.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Kitchen Tiling

1. I need a backsplash tiled using ceramic tile mesh (13" x 18") . Total area ~ 44 sq feet 2. Replace some ceramic tiles in hallway that were not cut smoothly along the edge of the spiral staircase railing.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Bathroom exhaust fan installation inclusing exhaust to exterior

Our house in Markham is 35 years old. Master bathroom has window but no exhaust fan, as per code back then. Bathroon window freezes in winter leaving steam to disappate inside house. Require installation of ceiling exhaust fan with switch AND exhaust hose to outside exterior through roof. Do not want exhaust vented into attic alone as one genius suggested.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Load bearing wall removal and install I-Beam

We have obtained engineer drawings for the removal of a 12'-10" load bearing wall and replace with an I-beam. We are looking for contractors to provide quote for the job.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Kitchen Renovation

I am planning to renovate my condo kitchen : Countertop, Sink, and Cabins.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Changing of all door sweeps

I need to replace all door sweeps for : 1) my double front entry 2) double rear patio garden doors 3) single door from garage into home and 4) single door from garage to rear yard

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Rebuilding Garage in Markham

Thinking of re-building my exisitng 3-car garage at our home in Markham. When we re-build it, we want to make it a 3-car tandem (6-car) garage. Like to use bricks if we can match the colour of the original bricks. We have the land to do it as we have over an acre of property. The house is between 25-30 years old. We need an estimate and timeline. Thank you.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Basement work

We are looking for someone to complete some unfinished work from our basement project. Items that need to be installed: - Install 2 french milette doors - Install and cut marble slab in preparation for bathroom door installation

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Garage floor repair

At the entrance to the gararge the concreate needs replacing. It needs to be cut about 2-3 feet back and replaced properly. The garage openning is approx. 16 feet (double).

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Basement renovation

I have unfinished basement that I would like to be renovated. The house is about 11 yrs. old. The basement is about 500 square ft approximately. I would like to have a kitchenette and a bar, home office, iving area, bathroom (toilet bowl and sink only). Engineered flooring, Cabinets in the laundry area, tiling . etc. etc. etc.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Basement Finishing / Renovation for a Markham, ON Home

Looking for quotes for a basement finishing project. My home is fairly new (2.5 years old) and live in the Markham, Ontario area.. High-level scope of work is as follows: - Total area of renovation is just over 500 sq.ft - Finishing walls & celings (framing, insulation, drywall) - Re-route existing dryer duct from main floor to basment for a new laundry room - Some plumbing work to setup as part of new laundry room - Duct work to conform to building code (2 vents currently coming from ceiling) - Has worked with delta-FL material (as I have this previously purchased) Looking for a contractor to at least do the big components as described above. Finishing items like paint, etc. I am willing to DIY myself. There is a rough-in for a bathroom but for the moment, do not intend on finishing this. Interested contractors can contact me via e-mail and I can provide some more details as I have sketched out my proposed plans. As well, provided the contractor is reasonable and willing to discuss, there is another basment renovation within my immediate area that I can refer for.

Concern: Price | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Front Walkway and Backyard Walkway and Patio

Our place is in Markham Ontario, near Warden Avenue and Major Mackenzie Road. It's a townhouse in Angus Glen West Village, and we'd like to make our place with the best quality work around the hood. Our townhouse is barely a year old, with a grey stone front wall. We have not done any exterior renovation, and therefore it will be up to you to showcase your fine work. We welcome your online references, and please contact us via email to start:

Concern: Appearance | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Bethroom Renovation and hard wood floor for 2nd level

Small bathroom about 30square feet. House age about 26years. It has a shower, sink and a toilet. I would like to have a glass door shower with nice tile floor. I will only keep the toilet and all others have to go.

Concern: Appearance | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Top Coat Asphalt for Drivaway

Moving to a new house. Builder is providing a base coat asphalt driveways and is charging for a top coat. This is a 2 Car Garage driveway. Thanks

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Concrete base for a shed

Would like to have a quote to have concrete poured in the back yard as a base for a shed 12.5 ft * 9.5ft reinforced concrete

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

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