There are some adjustments you can make to ease the life of yourself or a loved one. Many of them are a simple fix and can be solved with the hand of a professional. Here are some examples of ways that won't turn your home upside down.

  • For people in a wheelchair, doorways can difficult to get through. A handicap door should be at least three feet wide and is recommended to have an easy-to-grip door handle.
  • Ramps can help with raised access homes and they add the feeling of mobility to those in wheelchairs. They must meet building codes.
  • Sinks and countertops should be lowered to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. There are also handicapper-friendly faucet handles or knobs you can have installed. The space below the sink should be cleared as much as allowed for the handicapped individual to get as close as possible.
  • In the bathroom handrails should be installed around the toilet and/or in the shower. This will provide support for people who have a hard time standing up themselves and can save someone from falling. Bathtubs should have treads installed to the bottom surface to create better traction and pedestal sinks can be installed.

These are just some brief examples of modifications you can have done to your home. To learn about more ways, click here.

All handicap modifications to your home need to be sturdy, be able to stand up to the hard bangs a wheelchair may bring and ultimately fit within building codes. For this to happen competently you should hire a contractor who has good reviews from people in your area. Because we know this can be a stressful and difficult job, TrustedPros has put together a list of contractors who would be more than happy to assist you in all your handicap modification needs.

To find the contractor who will fit your time frame and budget, simply post an ad on TrustedPros that describes your home renovation project and let several contractors contact you, look at your projects and offer not only a quote but suggestions for improving the handicapped accessibility options. Or you can look through the list of them and select one you think will best work for you and your needs.

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