Top Ten DIY Bathroom Improvement Projects

Bathroom renovation

Everyone spends a certain amount of time in their bathroom. This important and essential space deserves your attention now and then to give it a little sprucing up. By making sure that both beautiful form and dependable function are included in the layout, these DIY bathroom projects are your key to a better, more comfortable home.

5 Projects for Beautiful Form

1) Replace the Mirror - change the frame of your existing mirror or replace it entirely with a new piece - whichever way, this simple change will do wonders for the room. Be creative and think outside of the beveled-edged box on this project.

2) Paint the Walls - another easy change with more impact than many, painting the bathroom walls requires careful shopping and the right preparation methods. Be sure to always buy kitchen and bath paint for good resistance to mold and mildew. Also, remove the toilet and any other big items that will be in your way while you paint.

3) Change the Lighting - this could simply be a matter of changing the shade or fixture in your bath, such as moving up to a wider vanity lighting strip or picking up the latest shade in the lighting department.

4) Add More Storage - in the form of shelving, cabinetry or a ready-made linen closet, you can always use more space to store all those towels and toiletries.

5) Replace the Fixtures - slightly more complicated, but still within the skill set of most DIY enthusiasts, replacing the faucets can freshen up and modernize your bathroom instantly.

5 Projects for Dependable Function

1) Redo the Caulking - aged caulking along the joints of your tub or sink can be unsightly. Have a tube of moisture-resistant caulking on hand and a tool to scrape away the existing caulking if necessary.

2) Clean Out Drains - with a powerful drain cleaner or using more natural methods, it's important to keep the drain empty and free of blockage.

3) Clean and Repair a Toilet that Runs - most of the time replacing the flapper will fix a running toilet and the tank could use a good scrub before you put the new one in.

4) Repair a Leaky Faucet - if you love your faucet, but not the constant drip, repair may be the answer. Diagnose which line is leaking, shut it off and replace the valve in that portion of the faucet. Only a few minutes of work and there will be no more annoying leaks.

5) Apply Fresh Grout on Ceramic Tiles - when the grout is old and worn, use a grout saw to grind away about 1/8”. Then re-grout the tile for a stronger, more attractive looking finish.

Only a few hours work will transform the look or function of your bathroom. A brighter color, a new decorating scheme or fresh faucets with no leaks are some of the benefits these projects deliver. The limited size means these DIY bathroom projects are completely manageable for almost anyone. Make sure you pamper the washroom as much as it pampers you with these fancy and functional additions, repairs and dècor projects.

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