Hire General Contracting Services For Incredible Home Additions

Home addition

A home addition is essentially a small house incorporated into your existing home. There may be a foundation and there will most certainly be everything from excavation to framing, windows and roofing. The very best professionals for your home addition are those who have the management skills and construction know-how to get this job done properly and on time. Look for general contracting services and you can rest easy knowing your project is taken care of.

What Are General Contracting Services?

This type of contracting firm is commonly found in the commercial building industry, although the personalized attention and service a general contractor provides makes them ideal for residential projects as well.

General contractors will take on and coordinate your entire home addition project for you. They often have contractors on staff that are skilled at certain areas (including framing, flooring or drywall, just to name a few) and also offer the skilled management staff to handle the balance of the tradesmen.

A general contractor will be in charge of hiring the different trades, supervising their work quality and making sure that the project stays on schedule. They basically run the job so that you only need to deal with one company during the course of the entire project.

Why Shouldn't Homeowners Be Their Own General Contractors?

You may think that this job would be better off in the homeowner's hands. Although some go that route, it really only works in special circumstances and often results in a higher overall cost for your home improvement, not to mention many more headaches and problems.

Think about it this way - general contracting services have established connections across various industries. They know who is a reputable trade and who will offer the best quality work and dependable service. This knowledge allows them to make the very best hiring decisions - decisions that the average homeowner has no ability to make consistently.

Also, general contractors provide full insurance and worker's compensation coverage. That means if there is an accident on the site you are protected by the insurance of the general contractor. If you were arranging each trade yourself and hadn't taken all of the proper (and often complicated) steps of verifying insurance and worker's compensation coverage, you could be on the hook for enormous amounts of damages, both to property and persons.

Handling Things Professionally

The best part about hiring general contracting services for your project is that you can trust them to handle things professionally. You likely have a job outside of the home and don't have a lot of time to be making phone calls, checking schedules or arranging for licenses, permits and inspections. You simply want to make the decisions regarding the finishing and products used in your addition. That's only possible with a general contractor. They will take care of everything, leaving you to relax and maybe even enjoy the renovation process.

For any sized home addition, from expansive to modest, the wisest course of action is to look for reputable general contracting services. These professionals will coordinate and manage the entire project for you, from hiring to schedules and paperwork. Their knowledge and experience in the building industry will be put to good use for you and result in the best overall quality. If you want a stress free home renovation, trust a general contractor.

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