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How do I prepare for this project?

First, decide whether you want an unmonitored or monitored security system. Unmonitored systems usually sound an alarm upon a break-in, and some may contact you directly. Monitored security systems sound an alarm and notify a call centre upon a break-in. The call centre can dispatch police to the home if they cannot contact you within one minute of the incident.

Next, choose between a wired and wireless system. Wired systems are more expensive. A technician will thread wires through your home to establish the system. Wireless systems rely on batteries and sensors.

There are plenty of IoT (Internet of Technology) security systems on the market today. The best way to prepare for this project is to decide on your security needs and your budget before moving forward.

How much does a security system cost?

Homeowners should expect to pay more for wired and monitored systems. Despite this, the upfront costs are higher for unmonitored systems. Monitored security costs will include the system installation, plus an annual monitoring subscription (usually in the form of an annual contract).

The more services that you want, the more this project will cost. Those who want to store their security video data may want to purchase a cloud subscription. Cloud data subscriptions can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

Unmonitored security prices:

  • Security cameras: up to $300
  • Alarm systems: $200 - $400 (base price)

Monitored security prices:

  • Surveillance subscription: $20 - $70+/month (depending on landline or cell, company, and services offered)
  • Activation fees: $100 on average
  • Setup and installation: $100 - $500 (depending on services offered)
  • Control panel: (usually security company branded): $200 - $700

Can I DIY my home security system?

Monitored security system providers will offer setup and installation services. These services may be included in the subscription fees, but they usually cost a couple hundred dollars. Your security system company will send representative to install the unit for you.

Smarthome technology offers some great budget and DIY options. Homeowners can also save on installation and setup costs by DIYing this project. Although these options may cost more up front, they are highly customizable. Just remember to call your local police department if there is a break-in!

Additional Tips

IoT technology can be user-friendly, flexible, and accessible. Bear in mind that when the power goes off, your security system could be compromised! Several IoT security systems rely on a wifi connection to connect your phone to the security system.

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