Choosing a Garage or Carport

Garage and carport

Garages and carports may seem simple but you really do have a few choices in what you are going to have for your garage or carport. How big you want it will depend not only on the space required for your cars, but also if you intend to use your garage for anything else. The type of garage or carport you choose may also vary depending on your budget, style or a number of other factors.

When Choosing a Garage or Carport Decide How Much Space You Need

The first thing you should consider when selecting a garage or carport is how much space you are going to need. The space required for one car is 3.6x7.2, or 7.2x7.2 for two cars. In addition you may require space for a workshop, storage space, or space for larger vehicles. Think carefully about your space requirements before deciding on your garage or carport.

Your Budget for a Garage or Carport

Your budget is another factor which will influence the type of garage or carport that you choose. A carport is the cheapest choice, followed by a prefabricated, metal garage and a garage attached to a house is often the most expensive choice, particularly if added after the house has been built.

The Style of Your House

The style and type of garage or carport that you choose should also compliment your house, particularly if it is going to be facing the road where everyone will see it. In some areas there may also be restrictions on the look of your garage or carport that need to be adhered to.

Where Your Garage or Carport Will Be Situated

Often the best place for a garage, if your property allows it, is round the back. This provides more flexibility should you want to change it into a flat later or and is also good if you are going to be using your garage as a storage area.

The Type of Garage or Carport

What type of garage or carport do you choose? Carports are the cheapest option and are the easiest to install yourself, but do not offer the same security or flexibility as garages. Freestanding, prefabricated metal garages are the next cheapest in price range and arrive at your home already assembled. A freestanding, non-prefabricated garage allows you more choice of materials and design but is also more expensive as you will need to work with architects and builders and have the garage made on your property. An attached garage requires even more special planning to ensure that it fits in with the house and does not cause any damage to the already existing structure.

Do-It Yourself or Hire Professionals

Another factor you may want to consider when selecting your carport or garage is whether you intend to do it yourself or hire professionals to do it for you. Carports and prefabricated metal garages can be built yourself quite easily, whereas non-prefabricated and attached garages usually require the assistance of professionals such as architects and construction workers to build it for you.

When selecting your carport or garage you should first of all consider the amount of space you need, your budget for the project, the style of your house and where your garage or carport will be situated. You may also want to consider whether you are going to do it yourself or get professionals in as certain types of garages will require the help of professional contractors. Once you have considered these factors you can choose the best type of garage or carport for your home.

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