USING ADVANCED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, visualization provides homeowners, builders and other construction businesses with the ability to preview exactly how a home will look before any construction begins.

Most homeowners, even those with the keenest sense of style or artistic training, suffer the occasional buyer's remorse. The higher the expenditure, the more likely they are to second-guess their decisions. Buying an ottoman in the wrong color only dents the budget $100 or so. But, adding a room that doesn't fit the house or installing the wrong color siding are costly mistakes.

Few people can visualize by viewing small product or color samples. Instead, visualization builds a visual portfolio of the exact materials and colors to produce a photographic view of the “completed” project. New construction, remodeling and landscaping ideas all come to life with this innovative service. Homeowners finally have a solution to creating their dream home, without the frustration and anxiety that typically occurs.

This is a service that homeowners of all types can afford. What's more, the static rendering is replaced with an interactive visualization where people view endless color and material options for their project with the click of a button. Exploring alternatives and making decisions has never been easier.

Advanced software and a high-resolution display create imagery as visually accurate as a quality photo - much more realistic than typical computer-generated drawings, such as construction plans for a new home. Even the most subtle colour, texture and lighting effects are accurately depicted. In fact, others may think the image you help create is the original photo!

A client can select a color with the assistance of their Visualization Professional and then take the color printout to a store to have the paint matched.

For clients about to build new houses or begin remodeling, visualization images help them narrow down their decisions. Clients can even attach the images to their remodeling permit applications. The cost is in the set-up. (The base price is $25 to $300 for projects that involve cosmetic changes, while extensive remodeling and whole-house plans are more.) No matter how many times the client changes the type of kitchen countertop or the color of the dining room walls, the cost remains the same.

What can you use this service for?

Exterior Uses

Concept Renderings 
Paint Colours 
Stucco, Siding, Brick & Stone Walls 
Windows & Shutters 
Doors & Entrance Systems 
Trees, Bushes & Flowers 
Sod, Mulch & Other Ground Covers
Sidewalks, Patios & Driveways
Garages, Screen Rooms & Other Additions

Interior Uses

Colour Coordination
Paint Colours, Wallpaper & Paneling
Blinds & Shades
Cabinet & Counter Colours
Deocrator Items

Other Ideas

Real Estate Advertising
“Before” and “After” Images
Personal Interests (Autos & Boats)


The imaging process begins with a free, no obligation appointment to discuss requirements and alternatives for your project. The optimal starting point for the imaging is determined, which is often a digital photo or sketch you may already have.

The photos and/or blueprints are then entered into the computer where your dormers, roofs, room additions or whatever is on your wish list is created.

A high quality 8”x10” colour print of the final image is then provided to you to assist in the implementation of your project. Clients can even order CD's of their images or view them on their very own personal website. Have a nosy neighbour? Invite them to view your website so that they know what to expect.

Are you too busy? Correspondence can also take place entirely by e-mail. There is no geographic limit on who can make use of this service as long as they have online capabilities.
This service has been offered for years by hairstylists, allowing a person to see their hairstyle and new colour before they take the plunge. It's about time we have the chance to use this service on what might be the biggest expenditures of our lives!


Once created, these renderings are very versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. They are created at a high resolution which enables them to be used as color artwork for display within a sales model, on brochures, billboards, outdoor signage, direct mail pieces, web sites and print advertisements. Because they are a digital file, they may even be used on television commercials. If necessary, all artwork can be easily converted to a black and white image.

The focus may be on the entire home or specific exterior or interior features such as windows, roofing, flooring, additions or landscaping. Better yet, the view interactively changes to reflect options and alternatives.

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