A Steam Shower for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Steam shower

What if your bathroom could turn into a health room that improves blood circulation, relieves stress, relaxes your muscles, and gives you a glowing skin? Oh no, we're not suggesting to set up a spa in your bathroom. Just install a steam shower and enjoy the amazing health benefits of steam bathing.

Steam is Steaming

Steam has been used for healing for centuries. The remains of ancient steam baths can still be seen at some of the oldest archaeological sites. The new steam bathing booths include steam to complete the bathing and showering experience. The steam produced is actually a hot water vapor, as real steam up close and personal can scald a bather. However, it is heated up to around 100 degrees F or to the user's comfort level.

  • Anxiety Soother: It has been used over the years to help relaxation and foster feelings of serenity and well-being, especially for those enjoying a steam bath for between 10 and 15 minutes. It is, perhaps, this anxiety-reducing effect of steam that is its greatest benefit. The benefits of steam include a relaxant that aids in falling asleep and actually increases the duration of REM cycles.
  • Common Cold Reducer: There was an article in the American Journal of Otolaryngology  in 1987, which stated that the inhalation of steam resulted in stemming the symptoms of colds and increased the opening of nasal passages. This finding can be seen as debatable but throughout history steam therapy has been recorded as helping to alleviate cold symptoms.
  • Detoxification: By sweating, a human being not only gets rid of excess water but it is proven that toxins can be released through the pores. This is, in part, why “sweat lodges” were a part of human cultures from Scandinavia to Montana and why the aboriginal peoples still believe in its qualities.
  • Sinus Relief: Authorities who study sinus afflictions agree that steam has a soothing effect on the sinus cavities when inhaled.
  • Circulation Enhancement: Steam can also help with fatigue problems. In addition, it has a benefit for those suffering from back pain, rheumatism, asthma and bronchitis.

Shower or Showers

The steam showers are first and foremost a shower cabinet. But what a shower cabinet! Overhead there is a large shower fixture that can be as big as a pizza in some models. The small openings allow the water to fall in almost a vapor mimicking a warm rain from the Amazon. Of course this stream can be increased or just slowed to a mist.

However, it's the up-to 15 other showerheads that get the most attention. Jets of water can help increase body circulation so how about 12 shower jets! When set up to the bather's needs they produce an acupressure-like sensation/. Otherwise they set the bar for totally cleaning your body.

The Spa Tub

Many models come equipped with spa tub so that you have the option of being blasted by power jests (some people still appreciate that) or enveloped in thousands of tiny bubbles. In any event you can go from sitting on retractable seats in a steam bath to floating in an effervescent bath.

  • Spa Jets: Up to 20 jets can give you an invigorating workout to aid aching muscles or to increase your circulation.

  • Bubbling: In Japanese style the water can gently boil with soothing bubbles which work together like a gentle massage.

  • Chromatherapy: LED lights, installed in both the cabinet and below the surface of the tub can be programmed in an array of blends for a soothing experience.

Relaxation and Other Accessories

  • Foot Massage: Some models offer a removable foot massage which pulls out of the wall and uses both mechanical force and water pressure for a clinical foot  massage.

  • Aroma Therapy: Solid aroma therapy cakes or liquid enhancements like eucalyptus oil is placed in a special container in the enclosure and is activated by the steam. This gives the bather easier breathing and added relaxation.

  • Ozone System: Since bacteria and mold is a hazard in very humid conditions ozone sterilization kills bacteria and viruses in the enclosure after your leave making it germ free.

  • LCD Television: For those who want to watch sports, entertainment TV, or continue watching a movie you were watching before you had the urge to take a relaxing steam bath, a built=in LCD television is the answer.

  • Audio: MP3 (iPod) compatibility, FM radio and synchronization with your living stereo are put through hi-tech speakers with both the shower enclosure and the bathroom.

  • Telephone: A microphone and keypad located on the control panel allows you to call out or accept a call while relaxing, all hands-free.

  • Ventilation System: There's no need to worry about clouds of steam entering the home when a whisper-quiet fan system empties the booth before you exit.

  • Emergency Alarm: If there is any problem an easily-accessed button will sound an alarm that can be heard outside.

  • Remote Control: The remote l promotes abundant relaxation. At your fingertips you can control the lights, steam, steam temperature, massage jets, ozone disinfecting, fan, TV, telephone, and radio.

With all these perks in one enclosure why wouldn't a homeowner want to pamper themselves in the loneliest room in the house?

Where to start

Installing a steam shower can be a tricky business for most homeowners aspiring to go about the project themselves. Do not tear down the good old shower unless you're absolutely sure. We suggest you post your questions to our forum and get free guidance from an experienced contractor. The other option is to post your project and evaluate the bids that will start pouring in. Follow the tips in our Contractor Hiring Guide to select a trusted pro for your steam shower installation.

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