For Quick, Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling - Don't Demolish, Refinish!

Bathroom remodelling

Many homeowners think of remodeling the whole bathroom when the old bath tub or sink gets dirty or damaged. While you have every right to transform your intimate space into a slick parlour, you don't need to force yourself into overspending if it's just a dirty fixture or two that are bothering you.

Full-Blown Renovation; Time Consuming and Costly

When it comes to replacing a bath tub and sink, ceramic tile must be torn out, the tub and sink removed, and drywall demolished and removed. A long messy process causing substantial inconveniences to all family members results.

Plumbers and carpenters are required for new fixture installation, and then re-tiling once fixtures are in place. The cost for a new bathroom sink and tub has now shot up into thousands of dollars, just to install a $100 bathroom sink and a $250 bath tub kit.

An Inexpensive and Quick Alternative

If this type bathroom renovation sounds tedious, time-consuming, and depressing, there is another alternative! Widely available from numerous manufacturers in a large assortment of colors, a quality bath tub refinishing product can be used for bathroom sink refinishing or sink repair. Technically called “aliphatic poly urethane,” these 2-part coatings are also known as epoxy coating. Epoxy finishes are nearly as tough and durable as the factory finish on bathroom fixtures when properly maintained and cared for.

The beneficial aspects of these coatings include:

  • A short amount of time is required to begin and complete a bath tub refinishing or sink refinishing project. Once the coating is applied, the tub or sink is ready for use in approximately 48-hours, depending on the product and manufacturer.
  • The price of refinishing a tub or sink is but a fraction of bathroom remodeling cost; especially when considering demolition, preparation, and installation of new fixtures. Not to mention the services of carpenters, plumbers, drywallers, tilers, and painters that might be required.

Almost every manufacturer of a bath tub refinishing product touts the ease of application, with the use of a brush or paint roller. The difference in the final result - between professional bath tub refinishers spraying on the finish and homeowners using a brush or roller is drastic.

The professionally-sprayed finish will render breathtaking results; the brushed or rolled-on finish will look novice at best. The occasional homeowner who is somewhat adept at using a sprayer might achieve good results. But overall, hiring a professional is recommended.

Easy-to-Follow Steps to Bath Tub or Sink Refinishing

Brave homeowners wishing to undertake this type DIY project should follow these steps:

  • Thoroughly remove all caulk around tub or sink edges.
  • Very thoroughly clean the bath tub or sink. Many products include 2 stages of cleaning chemicals to assure adequate surface preparation.
  • Carefully mask areas around the bath tub or sink that are not to be coated.
  • Remove fixtures and plumbing hardware; mask any remaining hardware not to be coated.
  • Lightly sand the entire surface of the bath tub or bathroom sink, using a fine grit of 220 to 240.
  • Vacuum the surface; thoroughly clean and remove any loose particles or sanding dust.
  • Provide adequate ventilation, preferably using a fan to direct fumes and overspray outside through an open window.
  • Depending on the product used, the kit might include an acid reducer to etch the surface. This promotes optimum adhesion of the coating. Apply according to manufacturer instructions.
  • For bath tub chip repair, fill dings, dents, scratches or chips with the resin included in most kits; follow instructions carefully. For more severe or extensive damage, some kits may include fiberglass mesh used with resin for fiberglass bath tub repair. (You may want to seriously consider enlisting a professional for repairing more extensive damage.)
  • When adequately cured, sand any repairs until smooth, and then thoroughly clean.
  • Cover and protect cabinets, surfaces, and other bathroom fixtures, toilets, etc., with a drop cloth or by masking. Follow instructions carefully. Apply up to 3 coats of the primer, allowing sufficient time between coats to dry.
  • Using steady, even strokes of the spray gun, apply 3 to 4 coats of the final finish. Allow ample dry time between each application.

Homeowners determined enough to undertake this type project will realize maximum savings. However, even when using professional bath tub refinishers, the project can yield stunning results in a fraction of the time and cost of a complete bathroom renovation.

Locating a Trusted Bathroom Contractor

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