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Home Renovation Job Requests in Toronto

Home Renovation

Below you'll find recent home repair and renovation job requests posted by Toronto homeowners seeking the help of local trusted professionals.

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Relocate Hot Water Tank

I need to relocate an existing hot water tank. It needs to move about 10 feet. I need somebody to re-work the gas pipe and the existing water pipes. All electrical will be done by others.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500


We are looking for a ceiling light to be installed in three rooms in a condo. Currently, there is no central ceiling light. Quote for this install requested (all inclusive with a detailed breakdown). Looking for most competitve price from a licensed and fully insured electrician. Price and quality are of the utmost importance.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Taking down partition walls, refinish hardwood flooring, electrical work, kitchen & bathroom renovation

I would like to do some renovations to a house I purchased. I will be taking possession on July 23 and would like as much of the renovations done before moving in near the end of August. I want to take down the partition walls (they are not load bearing) down between the living/dining/hallway. I also want the popcorn ceiling smooth out. With the walls down, I need the hardwood flooring patched where the walls were and sand down and re-stain the hardwood flooring throughout the house (main floor, staircase, all closets & 2nd floor consisting of 3 bdrms). I want to change the electrical panel from fuse to circuit breaker. The wiring in the house is aluminum and not copper, I was wondering how much it would be to re-wire house. Seeing as the some wiring will need to be done in the living/dining room already and the kitchen and bathroom as only a few more rooms before the whole house is done..... The kitchen is outdated, I am thinking Ikea cabinets as I am on a budget. There is a bulk head that I am wondering if it's decorative, if so, I would like it removed so longer wall cabinets can be put in to maximize the space. Replace the floor tiles (I think they are vinyl) with ceramic tiles and change the backsplash. The bathroom is also outdated with a purple toilet and bathtub. My husband measurement the vanity and it is not a standard size at 52.2". We think it might have to be a custom vanity. I did take some pictures on our first visit. If you need to see them, I can email them to you. Please note, I will be going to my last visit either on the 1st or 2nd weekend in July. Measurements in ft: Kitchen - 13.45 x 13.12 Bathroom - 9.8 x 5.25 Living rm - 12.34 x 13.78 Dining rm - 12.34 x 13.12 Susan

Concern: Price | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Need roofer for small HVAC job

I need two holes drilled for an HVAC unit. This is a commercial building with a flat roof.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500

Gutter downspouts to be relocated, about 10 feet of soffit to be replaced

1. require 3 downspouts to be relocated from sewer to lawn 2. require 2 downspout extensions from two upper level eaves to lower eaves trough rather than have same run on asphalt shingles down to the lower level eaves (house is a side-split) 3. require a new section of soffit (approx. 10 ft.) to replace a section which has parted from the facia. 4. require a few brackets to be installed to retain approx. 10 ft. of eaves which keeps pushing the current spikes out

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Damaged tile

One of tile got damaged, Need to replace that Flooring is hardwood Need to know the quote for this task.

Concern: Time | Budget: $100 - $500

Bathroom Reno x2

I am taking quotes to reno a 3pc 2nd floor and 4pc basement bathroom in a residential home in the Toronto beaches neighborhood. Very minor pluming movement basically removing and updating whats there with the exception of the basement bath which will have a walk in shower built. Both will need to be tiled and finished but not painted. On site quotes will be taken on JULY 14 15 (and maybe 16th) as I need work to start that week. If you are not available during that time please don't reply. Thanks Gabriel.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Wooden floor Tile replacement

We had a damaged tile on wooden flooring. Need to replace it. Please send the quote. Appreciate the help

Concern: Time | Budget: $100 - $500

Commercial Unit - 2 rooms and ceiling to be built. Drywall, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Fire sprinkler contractors needed.

To: Whom it may concern, Please contact me to submit a bid for leasehold improvements to be done for a retail/commercial unit. It is for leasehold improvements to be done to an existing commercial/retail unit located in North York, Toronto near Yonge and Finch. The leasehold improvements will begin in August 2012. *2 rooms need to be constructed -9 electrical outlets total for 2 rooms -2 pot light dimmers for 2 rooms -4 fluorescent lights switches for 2 rooms * Installation and wiring for 2 new sets of Emergency lights/lamps * Removal of 1 outlet in ground * T-bar ceiling with installation of potlights, tracklights and fluorescent lights.(The ceiling is open concept right now.) * Carpet installation in 1 room * Plumbing - 1 sink installed in 1 room - connected to nearby bathroom's drain * HVAC - ducts re-routed to 2 rooms and ducts need to be added as the current ceiling is open concept * Fire Sprinklers - existing sprinklers lowered to accommodate t-bar ceiling and a few added to the rooms to be built If there isn't a significant price difference, I would consider having just the front/reception area done with drywall instead of t-bar. If you could provide a quote, that would be great. Thank you. Best regards, Julie

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Condo Bathroom Renovation

Condo bathroom. not huge. re-do bath tub, vanity/sink and toilet- re-tiling as well.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Need Deck Built for Ravine Backyard

We need a deck built for our ravine backyard, around 500 square feet, multilayered, extending 3-5 feet over the edge. The ravine's 45 degrees steep. Please provide a quote for both labour only and labour + materials.

Concern: Time | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Stamped Concrete

I have done all the preparation work for my stamped concrete area in my backyard; I'm looking for someone to do the stamped concrete for approximate 600 square feet. The concrete has been ordered and I'm just looking for someone to complete the work. Please provide me with a price? Thank you, Danny

Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

New Front Porch

Rebuild new front porch, similiar to existing one. Would like project to start ASAP. Does not need to be painted.

Concern: Appearance | Budget: Uncertain

Condo Painting

I need to paint our 800 sq. feet condo, with trims, no doors or bathrooms, the location is in midtown, with furniture, we provide paint. Please respond with a quote.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Local Handyman to do Various Work Items

General Contractor seeking a handyman for next week or so to do various work tasks. Must be able to do the following: - Tile Work - Very Basic Electrical - Carpentry - Drywall & Taping - All materials will be provided - Hourly Wage/Rate - Must be available from June 18 - 29

Concern: Quality | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Exterior Cladding Required

Looking for some ideas on a new cover for the addition only on the front of the house.

Concern: Appearance | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Legal basement apartment

Built in 1958, 1400 sq ft bungalow we would like to have the basement finished for a two bedroom legal apartment, it has already a 2pc bath and laundry and separete entrance from the side door from the garage.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Put door back on its hinges

House is about 80 to 100 years old.

Concern: Price | Budget: Uncertain

Added dormer

We have a 1 and half story house and on the second story, there is a dormer with a half bath in it. We would to have the dormer extended on either side to gain more space. This would mean to extend the roof upwards. We currently have a single dormer, and we are looking at either a double dormer or a triple dormer (if this is the correct term) photos of each have been added.

Concern: Price | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

2 Storey Addition in Toronto

General Contractor seeking reliable and professionals trades for the following work items: - Demolition & Excavation Contractors - Concrete Foundation Forming Contractors - Rough Carpentry Contractors Project Start Date: End of June, Beginning of July Drawings and Schedule Site Visits can be provided.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Roof leak repair

I bought a house and am doing some renovations on it. I discovered a small leak. I need it patched up also I would like an assessment of the rest of the roof. Thanks. Location Kipling and Lakeshore.

Concern: Quality | Budget: $100 - $500


Price for supply and install. Also timelines, warranty and terms of payment. Cash deal accepted. 20mm thick square nose, Ceasarstone 4141 misty carerra. Plans attached. Total sq ft 52.5 Includes: -1 island long with single side waterfall to floor. 24 inch wide cabinets x 15.5 feet long. Includes in the island 1 single basin undermount sink 19x32 inch, 1 single hole faucet + 1 soap dispenser. There is a cabinet cut out for stools so may need reinforcing for tops in that area. -1 traditional counter (dog leg) and small counter adjacent to stove.

Concern: Quality | Budget: Uncertain

Basement reno

We are renovating our basement and need to finish the framing. The space is approximately 300 square feet. It has been gutted and partially framed, and the estimated amount of time to do the job is 1-2 days.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500

Commercial Built up roof.

3000 sqft Commercial bur, Remove and replace 1 layer is existing Replace vent and plumbing flashings Will meet on site for a detailed estimate.

Concern: Time | Budget: Uncertain

Change Size of Natural Gas Quick Connect Supply

Our condo already has a 3/8" natural gas quick connect supply outlet installed. The issue arises in that the hose on our BBQ has a 1/2" quick connect, so we need the size of the natural gas supply changed to accommodate our BBQ. Please provide an estimate for the cost to complete the change described.

Concern: Price | Budget: $100 - $500