Chain Link Fence vs. Wood Panel Fence


A fence can be used for many things. From a basic barrier between neighbors to a private patio to a public display for your favorite flowers, a fence is a great way to achieve functionality in the yard all while gaining curb appeal at the same time. Because fencing separates lawns and yards from streets and neighbors, it's best to hire a professional to ensure you get the job done right without any property right violations. But no matter who gets the job, it's up to you to decide which type of fencing best suits your needs and follows the laws. Use this guide to find the perfect fence for your yard.

Wood Paneled Fencing Benefits

If you're looking for privacy with style, wood paneling is the choice for your yard. Wood paneled fencing come in a variety of heights and widths from the typical six foot by eight foot panel to the less conventional 36 inch by six foot panel. But besides heights and widths, the panel slats themselves change thicknesses and widths. Board on board, quarter spaced and butt joints are all typical wood panel fencing styles that can add privacy or translucency to any fenced yard.

While wood panels tend to be on the higher end of the price scale when it comes to fencing, its many varieties, styles and sizes make up for the extra costs. Unlike a chain link fence, a wood panel fence panel also offers security that's hard to beat with a classy look that's hard to match.

Wood Panel Fencing Disadvantages

Unfortunately, some neighborhood deed restrictions may not allow wood panel fencing over a certain height. Other local codes may involve panel fence proximities from the roadway and neighbor partition allowances. Always check with your local building department to ensure any deed restrictions in your neighborhood are followed correctly before you hire any fencing contractor.

Chain Link Fence Benefits

Chain link fence is a neat and form fitting fencing solution to many backyard environments. Where some panel fencing is not allowed due to deed restrictions, chain link fencing probably is. Because chain link fencing is transparent, it can be used around corners and other front yard enclosures without the worry that the view from the road may be inhibited.

The cheapest alternative to most fencing solutions, chain link fencing can be installed in less than 48 hours. This way you end up saving money through materials and labor. But besides a chain link fencing price, it also lasts longer than a wood fence.

Chain Link Fencing Disadvantages

Privacy and style are the biggest concerns when installing chain link fencing. Chain link fencing looks industrial and has a cookie cutter feel that lacks style and curb appeal. If you're worried about privacy, chain link is definitely not for your yard. It's also a style of fencing that may not be suitable by some deed restrictions in higher end communities. As always, check local building codes and deed restrictions before you hire any fencing contractors for your home improvement fencing project. This way you'll be sure to get the best style fence for your yard that not only looks good, but is legal as well.

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