Ground Floor Laundry Rooms; More Sanitary, and Easier to Access

Laundry room

One welcomed trend in home remodeling projects is that the laundry room is being moved out of the dark depths of an inconspicuous, musty-smelling basement. And up onto the ground floor in a more sanitary environment; in a high visibility area, within close proximity of main activity centers in the home.

Another giant improvement is laundry room design; every bit as attractive and welcoming as the rest of the home's decor. With as carefully laid out a floor plan as the kitchen and bathroom.

New Laundry Room Remodeling; as Charming as it is Functional

Laundry room design has come of age, and contractors throughout Canada have seen an increase in home renovation projects that include the addition of a laundry room on the ground floor. With requests for laundry room makeovers that rival any other area of the home.

Take the laundry room layout, for instance. Incorporating the same work triangle concept as kitchens for ease of use and peak functionality, washer and dryer placement, laundry sink, laundry room table, and other features are strategically placed. Enhancing work efficiency, by saving steps and time.

But while room design for practical purposes is of prime importance, laundry room decor is not overlooked. More attention is put into creating a more attractive, cheery atmosphere in the laundry room than ever before. Making laundry day less drab; creating a more relaxed, content frame of mind.

Laundry Room Renovation Ideas to Consider

One feature more and more Canadians are incorporating into their laundry room design is extra space; more necessary than for laundry room purposes alone. Increased floor space will increase the versatility and use of the room. Providing a better return on your remodeling investment.

For instance, one end of the laundry room can be used for sewing, craft making, or other hobbies enjoyed by family members. The nearby laundry sink omits the need to transport paints, glues, or other “messy” supplies through other rooms of the house in order to clean up.

Households with small children might incorporate colorful plastic children's furniture such as stools, tables, and chairs; so children can play or read within easy reach while laundry is being done. Colorful bins could hold toys, books, and other activities. The lightweight furniture could be moved and stacked in a nearby closet when not in use. Freeing up the space for other purposes, such as ironing, crafts, or small home repairs.

Consider a Fold Down Work Table

Whether yours is a small laundry room or large, a fold down work table will provide an extra work station at the snap of the fingers. If you already have a stationary table near the dryer for folding clothes, locate the fold down table at the other side of the room. That way more than one person can perform more than one type task at the same time; without getting in each other's way.

Fold down laundry room tables are available commercially in kits. Or, have one custom made to your specifications by a reliable contractor or building contractor. Find one in your area at Posting project requirements online is fast, easy, and free; with no obligation.

Choose a Design that will Meet Your Needs

The neat thing about new laundry room design and decor is that you customize design ideas that work for you. A prudent tip is to incorporate design features that will grow with you and your family, as needs change.

A universal design, for instance, might require additional forethought, expense, and floor space. But long-term, it might be more economical and practical for homeowners with growing children. Or those who plan on remaining in their home throughout their life.

The principle of universal design is that it will accommodate the needs of and be assessable to all persons - regardless of size, age, or physical ability.

Another tip to consider is storage bins that fit under the clothes folding table in the laundry room. Attractive plastic bins can be color coded for each family member. To hold clean clothing; freeing up the table surface, and making laundry distribution easier.

To locate a reliable home renovation contractor, post your project online for free at and receive bids from professionals in your area.

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