Luxury Additions to Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation

Design and renovation can turn a standard bathroom into a luxurious space, perfect for unwinding and relaxation. Experts are noticing a distinctive trend in bathroom remodeling no matter how large or small the bathroom is homeowners are adding luxurious features to this important space. Check out these options and consider whether your bathroom remodel could use a little more luxury.

Beyond the Ceramic Tile

Tiling is very practical in the bathroom. This durable material stands up well against moisture and is easily cleaned. But standard ceramic tiles such as the glossy subway style or common 12-inch squares will not create a lavish look in your bathroom.

Think about using natural stone tiles instead. Some homeowners will jump right to marble, an undoubtedly opulent choice, but natural stone tiles add warmth to the room and are more reasonably priced. Take a look at the selection available. And remember that natural products tend to have random patterns, neutral colors and a rugged texture.

Glass tiles are another unique choice, offering a wide range of colors and patterns that work well for the floor or wall. Glass will add light to the room, but be sure that the style and look you choose leans toward neutrals. You may regret installing bright or bold glass tiles when the decor becomes dated in a few years.

Heated Flooring

Cold floors, especially tile floors, are a common complaint. One of the most effective ways of combating this problem is with heated flooring, which may be more affordable than you think.

Radiant electric heating systems are often installed underneath the tiling. Over a very large area this product can get pricey, but the cost to install an average-sized bathroom is quite reasonable. Heated floors are a welcome addition to any bathroom and will create a more comfortable space.

There are also products that heat the flooring under your shower stall. Whether you enjoy a hot shower in the morning or prefer cold water, heated shower flooring is a feature that will leave you feeling pampered. Popular systems run on electricity, but use very little energy overall.

Unique Storage Solutions

Towers and hidden compartments are replacing the traditional drawer storage commonly found in older bathrooms. If there is a need for drawers, be sure to include dividers and other convenient ways to organize the clutter.

Vertical storage systems, or towers, take up less floor space and offer storage at eye level. Incorporate shallow drawers, shelves, hooks and baskets into these tall units to create adequate storage for your bathroom essentials. Often having two towers, possibly flanking the vanity, allows couples to keep their personal items separate.

Oversized Showers

Dark, cramped shower stalls are not only uncomfortable; they also make it difficult to enjoy your shower experience. Luxurious bathroom remodel projects are including oversized, airy showers in their design. Think hinged doors instead of sliders, glass walls instead of acrylic molds and even benches and subtle grab bars installed in the shower.

Larger showers will make your whole bathroom feel more comfortable. The brightness of a glass-walled shower is eye catching. And carrying the floor tiles up the back and side walls creates good flow.

Perhaps your bathroom is too small for a large shower. Consider whether you actually need a tub and replace that bulky fixture with an airy place to bath standing up. How about expanding the bathroom, bumping back or knocking down a wall to accommodate for the additional space? Moving the plumbing may add expense to the project, but PVC pipes and the skills of a professional plumber make this a quick and fairly straightforward job. Besides, the added cost will be very worthwhile if your new bathroom is more comfortable and usable.

Steam Room Systems

Considered the ultimate in lavish home improvements, a steam room system will provide the opportunity to completely unwind right at home. There are certain factors to consider and certain design features you must include.

Steam rooms should be finished in a moisture-resistant material that is durable and simple to clean. Simple tiling is your best bet, but some prefer the European flavor of marble. The ceiling should be sloped in order to help condensation drain properly and installing a remote exhaust fan will be a wise idea. These powerful fans are only slightly more money than a standard model, but deliver much greater power and venting capabilities.

A floor drain will need to be installed, with proper plumbing attached. The room must have a vapor-tight door as well, in order to keep the steam contained. Consider wiring up the system to several switches since they take about 15 minutes to warm up, turning on your steam room from the kitchen, living room or even the garage can be truly convenient.

Soaker Tubs

Jacuzzi tubs are seen less often today, although soaker tubs are gaining popularity. Soakers tend to be larger than their Jacuzzi cousins and do not include the famous jets. Because they are less bulky, soaker tubs do not need to have the wide surround and steps generally associated with Jacuzzi tubs.

How about placing the soaker tub underneath a bay window and filling that space with romantic candles or your favorite decor items? Design the space around your tub to be lush and cozy, with plenty of room for soft towels and bath products.

Including luxury features in your bathroom renovation project will not only add value to your home, this remodel will also improve the comfort level of this essential space. Build a bathroom where you can expect to be pampered by including heated floors, natural stone tiles, unique storage solutions, large showers and soaker tubs. Even steam room systems are making their way into the average suburban home. Consider these home improvements for your bathroom remodel and look forward to luxury at home.

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