Your Own Home Gym; Things to Consider Before Constructing One

Home gym

A healthy lifestyle consists of more than prudent eating habits to maintain a healthy weight. Healthy living includes regular exercise, made easier with the addition of a home gym or workout room.

A Family Fitness Gym…Worth the Expense, or Not?

The various health spa and workout gym clubs offer many benefits, to be sure. For one thing, the availability of multi types of exercise equipment makes a total gym workout possible. Group exercise classes can be motivating and friendships can be forged; pool use is an added bonus. But there are disadvantages to gym membership, as well.

Membership can be expensive; appropriate workout clothing adds to the expense. After a hectic day at work many persons can't wait to escape the “rat-race,” go home, and relax. Making travel time to and from the gym and lack of privacy a deterrent that could sabotage a person's commitment to regular exercise.

Having your own family gym can not only be more convenient. It can save hundreds of dollars annually and offers a more flexible workout schedule. Increasing the chance of health plan success, since gym location is more convenient; in your own home, requiring no travel time.

A home workout room also offers the benefits of a 24 hour gym; avoiding the expense of babysitter fees for health-minded families with small children.

Gym Lifestyles…a Matter of Choice

When you get right down to it, whether to exercise in a public gym or at home is a matter of choice. Consider your personality and unique set of circumstances. And then select the type environment that will encourage - rather than discourage - exercise success.

To determine whether or not a home exercise room is right for you, consider the following:

  • What would benefit you most; convenience, flexibility?  Or the one-time expense required building a gym at home instead of on-going membership fees?

  • Would the home gym take the place of or supplement public gym membership?

  • How much are you willing to spend on exercise room design and equipment?

  • Would other family members benefit from it?

  • How much use would an exercise gym at home get; how committed are you to a regular exercise program and a healthier lifestyle?  

If after considering the above you decide having a home gym is right for you - read on!

Gym Equipment…Get Only What you Need

When selecting home gym equipment, buy only what you need. Whatever equipment you select, make sure it is compatible with your particular health regimen.

For instance, what type exercise does your health plan require?  Cardio exercise or all over body toning - including abs exercise, legs, arms, buttocks, etc.

A treadmill workout, rowing machine, or stationary bike might be terrific ways to maintain cardiovascular health. A gym mat is great for stretching exercise; as well as aerobics, push ups, sit ups, and donkey kicks. While dumbbell exercise, ball exercise workout, and bike exercise may be great for weight watchers desiring a fit, healthy body.

A Pilates regimen benefits the total person,  A flexible, balanced exercise system that improves posture and transforms the way your body looks, feels, and performs; for a more slender, sleeker you. Requiring such equipment such as a Pilates exercise mat, trapeze table, arc or barrel.

Note: as with anything that affects your health, seek the advice of a medical professional to help decide what type workout program is best for you.

More Tips

  • If you have space for only a little gym or want a total fitness workout system that will fit in a limited amount of space, consider buying a multi-purpose home gym machine.

  • Avoid impulse buying. Research products before making a purchase; get only what you need.

  • Get the best home gym equipment your budget allows - saving money over the long run.

  • To keep costs down, consider quality used exercise equipment.

  • Reduce the risk of failure; purchase a good exercise video or book to help formulate an exercise program that will yield good results and keep you motivated. Select from aerobics, yoga, stability ball training, Pilates, and more - depending upon the type of workout you want.

  • When selecting weights and dumbbells, start out light and gradually work up to a heavier set.

  • Make sure exercise room design is well ventilated.

Other important home gym factors include ceiling height, solid floors, whether you live in an upstairs apartment (will noise created by jumping around and exercising affect neighbors below?), and space required for necessary equipment.

Investing in a home exercise room to increase family health, body fitness, and help manage weight can pay off big time. But choice of gym equipment and room design are every bit as important as your commitment to a regular work out routine.

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