5 Easy Ideas for Green Home Improvement

Green home

We are more conscious than ever about the way our actions affect our environment. Reducing your carbon footprint, recycling and reusing everything possible have become the norm and the construction industry is no exception. Green home improvement is on the rise.

Remember that green home improvements can be small or large, subtle or grand. Every little change has consequences and can make a difference in our homes and on our planet.

Tackle one or all of these home improvement projects for a green, eco friendly home.

1) Change Your Light Bulbs

Switching from incandescent to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs will reduce your energy usage drastically. These bulbs last much longer, produce lower emissions and need less energy to run. They take some getting used to mainly because they need a few moments after being switched on to reach full brightness levels.

Switching to LEDs (light emitting diode) is another green choice. These bulbs use much less energy than incandescent and still produce the same amount of light. Also, opt for Energy Star appliances when replacing your old models.

2) Invest in Solar Energy

Although not within every homeowner's reach, installing a solar energy source is a wise green home improvement. You can consider your own system to power up the house or, if the energy captured is high enough, you can even sell it back into the grid.

Another easier way to tap into solar energy is through landscape lighting. Sets come in a wide variety of shapes and designs and cover a broad range of prices. Install them in the yard for mood lighting or as a safety feature.

3) Shop Salvage Stores

You may be amazed with the quality and selection of building materials that can be found at salvage stores. Sometimes with a little work and other times completely usable as is, these materials can save you money and save space in the landfill.

Be creative with these materials. On old picture frame works well with your bathroom mirror and torn out cabinets are perfect after being refinished or when used in a utility room.

4) Recycle During a Renovation

Besides recycling in your kitchen and home office, it's important to remember the concept during a renovation. This is the time when you can participate in large scale recycling, donating your old kitchen cabinetry to the local high school shop class or taking those old doors down to the salvage store.

You can even sell your old building materials in the local online classifieds. Make a few dollars or simply list the items as free for the taking. Again, this saves precious space in the landfill and makes good use out of things that are still usable.

5) Practice Water Conservation

Installing low flow toilets and faucet aerators are a great first step to water conservation. Try to shorten your showers and always wash a full load of dishes or laundry. These smart tactics coupled with the latest technologies are bound to benefit the environment.

Setting up a rain barrel system is simple and makes watering plants not only easy, but eco friendly. Many municipalities give them away at certain times of the year and they are available for a reasonable price at your local home improvement store.

Put these green home improvements on your to-do list, making a big difference to the comfort level in your home and a noticeable change in the health of our planet. Now is the perfect time to go green.

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