How to Complete Your Basement Remodeling Cheap

Basement renovation

Basement remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects out there. With the right design and quality materials, this renovation creates affordable and valuable living space for the entire family. Expand your home on a budget by discovering how to complete your basement remodeling cheap.

Do Plan Out in Advance

Good planning provides one of the easiest ways to save money on a home renovation. Plans allow you to deal with potential problems and issues beforehand, often saving thousands of dollars on wasted materials and future repairs. An expert contractor will consider your lifestyle and habits to design the ideal space, troubleshooting throughout the process.

Take each portion of the project into account during planning. Room layout and framing design will connect with electrical and mechanical planning. Plumbing layouts are required when including a bathroom or laundry area in your remodeling project. Ceiling design also involves lighting and HVAC elements. Each of these portions interconnect in your remodeling project, and planning helps to create a smoother, more trouble-free renovation.

Do Not Skimp on Quality Materials

Although you may be tempted to use lower quality materials to save some cash, this method tends to backfire over the long run. You can expect cheap materials to fail or wear our much sooner than those of better quality. This includes major components of your basement remodeling, such as flooring and drywall, as well as electrical and mechanical parts.

Compare products prior to installation. Look for those with solid warranty coverage and positive reviews, and pay less attention to price. With adequate time and availability, you should be able to obtain top quality materials at reasonable prices. You can stick to a certain budget for materials, but remember to set reasonable figures and allow for some flexibility.

Spreading your project out over time provides greater opportunities for savings. If you're planning to finish the basement this fall, why not keep an eye out for materials now and snag a few savings while you can? This works well for DIY projects. If you're planning to hire a contractor, make sure to disclose the stats on any materials you've picked up.

Do Deal With Moisture Problems Now

When not looked after properly, water problems in the basement drive renovation costs sky high. Quick fixes cost less, but the resulting problems lead to health risks and rapid deterioration of the space. Dealing with moisture problems before finishing the walls and installing flooring reduces the risk of expensive repairs and protects the value of your finished basement.

Consider the age of your home and make note of any water problems you've experienced. Think about these situations:

  • Have you ever noticed a damp odor in the basement? Does the strength of the smell change with weather?
  • Are there any signs of water on the walls or flooring? Any watermarks, streaking, mold or mildew around windows and doors?
  • What is the relative humidity in the basement, and how does that compare to the balance of your living space?
  • Are there any cracks or splitting in the concrete foundation?
  • Do you see any standing water around the outside of your home, particularly near the foundation?
  • Do you have a septic tank, and if so, do you maintain the pump on a regular basis?

These questions help to point out any water problems. Solutions depend on the type of problem and the scope of any damage. Talk to your contractor about the best approach, and be sure to budget adequate funds for the repair. If basement water issues exist prior to your basement remodeling, do everything in your power to correct them before embarking on the renovation project.

Do Not Ignore Building Standards

Building code exists to create and maintain a safe living environment in your home. Although permit applications and inspections add to your budget, the cost of ignoring codes is quite high. If you install electrical wiring and lighting in your new basement and fail to follow the local building codes, your insurance company may invalidate your policy.

This also becomes a major problem for those attempting to sell their home. Without proper permits and a record of inspections (framing, electrical and plumbing), your sale or transaction may be held up or blocked entirely. Costs for that type of delay are unpredictable, whereas the fees for permits and inspections tend to add very little to the initial budget.

Contact your local building authority or national reference for more details on applicable codes and permit fees. Find out what you are responsible for and speak to your contractor about their role in this process.

Do Consider the Advantages of Drywall

Drywall provides an economical option when finishing the walls and ceiling in your basement remodeling. You will need to budget for mudding, sanding, primer and paint, but overall costs for this flexible and reliable building material are more reasonable than other alternatives.

Prefab basement walls, such as those manufactured by Owens Corning go up quickly and create a very comfortable space. But when you're looking to finish the basement on a budget, it's difficult to beat drywall. Even the age old standby of wood paneling cannot compare.

Save some money by hanging the drywall sheets yourself and hiring a contractor to handle the mudding and sanding. Or let the pros handle the heavy work and apply paint and primer to save on labor costs.

Be sure to use rated drywall for bathrooms. Consider drywalling at least part of the ceiling as well, since this finish costs much less than ceiling tiles and drop ceiling designs.

There are many do's and don'ts to finishing the basement. Some of these tips help you to complete your basement remodeling cheap, cutting the budget in the right places and ensuring your home remains safe, comfortable and valuable. Speak to your contractor about ways to shave costs and be sure to plan well ahead for a smooth, hassle-free basement renovation.

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