Design Your Own Closet; Better Closet Organization & Increased Space

Closet design

If you'd like to design your own closet to improve layout design and increase available space, you are not alone. Countless homeowners are looking for a better closet storage solution. An affordable custom closet that will meet their needs, and significantly add to the real estate market value of their home.

Messy Closet Makeover

One of the reasons there is more emphasis on closet design than in years past is because modern day households tend to collect more “stuff.”

Wardrobes are larger than ever before. Persons 40 years ago, especially men, might have been content with a handful of special occasion clothing and a modest supply of everyday garments.

Today's generation is more fashion conscious. And tend to collect certain accessories and articles of clothing; sweaters, shoes, belts, handbags, hats, etc.

The current trend in closet design includes such basics as multi-level closet rods, and a closet accessory organizer. Extra features may include a complex closet shelf system; complete with bins and compartments for sweaters, scarves, gloves, stockings, etc.

A master bedroom closet design might feature a walk in closet with his and her layout and designer closet organization and storage systems. With the convenience of a closet light, mirrors, and a dressing area with seating.

A messy closet makeover to an orderly designer closet will incorporate a more sensible design. One that:

    1. Increases closet storage by making use of all available closet space - floor to ceiling

    2. Integrates space-saving, space-expanding features

    3. Combines enhanced function and ease of use with eye appeal

Increase Space in a Small Closet Design

Today's closet storage design increases storage area by making use of all available space.

For a small closet design, instead of the standard shelf and a single clothing rod, try multi-levels of shelving and metal hook hangers on the back closet wall. Hang one clothing rod running from wall to wall; add another midway down from the first that spans halfway across the closet.

On the top rod, hang longer pieces of clothing (suits, dresses, pants, etc.) at one end, and shorter pieces  at the other(vests, blouses, shorts, jackets, skirts, etc.) On the partial rod below hang additional short garments.

By layering clothing and adding multi-level shelves you nearly double closet space. Note: allow approximately 49 to 57 vertical inches for dresses and slacks; about 39 to 43-inches for shirts, jackets, vests, and skirts. About 63-inches for gowns and bathrobes.

Space-Saving Features

By integrating space-expanding features into the closet design you'll have more room for extras. Items will be easier to locate, and your closet will look more orderly.

Design your own closet. A selection of inexpensive storage closet bin options and plastic-coated wire closet shelving units are available at nearly any department or home improvements store.

Use a closet storage basket or other type closet organizer to showcase items that are similar together, in a group; sweaters, jeans, etc. This will keep your closet well organized and allow you to see everything at a glance.

Make use of floor space; a modest amount of shoes can be kept on a sliding vertical rack below clothes. Incorporate cubby holes or large sliding shelves into the closet design if you have a large amount of footwear.  

A Modular Closet for Enhanced Function and Eye Appeal

A modular closet system is a great way to keep contents organized and maximize closet space - up to 60% or more. Protecting your investment in clothing, while enhancing closet function and eye appeal.

For maximum benefit, arrange clothing into categories, according to size and type. Place items used most frequently to the front where they will be easier to reach. Place out of season clothing or items used less frequently to the back. Storage closet idea: if you own lots of clothing, use thin wire hangers instead of thicker wood or plastic ones to help squeeze more clothes into less space.

Modular closet organizer systems can be found in a wide range of styles, materials, and prices; sold separately as individual components or as a single multi-feature unit.

A standard-size walkin closet design can be fully outfitted with a custom closet storage system for as little as $250 when wire-coated components are used. Solid shelving will cost more; about $500 for laminate, up to $4,000 or more for veneers and hardwoods.

More expensive custom closet design features include such elements as pull out closet shelving and hydraulic closet rods; positioned high, to be pulled down when needed. Hidden safes for jewelry and other valuables, and space-saving pull out swivel mirrors.

There is no one closet storage plan that works for everyone. Your budget, closet size, and amount and type of clothing you own will determine the closet system design that is best for you.

DIY Home Improvement or Professional Installation?

Do it yourself closet remodeling designing is made easier with readymade modular systems and the availability of accessory supplies.

If you haven't the time, however, or want an organization system made to your specifications, you'll need the custom closet services of a professional.

At locating a reliable contractor is fast, easy, and FREE. Here's how it works!

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Design your own closet and hire a professional for just some of the more difficult aspects of the job; or get someone to do the whole job, from start to finish.

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