Basic Tips and Steps on How to Construct a Patio


Constructing a patio can either be easy or difficult, depending on the skill level of the do-it-yourself homeowner, as well as the material the homeowner plans on using for the project. A patio deck can be easy to install and maintain or hard to construct, and it all depends on the kind of patio you really want to install.

After planning out your dream patio, it's time to install patio now. In this article, we will discuss about how to build patio made out of bricks. Read on to learn more about why this is the chosen material for this project.

Why Choose Brick

If you are planning on installing a smaller patio that is easier to construct as well as maintain, and is very decorative as well, then a brick patio may be just the right kind of patio for you. Paving bricks are durable and can withstand weathering and overuse for a long time. At the same time, it is more decorative than a plain concrete patio.

What You Will Need

• Paving bricks (a regular paving brick has the dimensions of 4 inches by eight inches, with a depth of 2 inches)

• Tape measure

• Flat shovel

• Rubber mallet

• Screed

• Crushed Stone

• Landscaping Sand

• Landscape Fabric

• Mason's line

Make the Initial Foundation

For beginners, it is easier to start out with a rectangular patio plan to build patio. Because bricks are rectangular themselves, it will be easier to fit them into a rectangular area, just so that you won't need a brick cutter to cut out the bricks to fit in a curved or even irregularly-shaped design. Also, you have to make sure that it fits all the bricks evenly, as well as allows a border of 2 inches around it, just to edge the patio in.

Once you are sure of the measurements, it's time to dig out the foundation with a flat shovel, to a depth of about 8 inches. Don't make the foundation completely flat, though. Instead, give it a gentle slope away from the house, just to make sure that any rainwater is actually drawn away from the house.

Check your Measurements with a Test Run

Before committing to filling the foundation, make sure that your measurements are correct by doing a test run. Place the bricks on the foundation, at the desired pattern that you want. All bricks should fit in perfectly, along with the 2 inch thick edging. The brick edging should stand with the smaller side facing up, such that the entire brick runs up across the depth of the foundation. Adjust the bricks as needed. Once it is a perfect fit, take out the bricks, except for the brick edging.

Begin Filling in the Foundation

Firstly, put some crushed stone into the foundation. It should be about 4 inches deep. Tamp the stone down. Once it it nice and level, cover it up with landscape fabric that has been cut to fit the patio. This is to prevent weeds from growing in between the bricks. While some people don't really mind this, others may find weeds in between bricks a constant eyesore, so it's best to solve the problem at its root before the bricks are laid out and the problem shows itself.

Pour sand on the landscape fabric. It should reach a depth of about 2 inches. Level it up with a screed, until the sand layer is completely even.

Once all these layers have been done, it is now time to install patio bricks.

Actually Lay Out the Paving Bricks

When laying out the bricks, make sure that you start in the corner. Install patio bricks in your favored pattern. Push the bricks gently down into the sand with a rubber mallet, and keep the bricks as close and tight together as you can. To make sure you are evenly applying the bricks, you can use a mason's line as you apply each row. When laying out the inner bricks, don't sit directly on the bricks or the sand. Rather, sit on a piece of plywood over the bricks so that pressure will be distributed evenly.

Once the brick has been laid out, sprinkle sand over them, and wash everything with a hose so that the sand seeps in between the bricks. Keep doing this until the sand has completely filled in any cracks in between.

There you go! A rectangular brick patio for your house. Compared to other methods to build patio, you will find this is one of the easier ones, even it is quite exacting and challenging.

Patio construction is hard work, but it's also fulfilling. It doesn't hurt asking help from others, though. If you are seeking professional assistance for how to build patio or your patio deck, feel free to use our contractor search feature or post your project to find local Deck Builders for your upcoming project.

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