Tips on Installing Your Deck This Fall


Summer may be officially over and the leaves are turning shades of red or orange, but you are still enjoying every last minute in the yard. Fall is an amazing time for outdoor fun. And if you didn't get a chance to complete the project over the busy summer months, fall is also an excellent time for installing your deck.

The autumn months are actually ideal for this type of outdoor construction project. Although you may only have a short time to enjoy relaxing on the deck before the snow falls, this time of the year is ideal for deck construction.

Temperature and Weather Conditions

The scorching hot days of summer are behind us and temperatures hover in a comfortable zone most fall days. That means the professional installers will be more at ease while working on your deck. They won't have to worry about sunstroke or overheating. And you won't have to worry about delays due to excessively high temperatures and other problems that often occur in July and August.

Fall can be rainy, but a decking contractor will not encounter the same level of wetness that they are bound to wade through in spring. After the long winter months your yard tends to be soupy, meaning that springtime deck installations often damage the grass and flowerbeds. Not so in the fall. Although they may get rained out now and then, your decking contractor will leave your yard much tidier in September or October than they will in April or May.

Exposure to the Sun

Pressure treated wood decks are still the most popular type in North America. This material will crack and split over time, mainly as a result of the drying process. Cracking and splitting - often termed "checking' by those in the industry - are not covered under the warranty of most treated lumber and many contractors will only replace wood if the damage presents a structural issue.

Extremely hot conditions and long hours of direct sun exposure can speed up the checking process. This is a common occurrence in the summer months, but can be more easily avoided in the fall. Not only are there likely to be more days of cloud cover, but you can expect the wood to dry at a slower pace over the long months of winter.

Installing your deck in the fall will not eliminate cracking and splitting. This is practically inevitable, although the degree of checking depends on the exposure to sun and the grade of wood used.

Contractor Availability

It makes sense to book your decking contractor for fall installation, especially since their schedule tends to be more open at this time of year. Good contractors are booked solid from May until August. But you may discover a wider window of availability come late September and October.

You will also find that building permit applications and other administrative tasks are taken care of quicker at this time of year. Spring is by far the busiest time for contractors and local building departments. Summer is when these companies work through their backlog and catch up on spring bookings. Customers who book in the fall often come in at the front of the line, with a very short wait time for project designs and quotations, permit approvals and material deliveries.

Save Money

Ask about autumn discounts as well. Many contractors are working hard to wrap up their season well and this can be good news to homeowners that wait until then to book their project. Inventory will need to be used up before the snow falls. Contractors are often willing to throw in generous discounts in order to keep their employees busy and continue working long into the crisp months of fall.

Your deck may be more expensive next year. This can occur if the prices of wood, fasteners and other decking materials increase over the winter. Price increases are generally not something the decking company can control and rising costs are a reality in many industries. Lock in your investment by buying a new deck in the fall.

More Time To Enjoy the Deck Next Year

Perhaps the biggest advantage to installing your deck in the fall is the extended period of time to appreciate the space next year. Imagine stepping out onto your deck as early as possible in March or April. The BBQ will have a specified location and your new patio furniture can be set up as soon as possible.

Installing the deck in the autumn means you will not need to wait for anything in springtime. It is like preparing for a party ahead of time - those preparations allow you to enjoy your guests fully when the event kicks off.

You can also skip the wait times most contractors experience in the spring. Booking often starts in February and skilled contractors are weeks ahead by the time the snow melts. You can rest easy knowing that your deck is up and ready for your family to get the maximum amount of relaxation out of the space.

Many people also like to decorate the exterior living area for the holidays - with lights, trees and attractive holidays decorations that will spread the festive spirit into their backyard.

Consider installing your deck in the fall. You may save money on the project, but you are very likely to save wait times both in the design and permit stages, as well as the actual installation. Decking contractors work hard in the fall months and prime weather conditions make the laboring easier than in the heat of summer. Get ready to jump into next summer's fun by having your deck installed this fall. It's the ultimate planning ahead idea that simply makes sense. Contact your preferred decking contractor today and get the project started.

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