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Home Renovation Job Requests in Richmond Hill

Home Renovation

Below you'll find recent home repair and renovation job requests posted by Richmond Hill homeowners seeking the help of local trusted professionals.

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Painting Masonry below Brick on Bungalow

I need to have the Masonry work on the lower 2' of our 1000 sq' bungalow painted. Our bungalow is Brick & Stone with a section of the basement [Stone] above ground. This visible masonry is already painted, but needs to be re-painted due to some renovations and partial excavations. (Addition & Removal of basement windows etc..)

Concern: Time | Budget: Uncertain

Tile work

I am looking for a qualified tiler to install 24" x 24" polished porcelain tiles in my foyer, powder room and kitchen. Please quote me for the tile work and for the cement base (separately). I will provide the tile and grout and will remove the old tiles. I have included a picture of the current floor and the tile I will be using. Foyer 6' x 8' = 48sqft Powder Room 5' x 4 1/2' = 25sqft Kitchen 20' x 12' = 240sqft Total: 313 sqft Please provide me with a sqft cost.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Exterior stair railings and railings around my porch

I need to replace my exterior stair wooden railings (36 in, 2 pieces) and the wooden railings around my porch (3 pieces of total length of 242 inches) with vinyl. Would like to have a free estimate. Thanks and cheers

Concern: Quality | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Adding two car garage on the side of existing house

Hi, I am looking at to build a detached two car garage next to my new house. It is a coner lot house. I am looking for a very rough approx. cost range. Thanks! Pat Highlevel description. Two car garage(26x26) with attic truss loft and front wall brick veneer. Spacious two car garage area is oversized at 26 ft. wide stairway runs along back wall.

Concern: Price | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Interlocking driveway

1. Interlocking existing driveway 2. New front porch and stairs from natural stone or similar material 3. Flower bed retaining wall

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Hot tub pump repair

I have a hot tub that is making a loud noise when the pump turns on. I believe that the pump bearings need to be replaced. Please contact me to discuss further. Michael M

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Trim carpenters

Good day, looking for trim carpenters who do fantastic work and are fair with their pricing. Need to know the basics and custom work on trimming out stairs, baseboards, crown molding, bead board, chair rails etc. Not looking at dealing with a contractor since I am one. Must be professional, arrive on time, protect your work areas, clean up, have the tools. Not looking for a handyman but a TRUE TRIM CARPENTER, NO AMATEURS. Looking for a good trim carpenter or a crew to keep on my roster for upcoming projects. Looking to hire soon for one job that is in motion. Let me know if your interested, your rates, availability. Need some references, pictures of work, website etc. I know good workmanship from bad, if the job is not done right do not expect to get paid.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Carport Build

Good day, I would like to get an idea of budget for my carport. Its old and needs to come down. The size is 23'x13'5" and has a height that is 7'8" at its lowest and rises to 9'7". Ideally I would like to raise it to 12'. I would like to have the exterior wall side which faces the neighbours to be done in either siding or have it in done in wood, probably P.T. The old one needs to be removed and the new one will need new posts, probably 10" and would need 4 in total. Do I need a permit for this project? What would a realistic budget be for mid to high workmanship. I am not looking for the cheapest price but a fair price. I would like to start here so I do not waste anyones time to come out and see this project if the budget is out of reach. Hope you can help me and if the budgets are right I will request a visit. Thank you.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

2nd level deck in back yard

I'm looking for a quote for building a 2nd level deck in backyard of my house. The deck will attach to the back wall and at the level over the walk-out basement door. My house is 2 year old with no existing structure outside. Thinking to have a squarish shape measured at around 180 sqft, and I'm open to ideas for materials and railing patterns.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Hot Tub Instalation

I want Install a Hot tub but I dont know if my place I can installed. Hot tub need 240 V / 40 A GFCI

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Drywall Repairs

Sub-trade required for various drywall repairs in a house that will be prepared for painting. Details below: - House located in Richmond Hill - Foyer wall has drywall pushing out from the butts - Need to feather out so it is not visible at all - Minimum 2 coasts but possible three to provide a seamless and flawless finish - Currently has about 10 6 inch pot lights which will be changed to 4 inch. Need to patch and make a new hole to accommodate a 4 inch pot light. - Other area to be repaired are cracks, nail pops etc - Nail pops to be repairs in the skylight area which is over 20 ft above the foyer. Sub-trades to have WSIB and provide a Clearance Certificate along with $2 million liability insurance, current Certificate of Insurance or a verbal confirmation from insurance agent will be required. Contact, Saj

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Painting Full House

Looking for sub-trades to paint a large house in Richmond Hill from top to bottom including doors, trim, base moldings, ceilings with two coats of paint. Details: - 5800 sq.ft house - Foyer ceiling (in some area) height near circular stair case about 20 ft. - Sky light over Foyer area is above the 20ft ceiling height, possible scaffold required. - Foyer stair case and upper landing hallway has shadow box moldings - Work to include the open concept circular stair well leading down to the basement - Possibility of a three colors but may be just one color throughout. Sub-trades will need WSIB and will required to provide a WSIB Clearance Certificate. Must be carry valid liability insurance of $2 Million and provide me with a current Certificate of Insurance. Must provided references both consumer and contractor. Contact Saj

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

New Fence

New fence for my backyard and neighbours.

Concern: Price | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Remove a tree and roots

Remove a tree and about 15 roots at backyard.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Backyard Patio

Looking for a contractor for the patio project at backyard. 12x16 feet, stone. See pictures.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Restaurant in Richmond Hill

We are looking for plumbing and electrical work for a new 960 square feet restaurant in Richmond Hill. We have all the engineering drawings.

Concern: Time | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Fix roof exhaust vent - rain leaks through fan.

I installed an exhaust fan and a roof vent in my bathroom as the bathroom never had one. Anyway, when ever it rains a certain way water is entering through the fan. The home is a bungalow, roof access and attic access is easy. Need someone to fix the issue ASAP.

Concern: Time | Budget: Uncertain

Brick repair

We have a curved arch (made from brick) over a single car garage door that needs repair. There is a crack forming around the arch and it looks like that section needs additional support. Please contact me for additional information.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Back Yard

I'm in an end unit townhouse. I have an existing garden space that I want to keep, the remaining space is 12x24 feet. I'm looking for a price for the following things. Remove old sod and garden border. 12 pieces of brick style border. Dig a hole for a fish pond. Aprox 6x4 and 4 feet deep. Install river rocks as garden border 24 feet. Deliver and spread top soil in remaining area. Install flat river rocks along garden border, around pond and in front of deck.

Concern: Price | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Making spa

House with 2200 sq feet area. Remove old room structure and build new interior rooms and washroom and reconstruct basement into one partition and floor.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Demolition of brick wall.

Demolition of brick wall of outdoor patio on second floor of the house.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Concrete Porch

Hi I have a 57 year old bungalow in Richmond Hill. The front porch has a horizontal crack inside the cold room and also stairs has been sunken and the forth step has 12 inch height instead of standard 8 inch. Porch size is almost 8*4*4 feet above ground. I am wondering if you can have a look and give me an estimate to repair it. Bonus point if you do Asphalt work as I need some grading and asphalt work too. Bardia

Concern: Price | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Deck replacement

I would like my deck replaced. Possible addition of a pergola. I will be putting in a fish pond as well.

Concern: Price | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Social Enterprise Renovation

Hello, I am taking over a small space 1000 square feet which I am hoping to transform into a social enterprise. It is currently used as a hair salon and I'd like to convert it into a space for retail sales and training/demonstraion sessions that centre around making soap and related products. Once complete, the space will provide employment to hundreds of people who will be able to sell soap, lotion, lipbalm, workshops, and other products. My goal is to provide employment for people who are currently unemployed. I currently work in social services as a consultant. I am planning to create a documentary film about this project so I need someone who is okay with being filmed from time to tme.

Concern: Price | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Refurbish Deck...

I have a mid size deck, that needs a couple of boards replaced, and re-stained.. I am selling my house and want to make the deck more attractive. The deck is in good shape in general. I would say it's about 30 feet by 30 feet...

Concern: Appearance | Budget: $500 - $1,000

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