Top Ten Tips on Tackling Your Home Renovation in Montreal

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Property values in Montreal continue to rise, and local homeowners continue to invest in their living space. How can you effectively tackle your home renovation in Montreal to ensure the project enhances your property and lifestyle today and far into the future? Follow these simple tips and get a handle on home renos.

Tip # 1 - Realize the Value of Renovations

Putting money into your home makes sense, but only when the project is handled well by an experienced professional. CMHC stats from 2010 noted that nearly 40 percent of Montreal residents intended to take on substantial renovations, indicating a continued trend toward remodelling our homes. It costs much less to renovate rather than move, and all of the benefits of your current house remain. Consider how Montreal home renovations can help your family feel more comfortable in their space.

Tip # 2 - Budget Wisely

Practice a smart investment strategy by budgeting for your home improvement project. Before you begin the design process, think about how will access the funds and get a rough idea of how much your intended project costs. Kitchen renovations run from $7,000 to $30,000, depending on the scope of work and fixtures installed, whereas bathroom renovations tend to start a bit lower and cap out around $15,000 to $18,000. Home additions may cost as much as $100,000. Budgets depend on your tastes and scope of the work.

Tip # 3 - Dream In Vivid Color

Start a scrapbook of design ideas that encompass your dream space. Magazines clippings work well, but many people opt to create a virtual file folder for their renovation and d�cor ideas. This allows you to bring all of the images and notes with you on your mobile device, and provides access to the collection from anywhere. Use your preferred platform or app and start dreaming about every aspect of the new space. Be bold and creative during the brainstorming process; the time for critical thinking will come.

Tip # 4 - Understand the Codes

Federal or provincial building codes may limit your dreams, or at least influence them. Do some research about the Quebec codes and be prepared to talk to your contractor about aspects like plumbing, electrical, mechanical and structural. Find out whether or not your project requires a permit and add that cost into your budget.

Tip # 5 - Decide Between DIY and Hiring Out

DIY presents several benefits to the homeowner, but can also create a long list of problems. Besides the obvious cost savings, DIY may allow you to achieve more with your home improvement dollars. But you also need to understand the implications of working on your own home. Do you have the skills and expertise to complete the work well? In many cases, an experienced contractor offers better value in terms of a safe, attractive and durable finish on your project.

If you do hire out, be sure your contractor has a valid license issued from the RBQ. Homeowners working on their own residence do not need to obtain a license, but companies or individuals working on various jobsites must hold a valid license, as stated by provincial law. You may also be entitled to protection from the license security, a fund set up to cover issues between consumers and licensed contractors.

Tip # 6 - Hire Carefully

Contact at least three different contractors to obtain an estimate on your work. Ask them to visit your home whenever possible, as certain aspects of the project cannot be understood without seeing the area and assessing the challenges.

Compare each of the quotations with care, considering all of the important elements like construction specifications, warranty, details on materials and labor and price. Take your personal impression into account as well. You'll be working closely with the contractor and it helps to hire someone you trust.

Tip # 7 - Plan For Hassles

Embarking on home renovations in Montreal is bound to put on damper on daily life. Your family may need to move out for a time, especially if walls are being removed or roofing replaced. Extensive kitchen renovations and bathroom remodels keep essential appliances out of commission for a decent amount of time, and moving out for the construction period helps the contractor remain efficient.

Hassles creep up throughout the renovation process. Challenges that your contractor could not foresee must be addressed immediately and backorders can put the project on hold, or require you to rethink your choices. Be prepared to deal with renovation issues at any time during the home improvement. In certain periods of construction, daily communication with your contractor may be required.

Tip # 8 - Shop Around for a Good Deal

Building materials represent a massive part of your Montreal home renovation budget. Taking the time to shop for better deals can save you quite a bit of money, but it's important to start early. Keep an eye out for end of season sales at major building material retailers like Reno Depot and visit smaller specialty retailers to discover good prices on unique items.

Tip # 9 - Consider Resale Value

Resale remains an important part of the home improvement process. Design with resale value in mind, and stay away from completely custom projects that could turn potential buyers away. Customization adds to your daily life and can certainly account for a portion of your project, but your contractor may offer ideas on how to customize without affecting resale in a negative way. Take a look at your neighbour's homes as well, and design your exterior renovations to complement the district as a whole.

Tip # 10 - Have Fun

Although a home renovation in Montreal requires hard work, dedication and a substantial financial investment, it is an exciting time in your life. Enjoy the different aspects of dreaming, choosing fixtures and decor items and meeting challenges with clever ideas and flexibility. You'll learn about building codes and may even snag a few amazing deals on building materials. When all is said and done, your home will be more comfortable and your lifestyle enhanced, and that's something to celebrate.

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