Ever Popular - Vinyl Flooring and Carpeting

Vinyl flooring and carpet

Vinyl flooring and carpeting; two of the most popular floor choices for generations. Durability, affordability, and wide selection; top reasons why countless homeowners opt for one of these material choices when replacing old flooring.

Vinyl - Sheet or Tile

Whether sheet vinyl or vinyl tile flooring, vinyl floor covering is always in style; found in numerous homes across Canada and abroad.

Many persons use the terms vinyl floor covering and linoleum flooring interchangeably, as in vinyl linoleum flooring. There is a big difference between the two, however. While vinyl is synthetic, linoleum is made using natural materials.

Linoleum is biodegradable and is a more eco friendly choice than vinyl. Even so, in the linoleum VS vinyl debate a vinyl floor has advantages of its own.

Linoleum emits linseed oil fumes that can be problematic for certain persons. And although indoor air quality is compromised with certain types of adhesive, low-emission adhesive used during vinyl floor installation eliminates the problem.

Vinyl flooring is durable, easy to maintain, less expensive than linoleum, and available in nearly countless styles. Including those that simulate wood, brick, marble, and stone.

A vinyl floor is also easier to install and more water resistant than linoleum. A hands-down favorite for uncured concrete subfloor; bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home where water and humidity exist.

With the wide range of patterns, colors, styles and types from which to select, nearly any room decor can be enhanced with vinyl flooring.


When installing vinyl floor tile, consider the following:

  1. Vinyl tile requires a very smooth surface - otherwise every imperfection with show through. Plywood seams must be sanded, and nail holes patched. To avoid flexing at seams and uneven flooring problems, install a ¼-inch flooring underlayment of plywood.
  2. New vinyl tiles can be installed directly over old flooring - as long as it is in good condition. Make sure old flooring has been thoroughly cleaned. Use a trowel to apply a skim coat of embossing leveler to cover dings and dents in the old floor before installing new. Preventing depressions and raised textures in the old floor to cause visible imperfections in the new flooring.
  3. Vinyl tiles should never be installed directly over old tiles - regardless of condition. Instead, secure a ¼-inch floor underlayment over old tiles. Seal screw holes and board seams before laying new tiles.
  4. Because they are easier to install, self stick vinyl tile might be your best bet as a DIY flooring project.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring - the Hands-Down Favorite

When it comes to vinyl flooring, sheet vinyl is the hands-down favorite for several reasons. It is easy to install and affordable. When installed without seams it is more waterproof than any other type flooring.

Sheet vinyl involves three basic installment procedures: loose lay seamless, semi loose lay - using double sided tape or special adhesive around the perimeter, and full spread - using special pressure sensitive adhesive.

Cushioned glue-less vinyl sheet flooring is quickly becoming a popular choice in sheet vinyl. It is highly stylish, with a textured surface that enhances room decor. And because of its urethane top layer, it requires no waxing, and looks newer longer.

Outlasting other types of vinyl flooring in heavy traffic areas, it is the perfect choice for households with pets and small children. Yet, despite its designer appeal and longevity, it is surprisingly affordable.

Another benefit is that cushioned vinyl is as easy for do it yourself homeowners to install as standard sheet vinyl; using double-face tape instead of glue.

Other benefits include:

  1. Exceptional durability - highly resistant to wear. Many options are guaranteed in writing not to shrink, expand, curl, or split.
  2. Easy to maintain - resistant to scuffs and stains; an occasional rinse using mild detergent and warm water retains its beautiful luster.
  3. Highly water resistant - mold and mildew resistant. Making it the #1 choice for wet, humid areas of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.
  4. Endless designer appeal - today's wide range of styles, colors, patterns and textures make cushioned sheet vinyl flooring a fashion statement all its own.
  5. Comfort and warmth - the ultimate vinyl flooring choice for underfoot comfort.
  6. Reduces impact noise - more than any other type hard-surface floor covering. Cuts down on sound transmissions for a more serene room atmosphere.
  7. Hygienic - bacteria and house-mite free!

Making this type flooring a terrific choice for nearly any room in the house.

Which ever type sheet vinyl you select, be sure to follow manufacturer's installation guidelines; use only the recommended adhesive.

Home Carpeting; Another Popular Flooring Choice

Floor carpeting is another trendy choice for homeowners looking for new flooring options. Most popular of all is wall to wall carpeting.

Carpeting is available in a wide range of colors, styles, textures, and types. And carpeting price is equally varied. Dependant upon workmanship, carpet density, fiber, and other materials used.

Patterned carpeting has made a big comeback in recent years. Highly alluring to homeowners with an eye for designer appeal; especially for rooms without distinct wall, window covering, or furniture patterns of their own.

When selecting carpeting type, consider the following:

  1. Polypropylene carpet (also referred to as olefin), with the exception of oil-based stains, is highly stain resistant. It can withstand frequent cleanings using harsh chemicals, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic area rooms, or active households with pets and small children.
  2. Wool carpet wears extremely well. However, it stains easily and tends to hold moisture; making it a poor choice for humid environments. It is also more costly than other carpet fiber options. Still, wool carpeting has a luxurious feel and is beautiful, with a long lifespan. Making it a good choice for homes without pets and small children, or formal areas of the home. Note: wool carpet requires a special carpet cleaner specifically formulated for wool.
  3. Nylon - the most widely used carpet fiber of all. Durable and resistant to abrasions, nylon is esteemed for its ability to “bounce back.”  A terrific choice for high traffic areas of the home. Best yet, nylon carpeting cost is very reasonable. Opt for high performance Stainmaster carpeting; resistant to stains.
  4. Polyester carpet - another popular choice. Today's versions are eons better than those in years past. They are better constructed, wear better, and hold up as well as carpets made from nylon. When purchasing polyester carpet, select one with a “texture retention,” or “no matte, no crush” warranty; ensuring it will hold up well under heavy traffic.

Berber carpeting is among the most popular styles of carpeting. The looped yarns make it not only attractive, but highly durable. Variations of Berber include level loops and multilevel loops - where loops are not only at varying heights, but can also be made using different sized yarns.

Berber, like any other type carpet (including Saxony and textured) comes in various grades. Get the best quality carpeting you can afford. Ensuring your carpet will remain as attractive as possible for many years to come.

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