Marble and Granite; the Ultimate Choice for Durability and Beauty

Marble and granite countertop

Natural stone such as marble and granite have been a favored material used in structures for centuries. Not only esteemed for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their durability, longevity, and performance.

Nothing is quite as impressive or speaks sophistication and luxury as eloquently as granite flooring or a marble counter top. Natural marble and granite not only transforms nearly any ordinary interior decor into instant elegance. Both can add considerably to the real estate market value of a home. Increasing its potential for a quicker sale, at a higher price.

Marble - Ever Popular, Enduring a Lifetime

Marble is a durable material widely used for artwork and architecture. With a dramatic visual attractiveness that even the most discriminating tastes find appealing.

This type stone is truly unique. A metamorphic formation of sedimentary carbonate rocks, distinguished by veins of various mineral deposits. Including quartz, clay, iron oxides, sand, silt, fine-grained chert, and other sediments.

The materials are naturally fused together under intense pressure to create marble; producing one-of-kind patterns of swirls in a range of colors and hues. From whites and creams, to reds, greys, pinks, blues, and greens.

In years past, Italian marble for structural purposes was considered the material of choice for the elite. This to the fact that marble was chiefly mined in Italy and exported abroad, making it quite expensive. Present day, quality marble is also mined in China, Mexico and Spain. And although still a pricey option, it is much more affordable.

Aside from its ornamental use, such as sculptures or a marble medallion, marble stone is also suitable for practical building applications. Such as marble flooring, a marble counter top, marble sink, and marble dining table. In addition to columns, tile, bathtubs, window sills, fireplace mantels, etc.

Benefits of marble include:

  • When work is professionally done and high quality, marble use in home structure and design can significantly increase your house real estate market value

  • A truly unique material choice; as with other natural stone, no two pieces of marble are alike.

  • Marble enhances decor aesthetic appeal with a matchless beauty,

  • Properly cared for, natural stone such as marble is highly durable and will outlast nearly any other type building material.

  • Like other natural stone, marble is hypoallergenic.

  • Marble provides a more sanitary surface than some of the other material choices.

  • Marble flooring is easy to disinfect. Ican help improve indoor air quality, as it does not trap pet dander, pollen, and other allergens the way carpeting does.

  • In warmer climates and during hot summer months, a marble floor is cooler than many other types of flooring choices.

Like any other type material, marble also has negatives, including:

  • Marble requires specialized care. It will scratch, so requires use of a cutting board when preparing foods.

  • Because no two pieces are alike, matching marble tiles can be a real headache.

  • Although durable, hot items should not be placed directly on marble, or it could become scorched.

  • Marble, whether coated or uncoated, requires routine resealing to retain its beauty.

  • Uncoated marble requires extra care; it stains easily, and can “cloud.” 

  • Marble, being a porous material, is prone to staining. Food spills should be wiped up immediately,

  • Marble should be resealed periodically to maintain its attractive appearance. Annual marble restoration is recommended for flooring and countertops.

  • Like other polished natural stone, marble and granite tends to be slick when wet. Tip: although polished marble may look more elegant, honed marble (with a matte finish) is less slippery and a better choice for such room elements as floor tile. Especially in areas of the home such as the bathroom, kitchen, and front entry.

  • Marble, although less costly than in years past, is still on the expensive side.

Since marble elements can add considerably to construction and home renovation costs, faux marble might be a better choice for some homeowners.

Available in a wide range of grades, colors, and styles at a fraction of the cost of real marble, faux marble (also known as cultured marble) is non-porous. It also resists scratches and watermarks, and is easier to keep clean.

Granite - Another Popular Natural Stone Choice

Like its marble cousin, granite is another popular natural stone.

Visually impressive and coveted for its understated elegance, granite - like marble - is a composite of fused elements; including quartz, mica, and feldspar; all of which affect its color. It is found deep in the earth, and takes thousands of years of intense pressure to form.

Because of the heating and cooling process during formation, granite slabs provide an incredibly hard surface, far surpassing that of marble. Making it as tough and durable and versatile as it is beautiful.

Removed from the earth in huge blocks later cut into slabs, granite transformation for use includes granite polishing and precision cutting into granite tile and slabs.

The most common residential use is for granite counter tops; whether a granite tile counter or granite slab; both in the kitchen and bathroom. Granite flooring is also popular.

Granite colors and mottled patterns offer homeowners who want to include granite elements into their bathroom or kitchen remodeling design many options. Many more so than marble.

Benefits include:

  • Granite counter top price is more competative than many other natural stone choices.

  • Granite is naturally resilient to heat; it resists scratching and moisture

  • Granite care is less of an ordeal than many other types of natural stone. Cleaning granite is simple; ranking #1 among all other types of counter top materials for clean ability and sanitation. Use a soft, clean cloth and mild cleanser made especially for granite.

  • Once polished, granite maintains its high sheen.

  • Every bit as durable and appropriate for use outdoors as it is inside, granite endures temperature extremes and resists wear.

  • The durability and longevity of granite make it a great investment for homeowners.

  • Each piece of granite is singular and unique.

Despite its durability and resistance to water, food spills should be wiped up immediately. Especially those containing acids which could cause “etching.” And, coasters should always be used under glasses.

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