How to Add Bathroom Storage Without Breaking the Budget

Bathroom storage

Bathroom storage is essential for a functional, comfortable space. You need to store toiletries, linens, paper products and plenty of other vital items close at hand while keeping this area neat and tidy. Bathroom renovations provide the ideal time to reorganize your storage set up, add new pieces and declutter this busy area of your home.

Best Methods of Bathroom Storage

Vanities have traditionally served as the main storage area in the bathroom. Modern bathroom designs are eliminating the vanity, and floating vanities or other contemporary designs provide less storage than classic styles. You need to compensate for that fact in your bathroom design, unless you plan on storing bathroom accessories in another part of your home.

Open shelving works well for storing attractive items, such as soap bottles, plush towels and candles. However many bathroom items should be tucked away out of sight. Consider a combination of open shelving and closed cabinetry, either built into a unit or mounted separately.

Tall, narrow cabinets or sets of shelving work well for awkward spaces often found in the bathroom. Make good use of the space by opting for wall mount cabinets that keep clutter off of the floor, and think about other areas in the room that could accommodate shelving. Over the tub, in corners and above the toilet are popular places to install shelves, hooks and other simple methods of storage. Above the windows is another often overlooked area where a shallow shelf could be used to store smaller items in an attractive manner.

Creative Storage Methods

Bathroom storage can move far beyond the typical bathroom cabinets and vanities. With a few unique, well executed ideas your new bathroom can be fitted with creative and enviable storage solutions.

Repurpose old household items to come up with fantastic bathroom storage ideas. These creative projects will dress up the space and provide a fresh angle on storage:

  • secure an old ladder against the wall (secure at the floor or against the wall) and use as a casual towel rack
  • repaint on old plant stand and use decorative planters for open storage of toiletry bottles, rolled up wash clothes and extra toilet paper
  • find a mix of baskets from around your home and label them with each family member's name, ideal for storing personal grooming items
  • hang tea towel racks inside cabinet doors for additional storage space
  • place a hat rack in one corner to hang your clothing, robe or extra towels

Don't forget these tried and true bathroom storage options, given a modern twist and update:

  • mount a mirrored cabinet, lined on the back wall with boldly printed wallpaper for a punch of color - look for mirrors with built in LED lighting
  • line a hamper with plush fabric for a luxurious feel and pile extra towels or other bathroom essentials inside
  • countertop storage units can be used on a wide counter, perfect for keeping grooming tools at your finger tips
  • * standalone armoires and cabinets can be used in any area of the bathroom
  • keep under-sink space tidy with wire baskets, hooks and pull out shelving, similar to systems used under the kitchen sink

Ensuite Extras

Countless storage options are available for those redesigning or renovating an ensuite bathroom. Because privacy is less of an issue with an ensuite bathroom (generally used only by those sleeping in the master bedroom), creative designs and collaborations can make storage even easier.

Consider combining bathroom storage with master bedroom closet space, especially if these two rooms are adjacent. Pocket doors between the closet and ensuite allow quick access, and a section of your closet could be designated for linen storage. (This also works if your linen closet is close to the family bathroom, and locking capabilities are added to the pocket door for privacy.)

Ensuite baths can also be opened up to the master bedroom, similar to European luxury hotels. With a soaker tub straddling the bathroom and bedroom, more space is available for modern storage units. Use a large wall closet with glass bifold doors to store bathroom items, linens and other miscellaneous bed and bath accessories.

Special Considerations

Bathroom storage requires special consideration. High levels of moisture could contribute to mold growth, and your storage solutions must be chosen well to avoid or reduce that risk. Organic building materials, like wood and paper, are much more susceptible to mold, and require heavy paint or a protective coating in your bathroom.

Melamine works well for bathroom cabinets. If you invest in solid wood, be sure that a high quality stain has been applied and stay on top of maintenance. Any baskets, bins, and storage accessories should be made from durable materials that stand up well to moisture. Install an exhaust fan to control the humidity in this room, as well.

Moisture also leads to corrosion, which means several types of metal are out of the running. Look for stainless steel fasteners, brackets and hardware. Other types of metal that have been treated for corrosion resistance may work in the short term, but you can expect to replace these components after a few years in order to maintain an attractive appearance and maximum support.

Clever bathroom storage transforms a mediocre bathroom design into a highly functional, comfortable space. Whether you are including an update on traditional bathroom storage, such as a wall hung vanity and retro mirrored cabinet, or you're trying a few of our creative, repurposed storage solutions, get a handle on your bathroom storage now. Keeping this space neat and tidy will help you to relax and enjoy your downtime, increase the value of this space and keep your family schedule moving efficiently.

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