How to Create More Storage Space in Small Living Areas

Storage space

Most articles that offer tips on ways to increase living space and create extra storage areas are written specifically for multi-room houses. But, what about storage for small space ideas; for persons living in a tiny house, apartment, or kitchenette?

The following tips are quick easy ways to increase space saving storage areas.

Invent Extra Kitchen Storage

Even kitchens have extra space waiting to be discovered. For instance, a custom made insert that fits into the top rim of the kitchen sink quickly produces an extra 2 feet or more of meal preparation space. It could be made from wood, covered with Formica that either matches or compliments the color of the counter.

If you don't want to invest in a custom made insert, measure your sink and shop around for a wood cutting board in the appropriate size. One with a slot at one end would enable you to drain off liquids. It would also provide a handy grip for removing the cutting board when you needed to use the sink.

Hang pots, pans, and larger utensils from racks along the wall or behind the stove to free up cupboard space that could be used for storing small appliances when not in use. Or, to create more space for kitchen pantry items.

An extra shelf under the kitchen sink doubles the amount of storage space available, quickly and effectively. A narrow plastic-coated utility shelf attached to the inside of a cupboard door can hold detergents, furniture polishes, sponges, scrubbers, dust cloths, etc.

Wall shelves are another great idea for creating space saving storage in the kitchen. Small shelves along walls to hold spices and herbs; larger shelves are great for mixing bowls, cookbooks, small appliances like crock pots, and dry food items in boxes.

Maximize Personal Storage Space in the Bedroom

Custom made wood bins, old dresser drawers or plastic storage bins on wheels are perfect for stowing linens, quilts, extra pillows, and out-of-season clothing under the bed and out of the way. This helps to provide more personal storage space, and frees up closet space.

A narrow bookcase in the middle of a bedroom closet, up against the back wall, will help utilize closet space to its max. Hang clothing on either side of the bookcase. Folded sweaters, casual wear, nightclothes, lingerie, and shoes can be kept on the shelves.

See-through plastic bins arranged on the top shelf of the closet can hold gloves, scarves, hats, and other accessories. This keeps everything in the closet neat, orderly and easy to access. It also omits the need for a space-eating chest of drawers in the bedroom.

Create Cubbyholes Anywhere in the Home

One other storage for small space idea; cubby holes can be created in “blank walls;” a wall made of drywall board nailed to a framework of 2X4 studs. Finish the cubbyhole off with paneling or wood that has been sanded and painted. Or, use custom-cut mirrors; top, bottom, and sides. This will help brighten a small room and make it appear more open.

A cubby hole by the front door would be a great place to keep keys, gloves, hats, and mail ready to be sent off. One situated low on the wall near the sofa or an easy chair would be perfect for stowing TV, video, and CD player remotes, reading glasses, magazines, or a small reading lamp.

A wall cubby hole in the bathroom creates more storage space for bath and hand towels and washcloths; neatly rolled up and piled one atop the other.

One in the office on a wall beside the desk would be a great place to keep office supplies, freeing up desk surface space.

Custom doors for the cubbyholes could be made and attached with hinges, or the storage areas could be left open. Another idea would be to make a door from a framed picture on hinges: the picture would swing open to reveal a secret hiding place.

Incorporate Space Saving Features Into Your Home Renovation Plans

When planning on a home renovation or remodeling project, why not incorporate some of these space saving storage ideas, and others, into your plans? Whether you do-it-yourself or aquire the services of a professional contractor, extra cost and time requirements will be minimal. has service professionals on standby, waiting to bid competitively on your home renovation, remodeling project. To help turn your too-small house or apartment into a more charming dwelling. One with ample storage space and a little left over.

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