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Remodeling contractor

A remodeling contractor can almost be compared to a car mechanic who is asked to refurbish an old car and bring it into the condition of a new car. First, he or she has to assess what can be reused and what has to be discarded. The brakes may have to be upgraded to disk brakes and the engine replaced with a new, fuel-injected model. To do a complete job the car will be stripped of old, cleaned up, painted and the new or renewed parts put in. The mechanic has a good idea of what the job will entail but cannot be sure until every piece has been removed.

Remodeling contractors are faced with a similar task. The ravishes of time bring moisture, insects, dry rot, deterioration and metal fatigue into play and the entire stock of the repairs cannot be totaled until the demolition and/or de-construction process has been completed. If the renovation includes a room addition then not only is a demolition process needed, but the contractor has to literally build a new, small house and attach it to the old one.

With this in mind many homeowners get rubber-legged and would rather build new or sell this home and buy one more suited to their desires. In their eyes it's better to move and redecorate another place with a similar-sized kitchen and bathroom than to go through renovating news ones in the present home.

Different Types of Remodeling

To a remodeling contractor changing a home is a clinical operation. The job is estimated, the materials ordered, the schedule marked on the calendar and then the workers go in and do the job. Each part of the operation has usually been performed many times before and, except in extenuating circumstances they are always in familiar territory.

There are also home remodeling contractors who are specialized. Period homes require plasterers, molding and window restoration and the installation of materials that match the originals put on the by the builder a hundred years before. They also engage stained-glass shops to replace or augment existing glass and have a shop where bric-a-brac and other exterior ornaments can be made from pictures or pieces of the original. These contracting firms refurbish old churches, government buildings and other museum-quality homes, as well as green remodeling. The quotes that these companies give have many conditions because authentic materials have to found or made from scratch and there is no way to gage the time and money involved until the renovation begins.

Other renovations may be commercially-oriented and require teams skilled in building with steel studs changing walls within a confined space. The zoning and codes are also different in a commercial setting and this is why small renovators usually keep to domestic homes. For the regular home renovators their livelihood depends on knowing how much time and money it will take to either renew or change a structure. However, even in newer homes there can be surprises.

Remodeling Can Be An Adventure

It is a great feeling when the parts of the new look begin to take place. Soon the day comes when the project is finished and the family can use the new area. To get the ball rolling it is best if the homeowner knows what kind of change he or she wants so this can be conveyed to the contractor.

Design: You won't find good renovation plans for your specific home online or in a house plans book. Since your idea of what you want is different the plans must be put down depending on your ideas. If this is a big renovation then an architect should be brought in because then the plan can be drawn and the blueprints made up for all the trades. In a smaller renovation the contractor usually has office staff that can make up the plans for the trades.

Budget: Even if you have the money stick with the budget unless an important consideration comes up that might affect the whole project. Too many people add things here and there and pretty soon the project is up $5,000 with little to show for the inflation in the cost.

Contractor: This should be taken very seriously. Since a good portion of contractors go out of business within a few years get credentials and referrals from each of the prospects. If you use the services of an architect then this process can performed by the architectural firm. If not get qualified, detailed estimates based on the plans you give each one.

Family: If the renovation is going to take over 2 months it would be best to move. This is of major importance if the renovation is being done upstairs or anywhere in the home that can be affected by falling items and dust. Even staying with a relative for a few weeks can help with the process. The contractor works better if the work area does not have to be taken apart every evening and then reassembled the following morning.

Just by taking a bit of time to plan and take care of your side of the project will make it an enjoyable trip. To help out with finding a qualified renovator, go to the Contractor Directory or simply post your project online at

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