Tips on Creating a Second Floor Laundry Room

laundry room

An excellent way to upgrade the look and function of your home is by renovating the laundry room. Often tucked into an inconvenient corner of your basement, with very little light and a stubborn dampness, think of how nice your laundry room would look on the next level. Or go one higher and move the washer and dryer right upstairs.

Steps away from where the dirty clothes end up, a second floor laundry room is convenient and can make laundry a much easier task. There are certain things you need to take care of when building this work station on the second floor. From location to reinforcement and noise reduction, a successful and well designed laundry room renovation takes some planning and help from a licensed plumber.

Spacing is About More Than Just Comfort

Although you may be tempted to tuck a laundry room into your hallway closet, it's important to have adequate clearance in the front of the washer and dryer. A minimum of 48” is ideal for air flow and the most efficient use of the machines. Consider a stackable washer and dryer if space is truly tight, but remember that there is so much more to a laundry room than just the appliances.

You'll need plenty of wall space for cabinetry and shelving. Dangerous chemicals like stain removers and bleach need to be up off the floor. There are also plenty of accessories associated with this household task that need a place to be tucked away. A countertop or flat surface is important for folding and stacking. Try to choose an area with enough room for this essential, although a hinged tabletop against the wall would also work.

Think About Existing Plumbing and Electrical

When planning to create a laundry room out of a spare bedroom, hallway or closet space it's best to be nearby existing plumbing and electrical services. Push the new room against a current bathroom or shower. That way you can have less work running plumbing and the hot water lines that need to be connected to the laundry room.

Wait For Reinforcements

The floor joists become very important when they need to take the weight and motion of a working pair of laundry appliances. Washing machine rotations spin up to 700-1,600 revolutions per minute (rpm), which can put a serious strain on the floor joists. Yours may need to be reinforced before installing the appliances.

As well as the joists, your drywall may need to be changed out from the common type to greenboard or blueboard, a special moisture resistant drywall perfect for this application. Building codes often require that an overflow pan be placed under the washing machine, protecting the flooring below and the main floor ceiling. The electrical system will need to be reinforced as well, with the appliances each on their own independent, grounded circuit, just as they should be in the current area.

Once you have found the perfect place for the new second floor laundry room and made the necessary reinforcements and additions you're set to enjoy this new area of your home. Save time carting dirty and clean clothes around the house and be more relaxed and productive in a space with good lighting, open spaces and all of the storage and work area you need. Your second floor laundry room renovation will clean up.

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