Shower Power: Best Bathroom Trends for 2014

Bathroom renovation

2014 will bring a lot of things...the Winter Olympics...the completion of One World Trade Center...The Amazing Spiderman 2. For some folks, it will also bring home remodels; and where better to start than the shower? To help you tune in to what's trending in showers, we've compiled some to-die-for possibilities you just might want to incorporate into your big home improvement project.

Do as the Romans do

open frame-less shower

To say that today's showers are beginning to lack "curb" appeal isn't a negative. More and more homeowners are opting for big, open "Roman" showers without a raised lip or curb step over, and lots of tasteful tile. While you must ensure excellent drainage so you don't end up sandbagging your bathroom doorway, the walk-in option means easy cleaning. Now you can simply mop out your shower when you take care of the rest of the floor.

I think I'm Turning Japanese...

small bathroom

The Japanese are experts when it comes to making great use of even the smallest spaces. By using minimalist design schemes, nearly any room can feel more spacious and inviting. Open showers or those with seamless glass enclosures are an excellent choice for those want more shower for less. One way to make your bath feel bigger is to place the tub in the center of the room to create a focal point. Then, centered and suspend a rain shower style head directly above it. Large, mirrored surface also help to eliminate that crowded feeling.

Super Seated

shower bench

Why just stand in the shower when you can have a sit-down spa session? Bigger showers mean more room to try out new ideas, such as a shower bench in a material like exotic teak. Whether they are wall-mounted or freestanding, shower benches provide a restful shower experience if you have weary legs, or mobility issues that make seated showering safer.


luxury shower

Bigger showers mean more space or extra goodies. This includes luxuries such as multiple shower heads, massage capability, aromatherapy, therapeutic light displays, and even scented body spray on demand. Want to mix cleanliness with technology? Some shower setups allow users to watch TV, avoid missing important calls, and bask in both warm water and their favorite tunes. The possibilities are as endless as your budget.

Eco-Smart Showers

Many of today's showers and shower fixtures are designed with smarter water and energy usage in mind. Some models are designed to give you the impression that you are using more water while you actually use less. Shower heads with a pause function save water by allowing you to cut the stream to a trickle while you do important things like soaping up. Showers equipped with heat-exchangers allow you to get the temperature you enjoy while using only 50% of the energy required by the average hot shower.

Ssssssteam heat

Really want to splurge on the bathroom of your dreams? How about a steam shower? Who wouldn't want a shower that converts to a personal steam room at the touch of a button? Increasingly popular home units come in a variety of materials including fiberglass, acrylic, tile, wood, and glass, and boast an amazing array of features. From chromatherapy to aromatherapy, CD players to overhead rain showers, foot massage features to built-in TVs, steam showers truly take the art of the shower into the 21st century. If you are environmentally conscious, there are even models which heat water using solar thermal technology; drastically reducing the potential burden on your electric bill.

Rain shower to Waterfall

Want to bathe beneath a luxurious waterfall...without the possibility of being cited for public indecency? The Bossini Aquavolo waterfall shower converts from refreshing rain shower to comforting cascade with just a flip of the showerhead. With Italian ingenuity like this, you can start living la dolce vita right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Fold 'n Go

A small bathroom doesn't have to mean skimping on shower luxury. French company Supiot, has designed a clever folding shower that allows the user big clean in a small footprint. The wall mounted shower is easy to install, with hot and cold water supplies located directly behind the back panel. Once dry, the base folded can be upward and against the wall, while the upper walls and curtain fold inward cabinet-like toward one another. When all is said and done, the entire closed unit stands out only inches from the wall surface, freeing up precious floor space for other uses.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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