Fabulous Fireplace Ideas


It's probably safe to say that there isn't a single one of us who hasn't dreamed of a night in front of a crackling fire...even if we don't have a fireplace or go camping very often. Today's technologies make getting your fire fix possible, no matter where you live, what your budget, or however you may think that space precludes the possibility.

Small room?...Think big!

small room contemporary fireplace

Adding a fireplace to an otherwise small and uninviting room can transform it into a place you absolutely hate to leave, and it doesn't have to mean tearing down walls or undergoing a major remodel  to bask in the cozy glow.  Innovative new designs allow homeowners to have the ambiance that only a fire can provide, just about anywhere. Ceiling-suspended models free up floor space beneath the unit, while freestanding models in every shape imaginable allow you to find just the perfect fit for unused or unusual spaces. Have just a foot or two of wall space to devote to your dream? There is a fireplace out there to fit your lifestyle and space limitations. Even a tabletop can host a tiny model designed to light up your life.

Bring the outside, inside

stone fireplace

Put yourself in touch with the outdoors by creating a fireplace inspired by nature. Whether constructed from river rocks, intricately carved from marble, or faced in sleek and shining granite, stone fireplaces can take on a multitude of forms, all of which are equally functional. Cost or weight a concern? New finishes which mimic natural stone can be just as attractive...without clearing your bank account or falling through the living room floor.'s not just for inside the fireplace

New technologies now allow for fireplaces constructed of and faced with more materials than ever before. No longer relegated to just the mantel, there is now the option to express yourself using a multitude of attractive woods. Today's designs seem limited only to the imagination. Maybe an intricately-carved surround in cherry tickles you fancy, or a juxtaposition of two or more exotic woods suits your unique tastes. The possibilities are endless and enticing.

Return to your roots

While many fireplaces serve only an ornamental role, let's not forget that there was a time when they existed for practical reasons. The fireplace breathed warmth, light, and heat into what would otherwise have been cold, dark, and inhospitable. While most of us rely on modern conveniences...electric lighting, heating on-demand, cooking with the touch of a button...the fireplace still has the ability to carry out these vital functions. One way to get back to your roots is to build a fireplace like the one that helped our ancestors put them down in the first place. A large, inviting hearth just begs the family to gather in front of it for warmth and light. A crane for suspending cookware can still serve the same purpose it did a hundred years ago.

Break with tradition

modern fireplace and family room

While your grandparent's fireplace was probably made of brick or stone, you have a lot more options. Nontraditional materials such as bronze, copper, concrete, and stainless steel, are finding their way into contemporary fireplace design. They also allow for a greater range of design possibilities than ever before.

Shape escape

odd shape fireplace

With new construction materials, come new shape possibilities that take us far from the traditional fireplace. From circles, to teardrops, to sensuous curves, custom designers can create just about any fireplace you can dream of. Even pyramids have begun to make a statement, appearing in uniquely geometrical designs that easily become the focal point of any room.

Bowl them over

Not just for the outdoors, fire bowls have made their way into the home as well. From wood, to gas, to bio-ethanol fueled, bowl-shaped designs are an easy way to make a bold and beautiful statement. From sizable floor models to tabletop versions to give a room a little extra spark, fire bowls are just one of many new ways to get a fireplace that fits the way you live.

Glass class

360 glass fireplace

Once limited to fireplace doors and screens, glass has begun to make its way to other areas of the contemporary fireplace. Glass opens up a whole new world of design possibilities and has become a popular way to frame fireplaces that make a bold statement. Shining tiles can add unimagined sparkle to the room when they reflect the crisp glow of a crackling fire, whether they be arranged in stunning mosaic or placed in more subdued ways.

Take it outside

outdoor fireplace

You don't have to wait to go camping to warm your feet in front of a roaring fire. Outdoor fireplaces, from simple to chic, provide a place to gather together, host the occasional weenie roast, or fulfill your craving for freshly-made s'mores. From small fire pits to elaborate brick and stone constructions, the right fireplace can transform a backyard you barely use into an outdoor oasis. Your design and building-material options are nearly endless, and size is limited only to your imagination or your backyard boundaries.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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