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General Contracting Projects in Edmonton

Ever wonder what you're neighbours are doing to improve their homes? Discover what other Edmonton homeowners have planned for their General Contracting projects by reading the details of their request for quotes below.

In total, TrustedPros has received 308 General Contracting projects posted by homeowners in Edmonton seeking the services of local General Contractors. Total estimated value of these projects is $19,071,500.00 with a per project average of $61,920.00.

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Compare General Contracting Budgets for the Surrounding Areas

City No. Projects Total Value Avg Budget
Sherwood Park 15 $715,500.00 $47,700.00
St Albert 10 $361,000.00 $36,100.00
Devon 5 $205,000.00 $41,000.00
Edmonton 184 $19,071,500.00 $61,920.00

Projects By Edmonton Homeowners

1950's bungalow, almost a complete overhaul

1100 sq ft bungalow built in the 50's

I'm thinking the house needs


-gutting out of the basement ceiling tiles, flooring, perhaps demo some walls, gut out the bathrooms....some minor framing to build a brand new bedroom to make it a 2 bedroom and family room. bathroom needs new standup shower, toilet, sink and floors. also need hew furnace and ductwork for whole house. basement flooring to be carpet.

electricals: replace all the old electrical wires with new...this also includes new light plugs, switches fixtures and new electrical panel.

main floor: needs complete new kitchen and hood fan, flooring to be redone on whole floor including main floor bath.

main floor bath: needs brand new bath tub, shower head, vanity, toilet..and ventilation.

complete main floor has 3 bedrooms.. the whole main floor needs new paint, baseboards, doors, trims, headers, etc.....

ceilings: need to be redone s they are too outdated.

garage: is in decent shape, just needs a garage door and opener.

this is pretty much the list of work that needs to be done....job can start november 1, 2012

location: northwest edmonton

Posted By: allen | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

2 bathroom renovations, some work in basement and main floor.

1150 sq.ft 35 yr old home. My home is in need of some updating ( would welcome any interior design ideas to better my home and utilize the space better )

I'm looking at getting some painting done in Living rm, hallway, main entrance and kitchen, also our kitchen ceiling needs redone ( its stucco ) we had a horrible and huge ceiling light fixture removed and was left with a patchy area.

The main bath and master bath need redone main bath is a 4 pc and am looking at replacing all but toilet as it too was recently replaced but all else in there needs updated, master bath needs new counter/ sink top and paint and flooring ( recently put in new toilet ).

The back entrance needs painted and am looking for ideas to make area more functionable for us, our basement is needing ceiling redone and new lightings in one half which is rec room area and looking for ideas to fix stairwell to basement.

If this is reno work you are good at and are interested in I hope to hear from you.

Posted By: Teresa | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

2nd floor addition and garage

We live in a semi bungalow and want to demo roof in order to build a full second floor (850 square feet) which would include 2 bedrooms, office, bath and laundry. We are also wanting to build a flat top roof in order to increase our useable space. There is also a two car garage that needs to be demolished and rebuilt, regrading of backyard and new fence.

Posted By: carl | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

2-Storey Extension


Legal Description:

Existing House Description:

o The house is located in Royal Gardens and is approximately 45 years old

o Outer dimensions are EW 30&squot; x NS 27&squot; plus a 12&squot; carport that has been filled in as an enclosed garage. The carport / garage is on a concrete pad

o Two storey plus finished basement originally built as a 4-bedroom unit,

o Upper floor contains

o 3 bedrooms through the conversion of 2 bedrooms into 1.

o 3 - piece bathroom

o 2 hall linen closets

o The ground floor contains

o Entry and closet (entry closet is a cantilevered extension to the north at the NE corner of the house)

o Living room

o Dining room

o Kitchen

o 2 piece bathroom

o Storage closet

o Stairs up

o Stairs down to Basement

o Basement contains

o Bedroom

o Family room

o Storage closet

o Laundry / Furnace room

o Attached Garage / Converted Carport

o Located on the east side of house with concrete driveway from 44A Ave

o Originally approx.12&squot; x 27&squot;

o Enclosed by wood frame construction open to gable roof

o There is an added •€˜greenhouse&squot; type addition on the south side that is not on the concrete pad

Proposed Extension

Add approximately 450 sq ft on each of 2 levels:

o Extend the lower and upper levels of the house east to the maximum limit allowed by the City of Edmonton zoning bylaws, approximately 14-15 ft from the existing east wall of the main structure, eg 2-3 feet past the existing east wall of the carport / garage

o Do not extend the basement

o Leave space at the front of the ground level extension for a garage / storage area approximately 15&squot; long at the level of the current carport pad

o Extend the addition south past the south wall of existing main structure by 12&squot; - 15&squot;

o Raise the level of the back section of the lower level to be at the same level as the existing house main floor

o The raised portion of the lower level to contain a 3 pc bathroom, kitchen and eating area

o Stairs up to the second level

o Second level to function as a open space containing living room / entertainment / office / bedroom area divided by pony walls around the stairs

o Top of stairs in the extension to meet a landing and opening into the existing structure main house at the top of the stairs therein.

o Lower level windows on the south and east sides and on the west side at the end of the •€˜L&squot;

o Upper level windows on the south, north and east sides with the possibility of skylights in the bedroom and entertainment areas.

Special provisions

o The rear entry area of the existing structure must be modified to allow for the bathroom and kitchen of the extension

o The area under the stairs will be used for longer cars and / or storage

o The •€˜garage&squot; area in the new extension will be used for storage primarily, but for resale should be convertible to a 1 car garage.

Requested Work:

Prepare conceptual drawings suitable for zoning and building permit approvals and construction cost estimates for construction companies.

Posted By: Brett and Trent | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

9 months


I am looking at doing some work on my house. We are unsure of the best way to go about doing what we want done. We forsure have 2 rooms we want redone and then siding and windows. A possible addition onto the front of the house. With a sunk in living room, and bedroom. My current house is 998 square feet. And I just want a main level added on, hopefully with out having to rebuild the roof of the house.

Do you deal with all permits? and will you work if I supply product ( I work for a lumber yard and can get lumber, flooring and siding)

Was also curious what an addition starts at. I know its not cut and dry on what this type of reno costs but was hoping on a rough estimate.

If you could get back to me that would be great!


Have a good day


Posted By: Cyndi | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

A small extension on to the side of the house

We have been renovating a house and now want to build a small extension onto the side of the house. The room will be approximately 10x12 ft. It is on the main floor (ground level). We need it done fairly soon because we are almost ready for our eletrical inspection. The delay in posting this was because we thought we would do the extension ourselves (just like we have already done with the rest of the house) but now we realize that we need someone that specializes in that type of work.

We will also be hiring for complete drywall, tapeing etc. The house is almost at that point.

Thank you (in advance) for responding to my email promptly.

Posted By: Debra | Budget: Uncertain

Acreage Renovation

1950's mobile home with addition. Needs leveling, shingle or roof repair, siding and easetrough repair. Septic may need fixing or replacement. Inside needs new flooring, some drywall repair, complete new kitchen, complete new bathroom, ceiling repair (ceiling is drooping). Would ideally be done for $25,000. Needing one company to be able to come in and help us with it all.

Posted By: Julie | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Add on separating from main house

Add on laundry room approximately 10 x 5 feet, is separating from the main house. It appears that the add on is sinking and pulling away from the house. There are major cracks in the corners of the laundry room starting at the ceiling to about half way down the wall. Can only be seen from the inside. The house has a suited basement but there is no basement under the add on portion. We believe we need to have that room lifted and properly supported to make it structurally sound.

Posted By: Michael and Kristy | Budget: Uncertain

Adding a mudroom at back door

We are interested in adding a mudroom at our back door where we have our deck. Entrance to back door has a landing and that is as large as we want it (5x5, more or less). We have a bathroom window where the mudroom would be as well that may or may not need to be taken out depending on design of the mudroom.

Posted By: Antonella | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000 | Status:  Active (Bid on job)

Adding a second story to a bungalow

I am wondering how much it would cost to add a second story to our bungalow. Our home is currently 1000 sq/ft and a simple rectangle in shape. I plan on doing the finishing work myself and would need a builder to draft plans, remove existing roof, update electrical and plumbing as well as building the second story itself. I would do the drywalling, the painting, the floors, the bathroom once all was plumbed in. My husband wants a studio and we need another bedroom so we are envisioning the upstairs as a master suite on one side and a large studio/office space on the other. We are considering a second story as we love our neighbourhood and can't find another home that suits our needs. Estimated cost of such a project???

Posted By: Tanya | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000


I am building a new country/residential home approx 7 minutes SE of Edmonton. I am looking for multiple quotes/bids from ALL trades/jobs on this new home (Cribbing/foundation, Fiber insulation, Post & Beam prefabricated construction, electrician, plumber, A/C, water softener, kitchen cabinets, hardwood & tile flooring, Granite counter tops, painters, stucco, ETC.) I plan on starting the construction within 1 month.

I have provided a 3D photo of the home. Please let me know if you are interested and what you require in order to provide with an accurate quote.


Thank you in advance

Posted By: Deanna | Budget: Uncertain

Apt. Reno

1800 sq. ft. downtown. luxury suite overlooking river valley.

complete re-flooring with hardwood and tiles in bathroom & kitchen. new baseboards. Painting. Re-do bathrooms (new shower, vanities, toilets,etc.). New light fixtures. Put in washer and dryer. Possibly remove and rebuild some walls. Put in doors in all closets. Much more. In short a complete gutting & renovation of large downtown apt.

Posted By: Michel | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Attached Garage Conversion to Secondary Suite

We are looking for someone to manage the conversion of our attached, oversized two-car garage into a secondary suite that will qualify for the Cornerstones Secondary Suites Grant. They must be able to arrange or provide all necessary aspects of the project from architectural design and investigating which parts of the existing structure can be used, to plumbing, electrical, permits etc. Fully itemised estimates are required to qualify for this grant program and thus will be expected early in the process. Financing has already been secured and we would like work to begin as soon as possible.

Preference will be given to those who have familiarised themselves with the Cornerstone Program.

Budget is ~ 30-60K; timely, professional completion of this project will lead to further contracts.

Posted By: Star | Budget: Uncertain

Attic Reno ?

I am interested in getting an assessment for possibility or creating a bedroom space in my attic, it's a frame wood, the home is small and I think I would need an engineering assessment. I am also interested in having the ceiling refinished in my living room and the shingles replaced as well as new flooring in the basement.

Please contact me if interested in giving me a quote for this type of Reno.

Posted By: Kirsten | Budget: Uncertain

Backyard Oasis

We are looking to do a beautification of our backyard. It is currently landscaped with our deck, patio w/ hottub, fence and grass.

We would like to

- Add greenery to outside edge

- Add a natural looking water feature (no square bricks, all natural)

- Possibly remove all the grass for artificial

- Possibly a putting area

- Resolve any drainage issues.

- The side of the house has an interlocking brick path that will need to be redone to fix drainage issues.

- There is a small tree in the front we would like to have replaced with something different.

- Extend the driveway in the front

Essentially we want to have a backyard that we want to be in.

Please ask for Brad or Sonia.

Posted By: Brad and Sonia | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

baseboards + backsplash + floor tile + interior doors

Multiple projects remain. Looking for one contractor to complete all. Major mathroom renovations to follow next year, and would like to hire same individual.

1200 sq ft condo. approx 200 linear feet of baseboards need an installation. Baseboards are simple rectangular (no mouldings) and 5' high. Condo is all one level.

approx 150 sq ft kitchen/entrance tile to be installed. Will be using 12x12 slate tile. Exsisting tile installed over concrete. Would be ok with laying new tile overtop if possible.

Installation of transistions from tile to hardwood.

8sq ft slate backsplash needs install

drill and hang new french door and bifold doors

Ready to hire in 2weeks. Looking to have it completed asap.

Approximate quotes would be nice...

work must only be completed M-F between 9am and 5pm due to condo bylaw resctrictions.

Posted By: Richard | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement + Stairs Flooring + some electrical/plumbing

1944 built renovated stucco 1 and 1/2 story home needs following work done:

FLOORING Pickup purchase and installation:

-Approximately 2 X 170 sqft Laminate to be installed in two basement rooms.

-Another approximate 300 square foot of lino for laundry area, kitchens and (11) stairs,

-plus 30 sqft of tile in basement bathroom plus backsplash around toilet and sink.

-possibly some carpet on upstairs staircase (approx 12 stairs+ landing) (remove old and replace with new)


Also, looking for electrician/plumber who can:

- install new dishwasher (dedicated circuit breaker already installed in panel, but wire still needs to be brought up to main floor, and plumb in still needed)

-install backflow valve and possibly cheat vent in one basement kitchen sink plumbing

-install humidifer on furnace

-remove/replace diode in hot water tank (or replace tank if needed)

-insulate, partial board-up, and install 3 shelves in mechanical room

-tear out an approximate 5'x4' wall on landing, install insulation, drywall, tape and mud back up

-install 4 ceiling light fixtures (2 in basement, new wires, 2 in upstairs-old wires/receptacles)

Prefer to work with one contractor for all, but willing to part out.

I will be available this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, November 3&4), and on Monday, November 12 any time during the day to meet at my home for assessment.

Posted By: Christine | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement- Bathroom

Old house built in 1954 needs pipe work for bathroom. Sink, shower, and toilet + washer and emergency drain.

Floor would need to be cut for pipe work; it&squot;s an old main stack made of cast iron. Total bathroom installation, frame, flooring, roof and lighting. I have the sink, shower and toilet.

Thank you for your time.

Posted By: Andrew | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Basement Bathroom Install

I have a 1950 built house that needs a bathroom put in the basement. It has a cast Iron main stack (doesn't leak) which I assume should be switched to the PVC. The bathrrom will have a sink, shower stall and toilet. I would also like my basement framed as it's pretty raw as it stands.

This is only the start of my projects as I have an upstairs bathroom that needs to be re done as well as a kitchen but I need to get this project done first.

Posted By: Myka | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement bathroom install..

Roughed in, wired,mostly insulated,door hung,fixtures supplied (except tub,prefer one certain model) Need 2'wide wall (bare concrete)need water,waste run; need boarded and tiled, fixtures installed.floor could be simply stained or tiled...

Also need door supplied,framed,installed at bottom of staiway (next to bathroom)

Can be someone available weekends / evenings for viewing/measuring.

Really need to have work done before Oct 17.

Posted By: Greg | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

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