Top Eight Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Bathroom fixtures

Without faucets and fixtures, your bathroom is nothing more than a glorified closet for your towels. But bathroom fixtures are more than just a simple faucet and shower head. With the huge variety of materials, designs and styles it can certainly be a daunting task when trying to choose what bathroom fixtures you would like installed. Use this guide to help you choose the best bathroom fixtures for your bathroom renovation project. This way, you and your plumbing contractor will be on the same page when it comes to installation and features for your new bathroom.

Showers and Baths

The shower/bath area is probably the most common area in the bathroom for fixtures. Shower enclosures and bathtubs have a huge variety of materials, designs and options available for different effects. It's not just a simple shower head or faucet anymore!

Body Spray: A body spray shower head uses a series of different sized holes and nozzles to create alternate water effects that a conventional shower head finds impossible. With a simple turn of the rotating head, various water features are accessed. Some body spray shower heads are removable from their elevated position and can be aimed anywhere—or at least however far the hose will reach.

Body Spray Buying Tip: Look for a body spray that has the features you want. A good hose length is critical to getting the most use from your body spray shower head.

Rain Head: The rain head is a soothing and subtle way to add extra life into your shower head system. A rain head should be used in conjunction with other shower head systems. A rain head shower head is aptly named. The shower head is angled directly down and water flows out of oversized holes and creates a rain effect. If you like to get soaked in the shower, a rain head is the perfect way to get all wet.

Rain Head Buying Tip: When looking for a rain head, keep in mind you'll need another shower head to back it up. Choose a neutral colored metal to allow for the best match between fixtures.

Hand Shower: A hand shower is a combination of two great shower fixtures. The portable and handheld body spray shower head combined with the rain head makes for a portable way to rinse your hair easily and wash away soap in a breeze. While the hand shower isn't as powerful as a rain head, its mobility makes it a powerful tools for directing a flood of soft water exactly where you need it most.

Hand Shower Buying Tip: A hand showers best features are its mobility. Looking for a hand shower that has enough hose is in your best interests. A retractable metal hose makes for the perfect out of the way shower fixture.

Bath Fillers: When you've got a tub and shower enclosure that is one in the same, sometimes it's nice to take a bath. But conventional faucets only pour a finite amount of water, taking some time to fill up the tub with warm water. A bath filler is specifically designed to pour out water fast and hot, quickly filling the tub for the perfect bath.

Bath Filler Buying Tip: There are many different styles and designs for bath fillers. From waterfalls to flush mount bath plugs, different bath fillers provide different features. Choose a system that is compatible with your existing tub.

Digital Heating: If you plan on or already have an on demand water heater installed in your bathroom, you may find the digital heater accessory to be a unique and precise way to control water temperatures for your shower system. A digital heating system can allow you to find the optimal temperature for each shower head feature, and then program it into the thermostat, so that the next time you get into the shower, it will turn on automatically to your exact specifications at the touch of a button.

Digital Heating Buying Tip: When shopping for a digital heating system, look for one that is compatible with a wide variety of on demand water heaters to match your existing system uniformly. If you need an on demand water heater, look for a digital system that comes with all of the equipment.

Vanities and Sinks

Vanities and sinks are where we wash our hands before dinner, brush our teeth before bed and wash our face after a shave. But today's modern sinks and faucets are not only functional, they are fashionable as well.

Basins Sinks:  A basin sink is basically a sink that rests on top of the vanity instead of flush with it. The basin sink creates an aesthetic appeal to the vanity and a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes are available. Many different faucets and water features can be added to the vanity to create a spectacular bathroom sink design.

Basin Sink Buying Tip: The basin sink must have a suitable surface to be installed onto. When you're shopping for a basin sink, do it in unison with the purchase of the vanity cabinet to ensure you get an exact fit.

Waterfall Faucets: When used in conjunction with a basin style sink, the waterfall faucet creates a unique design element that not only looks cool, but is very useful in washing your hands uninhibited. Because waterfall faucets are a very aesthetic choice for your sink, they come in a huge variety of styles with multiple features. Modernistic design tends to dominate these fantastic faucets.

Waterfall Faucet Buying Tip: Features tend to dominate this style of vanity faucet. From unique ways for water to pour from the faucet to LED lights embedded into the faucet that make the waterfall appear to be different colors. Keep in mind that the more complex the faucet, the more likely it is to break and the more costly it will be to replace.

Motion Sensitive Faucet:  For the ultimate in hands free washing, the motion sensitive faucet is activated by putting your hands underneath of the sink. No more dirty hands on the faucet handles, because there are none! They come in multiple colors, sizes and materials so you're sure to get a great faucet with a fantastic feature.

Motion Sensitive Faucet Buying Tip: The best way to get the faucet of your dreams is to choose a style that best suits your tastes. Buy a faucet that forces shutdown if the faucet runs more than a few minutes. It will not only help conserve water, but the life of the battery as well.

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