Mancaves: A Manly Makeover to Any Home

Man Cave

Imagine a place to call your own complete with your favorite foods and drinks, hobbies, a quiet place to take a snooze and comfy seats for all…(sigh). Don't we all want that? Well guess what? You CAN have it! Now is the time to set up a space in your home just for you or you and your friends. It is a scientifically known fact that just as the Batman needs the Batcave, men need a mancave. A mancave is something all men can benefit from at some point in their lives. Whether you need a mancave to unwind, to blow off steam, or to just have fun, there are ways to have it all! And don't just settle for the norm. Go all out with some of the best ideas for a mancave man has ever invented!

No mancave is complete without some fun. Let's start out with some of the obvious reasons you will need to have a good time in your new space.

Invest in a smart TV that has all the best add-ons from music apps to streaming apps and multiple HDMI hookups. Don't forget to bring your DVD collection! (And maybe even your VHS collection…can you say vintage?!) Think about also investing in some of the newest game consoles out there. Pump up your skills on the latest video games to show your friends a thing or two about a thing or two when they come over to play. The most important thing that surprisingly is easily forgotten is a great sound system. Some flatscreens come with a pretty good sound bar, but even if your TV does, go that extra mile with surround sound! You'll jump out of your seat literally when you hear movies and video games at their full potential.

Do you have an old dartboard lying around? What are you doing?! Install that baby on your mancave wall! One of the coolest ideas men have seen in recent years has to be a three-in-one pool table that converts into a ping pong table and then into a beer pong table. A space saver and sure to be the reason why you best friend Jim always stares at you with envious eyes, a unique table of sorts can really up the ante of your mancave.

What does body, mind, and soul mean to the burliest of men? It translates to the absolute essentials of a mancave. Every…and I mean EVERY mancave should come with certain features. Here are the most important ones.

To rev up the male body, working out is probably the only way. Dedicate a corner of your mancave to the most important thing (we hope!) in your life - your health. Get a dumbbell set, mats, and a pull up bar for starters. Spend a little more and you can sweat a little more. Think about buying a complete workout system and a treadmill! Now to work on the mind. Ask for a quality tool chest for your birthday or other holiday and fill it with all the tools you need to fix whatever it is that comes your way! Get the piece of MIND and be ready for any emergency or broken household item. Maybe even fit a work bench and/or carpentry equipment as an added plus. Finally remember your soul. Whatever you do that makes your heart beat and makes you feel happy inside bring the project into your mancave. You definitely need room to fix up your old boat motor, your old record player, or even your vintage motorcycle.

Ever seen those TV dinner or fast food commercials that target men and their hunger? Of course you have! And you probably even found yourself salivating during one or two. It's okay, that's what they were designed for! What's to be taken away from this is that contrary to popular belief, a dog is not a man's best friend, food and drinks are a man's best friend. There are plenty of ways to make sure you're fed even when you are away from your home's main kitchen.

When most people think of a mancave, there is bound to be a picture of a full stocked bar in mind. And there's nothing wrong with that. There is an ancient Mayan saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it" …Well maybe it's not ancient…or mayan, but it turns out to be completely true here! However, adding to something has never been discouraged. Make more of your bar and put a "kegerator" in it. And don't forget the keg! It really does go the extra mile where beer is concerned. You can decide to have either a bottle or a cold draft right in your own home!

"Food, Glorious Food!" Surround yourself with all of your favorite foods whether you are a BBQ kind of guy or a liver and onions guy, your mancave should be able to handle it all! You NEED a kitchen area complete with a sink, stove, fridge, and counter space to accommodate all tastes. Think about getting a counter top grill or even one you can place somewhere near your mancave outside so you can grill up game day food.

A few extra tips that are probably the only reason men turned from cavemen into mancave experts are listed below.

#1 Comfort is everything - Make sure your seating is comfy and something you could see yourself falling asleep in. Don't forget a few pillows and blankets for extra padding and warmth. Remember, some of the best naps in history have been in mancaves. Perhaps look into getting a message chair!

#2 Wife tested and Wife Approved! - Sometimes women know more about what men like then men even do! Let your significant other do research with you on what to do with your mancave that way she will be happy and you will be happy. Having a separate entrance into the house, a separate bathroom or mudroom for you after a dirty day, a first aid kit can keep the rest of the house from having to deal with all things man leaking up the stairs.

#3 Decorating is the way to really impress! - Hang up those awards you've gotten over the years along with your hunting prizes, your old lava lamp, posters, mementos, and pictures of friends and family. Anything to add a personal touch to your mancave can make it really feel like your own.

#4 Location, Location, Location! - Think about putting your mancave in a shed, a garage, a basement, an attic, or even a custom made tree house! Anywhere that's "off the beaten track" will make your space even more unique and awesome.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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