Ten Tips for Renovating your Guest Bathroom

Guest bathroom

Homeowners tend to forget the guest bathroom when doing remodels. In actuality, though, the guest bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house to renovate. Having a comfortable and up-to-date guest bath is the single best way to help your houseguests feel at home when visiting you. Need some tips for renovating your guest bath? Here are ten that can help you create the perfect bathroom for visitors:

The Shower and Bathtub

Tip #1: Don't assume everyone likes to shower. Of course, for most adults, showering is the common option for getting clean at night. Not everyone likes to shower, though. For some, taking a bath is routine. No matter what your own personal preferences might be, you should cater to your guests by offering both options, rather than just a tub or just a shower stall. You don't have to spend tons of money - a classic, inexpensive wall unit will look great and give your guests options.

Tip #2: Cater to all heights. The showerhead you install might be perfect for you, but what about your 6-foot-8 cousin or your 9-year-old niece? You'll likely have guests of all heights, so make your showerhead adjustable. The key here is to consider everyone's comfort.

Tip #3: Make the shower easy to use. Don't you hate it when you're staying at someone's house and they have to give you a ten-minute explanation on how to use their shower (and frankly, it is usually still impossible to find that right temperature). Give your guests a break and make your shower as easy to control as possible. Function is more important than design.

The Sink and Counter

Tip #4: Counter space is important. We usually think about counter space in the kitchen, and you might consider it in your master bathroom, but it is just as important - if not more - in your guest bathroom. Pedestal sinks might look pretty, but without counter space, your guests won't have a place to put their toiletries.

Tip #5: Stains make the whole bathroom seem dirty. The goal of any host or hostess is to have a clean, comfortable place for guests to stay. No matter how hard your scrub, it is nearly impossible to remove hard water and other stains. That doesn't mean that your bathroom is dirty - it just looks that way. If your sink (and toilet for that matter) has stains, replace it, and look for a material and color that stains less easily.

Tip #6: Place outlets carefully. Your guest will undoubtedly have electric razors, hair curlers, and other items that they need to plug into outlets. Along with counter space, make sure that you have wall outlets for your guests. Install at least two - more if possible.

The Toilet

Tip #7: Give your toilet some power. Look for a large toilet with wide pipes, especially a large trapway (the snake-like pipe along the side). Although the guest bathroom will likely not be used as much as other bathrooms in your house, guests will often use too much toilet paper and try to flush items that should be thrown away instead. With a large, strong-flushing toilet, you'll save yourself plumbing problems and save your guests the embarrassment of having to tell you that they've clogged the toilet or need a plunger.

Tip #8: Think about extra shelving. You don't want your guests to have to look through cabinets and closets to find the things they need, especially toilet paper. There are tons of shelves that are made to fit over the toilet, which puts your extra items easily in reach. If you don't want to install shelving, you can actually find tons of shelf options that set on the floor and fit over the toilet. That way, you don't even have to put any holes in the wall.

Tip #9: Choose a tall toilet. While most guests will be fine with a normal toilet, they can be a little low for disabled and older guests. Toilets come in all shapes, but did you know that they also come in different heights? When shopping for your new toilet, look for an ADA certified design. That way, any guest visiting your house well feel comfortable.

A Comfortable Bathroom Mood

Tip #10: Stay simple and beautiful: This last tip is an easy one - keep your guest bathroom simple and classic. This is not the room for the jungle wallpaper or polka dot paint, no matter how much you love it. Choose tiles and paint in beautiful off-white, brown, or other neutral colors. This kind of color palette is pleasing to everyone and can help your guests feel comfortable.

Comfort is, after all, the goal of your guest bathroom. By using the ten tips above, you can ensure that your guests have a great stay. Guest bathrooms are often over overlooked, but they should top your list the next time you're doing some home renovations.

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