Benefits of Green Bathroom Remodeling

Green bathroom remodeling

I don't think the term “green bathroom remodeling” brings up visions of cleanliness for too many people. The connotation usually means scum or mold or something else unsavory that has not been exorcised from the area. For others it may seem like a colossal waste of time and energy because they want a high-end bathroom with all the modern conveniences. But a green or environment-friendly bathroom is not just good for the environment. It is also more cost-efficient and fashionable.

Green Means Different Things to Different People

A green lifestyle is not an exclusive club reserved for the rich and famous. Green remodeling means a variety of things depending upon whom you are speaking. For a starter-home owner it may mean reusing the water from bathroom sink, tub and toilet while converting the old linoleum floor tile to porcelain tile. For someone else, it is taking out the components and giving them to recycling centers while replacing them with a low-flush toilet and low-flow shower-heads. Still another homeowner may rebuild the area from used lumber and components that they have bought from a recycling company.

Regardless of what a green bathroom may mean to you, caring for the environment does pay you back in the following ways.

The Benefits of a Green Bathroom Remodel

1. Lower Water Consumption 

This is really important because in most areas of the world, including some parts of North America, water is becoming a scarce commodity. The addition of a dual-flush toilet and low-flow shower-heads does a lot to save both water and energy. Obviously, for hot water consumption, it will save electricity but think of the origin of your water and how it gets to your taps. Most water is pumped and pumps require electricity. So, just with hot water, you save on your electricity bill and your water bill.

2. Reduce Power Bills 

Renovating a bathroom gives you a chance to replace the old incandescent lighting with new fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps or the new LED lighting fixtures. This will save as much as 40% on your use for the area.

3. Reduce Wastage

It doesn't matter how you renovate there is always a certain amount that goes into the landfill. Canada Mortgage and Housing estimates that 40% of all land-filling waste is contributed by the renovation and building industry. And there is also a certainty that many people will renovate their bathrooms every 7 - 10 years. If more people rebuilt the bathroom for the long term they would guarantee less landfill waste.

4. Reduce Health Risks

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), are plastics and other materials that emit toxic fumes during their manufacture and continue to off-gas over the life of the product. Vinyls are guilty of this so the less of these products you use in your bathroom the better for your own health and the health of everyone in your home.

5. Save Heating Bills 

Canadian homeowners are switching to tank-less water heaters in place of a central water heating system. What happens with a traditional hot water heating systems is that water comes out of the ground at 40 degrees and enters the tank. The tank then has to heat this cold water to bath temperature and then hold the temperature until the hot water is used for a shower of kitchen sink. In other words, the water tank has to maintain a certain temperature 24-7.

The tank-less system is an on-demand water heater. When the hot water is turned on it immediately flash heats the water to the tune of 7.6 - 15.2 litres (2 - 5 gallons) per minute on most units. And when the water is shut off it ceases to heat the water while a standard hot water tank has to keep working until all the water in the tank has reached a certain temperature. In addition, because they do not have any storage they do not hold any corrosive agents, impurities that cause the demise of regular water tanks. To get the most out of a tank-less system several heaters are distributed through the home where they are needed, especially in each bathroom. This is expensive in the short run but because tank-less systems can last 20 years or more, the energy and replacement savings outweigh the initial costs.

Remember, “Green” is making the most of the materials that are readily available, re-using what you can and choosing new products that leave the smallest carbon imprint on the planet. A bathroom remodel is a good place to start going green.

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