Home Additions; The Ins and Outs of Considerations and Costs

Home addition

When it comes to home additions, it would be wise to seek the services of an experienced home addition contractor. This is true even if you have the tools and skills required to do the home improvement yourself. This is because there are several important aspects of design and construction that could prove costly if errors were made during the home addition plan process.

If your project is a do it yourself home addition, a home renovation contractor with experience in new room addition design and construction will have insight and knowledge that can save you time and money. There is too much room for error to take-on the planning and building process yourself.

Important Considerations When Devising an Extension Home Idea

Several aspects of home addition construction must be decided prior to the design of the home addition floor plan. Take, for instance, your home s existing structure. Is it sturdy? And what about walls in the area you plan to build the addition; are they load bearing?

Will the construction of your home support an addition at the chosen point; roof, walls, floor, and foundation? And what type temporary supports will be required during the construction stage of your home addition idea? This will be determined by the framing style of your home.

Balloon framing is identified by wall studs that run uninterrupted from the roof to the foundation s sill plate. While platform framing incorporates a floor level floor plate and ceiling level top plate to which the wall studs are attached. The framing style used on your house will affect the complexity of your room addition project.

Though it is true most homes built after 1930 have platform framing, you still need to be sure. You can refer to the original house blueprints, if you have them. Remove the wall surface at the bottom of a wall for inspection, or ask a home addition contractor to help you determine the type framing used.

Another important consideration is the style and layout of your home. This will determine home addition design. You will need to consider your home s various systems: wiring, plumbing, and HVAC. Also, is your plan for a first or second story home addition? These considerations are important and require much forethought and planning in your final design.

What about Home Addition Costs?

After taking into consideration the existing structure of your home, you will want to determine home addition cost; here, too, an experienced renovation contractor can help. Cost will be determined on the complexity of the addition, as well as size and system requirements.

Materials purchased in bulk for home additions will generally cost less per unit, although this is not always so. Use online resources as well as local and nearby lumber and building supply centers to determine best price.

Inquire as to delivery options. If you pick up materials yourself will your overall bill be discounted? Or, can materials be delivered for free if you commit to purchasing all project materials exclusively from that supplier?

Of course, if a renovation contractor is helping with your home addition design and assisting in determining project needs, they may also be willing to order supplies for you. Many professional contractors receive special discounts on materials from their resources. You could split money saved with the contractor, and still come out ahead.

How much plumbing and electrical work, if any, will be required to make your home addition plan become a reality? This is another area where an experienced professional can provide valuable insight.

What about building codes? Persons who once resided in one location before moving to another sometimes make the mistake of assuming they know what is required by law. An Ontario building code can differ greatly from an Alberta building code. Be sure to research the local building code for your immediate area.

Projecting Ahead

It might be practical to consider designing home additions a little larger than previously planned. That way the room can serve two compatible purposes doubling your investment as well as increasing room-use potential.

For instance, if you plan to build office space, make the room a little longer. Add a partition panel or screen to reserve the end space as a reading room to relax in, away from distracting activity.

Extending the size of a new room addition to include extra space for a sunroom or patio enclosure that can double as a guest room will cost much less than adding a sunroom and separate guest rooms. Likewise, converting your garage into a family room will cost much less than building a whole new family room addition.

If your extension home idea is to build a garage with a small work area, why not increase the planned size to include space for extra storage, or even a craft or sewing room toward the back of the garage with its own entrance? In the same way, a pool enclosure can include enough space for a patio.

Increasing additional floor space when adding a conservatorium can provide enough room for a bench and shelving in one corner for plant conservatory, greenhouse gardening, and/or additional sunroom space for relaxation and reading purposes. The idea is to get the most for the money. Investing a little more initially for additional room space that will serve two or more purposes can save money in the long run. Conferring with an experienced home addition contractor about possible ideas, floor plans, and home addition estimate costs will help you do that.

Home Additions; Tips and Ideas

Below are tips and ideas to help maximize home addition plans:

    1. When considering which type patio and/or pool enclosure design to go with, remember. Take into consideration the area in which you live. Some designs and materials weather strong winds better, while others are best for areas that get lots of snow and ice. You might also want to check into the benefits and options for new, state of the art telescopic pool enclosures.

    2. Planning the addition of a family room or den? Why not add a bay window; include a deep window sill with hidden storage area beneath? A custom made cushion for the sill provides extra seating; the storage space will be perfect for family games and puzzles, knitting supplies, or a cozy afghan.

    3. If you plan to construct a new home theater, why not consider converting the attic or basement into a theater, instead? The lack of windows makes both places an excellent candidate. Money saved by avoiding new room construction could go towards soundproofing the room and/or higher-end video and audio equipment to enhance show time experience.

    4. If you desire a new sunroom or patio enclosure, or greenhouse, but cannot afford the cost of new construction, you might want to explore the possibility of a sunroom kit. These kits are easy to assemble, and are reasonably priced. You can open up an exterior wall either as a DIY project, or enlist the services of a professional. Then assemble, install, and weatherproof; and your extra living space is complete!

What ever your home addition plans, remember. Service provider members at have experience building home additions and are on standby. Ready to bid on all or just certain aspects of your home addition project.

Posting job requirements online is fast, easy, and free. Homeowners are never obligated to hire any contractor who responds. Why not list yours today?

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