Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Bathroom remodelling

Many bathroom rituals are changing before our eyes. Many of the old bathroom designs, materials, and appliances are slowly being replaced by modern alternatives that represent a new lifestyle. Let's see what all has changed over the past 30 years.

Bathrooms, Yesterday and Today

In the past the bathroom was seen as the “situation room.” We got ready for all occasions in the bathroom and we needed the room for two to three - and maybe more - people rushing around. Kids and spouses piled up flashes of time in the bathroom and soon went to watch television or go outside. When we did spend time there is was to be hammered by jets of water from the spa tub or a quick dip in the shower.

The bathroom of today has taken its place as the equal of the kitchen and other living areas. No longer do people rush in and out. Once ensconced in the bathroom the new appliances and room layout offer a sanctuary away from the maddening parts of life.

Today's Bathroom are More Spacious

Bathrooms are not only larger they are a part of the home that is split up into sections. Because the bathroom area is now a multi-functional end-user place - meaning that no one is in a hurry to leave - there is a bathing area, showering area, toilet area and vanity-relax area. The latter category can even have a sofa and/or lounge chairs for reading or watching television. In essence, the bathroom is becoming a “nature place” for many harried homeowners.

The Arrival of the Air Bath, or “Un-Tub”

What if your brand-new spa tub did not have jets? That means that when you get down into the water there was a pool of tiny bubbles and not the frothing whirlpools that come with every spa tub. You would be surprised to know that jets are classed as “invasive” to the serenity that the new soaking tubs represent. Because available to those who appreciate such serene bodies of water are now large stone-faced, rectangular tubs with built-in seats. This Japanese-style, air bath can be as big as 600 square feet without a ripple in the water just thousands of tiny bubbles. Some units have a single stream of water that feeds into the tub, replenishing it and helps to keep it a constant temperature.

And added to this tub is the vista of chroma therapeutics - called color or light therapy (colorology in the U.K.) comes from the discovery that each color has its own benefits for the body.  Since the therapy is comprised of the seven colors of the rainbow, which set up a balance for the mind and body, these colors are available in underwater positions to the bather via a touch pad.

Shower with Steam and Mist

Showering today is as soothing as the new tubs. First, there is a rain forest-like downpour from a fixture in the ceiling of the shower area. Theses are called “sunflower” or “pan” showerheads because of their shape and they can be as big as 18 inches across! Your whole body is instantly encased in water negating the need to twist and turn to get wet. If this isn't enough to get you drenched then the dozen or so angled, body sprayers will do the job. In addition there is still a water wand for those who still want to wash manually.

Steam has also entered the shower. Shower cabinets with steam have their enclosures right to the ceiling and the door is snapped tight to prevent leakage. When the steam bath is finished the steam is whisked away by powerful fans so that the moisture doesn't get through the home.

Cabinets from Around the World

Bathroom cabinets always had an austere finish to them. They were basically meant for storing cleaning products and used to be quite cheap . Now the cabinets have moved from the bedroom and into the bathroom. The tones of teak, rattan and other exotic woods are replacing the sterile furnishings of yesterday. The style can be French provincial furnishings or Japanese teahouse, depending on your taste. Vanity tops range from granite to soapstone or copper bowls.

Floor Tiles have Proliferated

It's still tile, only big tile that not only covers the floor but goes up the walls and, in some cases, covers the ceiling. The tile is subtle - browns, beiges and terra cotta - but is ribbed with designs and strips of mosaic patterns. Infloor heat also makes tile great for flooring. The thermal mass of the ceramic holds the heat and distributes it evenly throughout the bathing area. If there is a relaxation room in the bathroom area look for reed mats or sheepskin rugs.

Technology has Entered Bathroom

A “smart panel” connect to many remotes can operate everything in the bathroom for the 2 - 3 LCD televisions to the audio system and lighting. These modern wonders can also be used to program the chromatherapy light settings and other lighting.


The modern bathroom renovations stand head and shoulders above the small, busy versions of a few years ago. A stylish, modern bathroom will not only give you an exclusive and private space for relaxing, but will also impress your guests and add to your home's value. If you can afford it, go right ahead and post your bathroom renovation project.

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