Vacation Cabin Upkeep: Opening up Again After a Long, Cold Winter

Cabin maintenance

Opening up a vacation cabin after a long, hard winter should be an uncomplicated process. As long as you took the necessary steps to properly winterize your cabin the previous fall.

Use this handy checklist to ensure that beginning a new summer in your cabin goes smoothly.

  • Assuming you shut the water off and bled the pipes the previous fall to prevent them from freezing, turn your water on. Let the water run through the pipes for a few minutes; this is especially important if you poured anti-freeze down the pipes as an added preventative measure.

  • Check for any pipe leakage to insure any necessary water pipe repair is prompt.

  • How about your septic system? If it is not attached to a municipal sewage system, make sure it is in good working order. If not, you will need septic system repair services. If the vacation cabin has a furnace, check it. If the furnace is gas, perform a leak check. If you prefer, have a gas furnace repair contractor check it for you.

  • If there is an air conditioner, have a contractor qualified for both gas furnace repair and air condition repair check both units at the same time. This will avoid unpleasant surprises on hot or cold days.

  • Inspect electrical wiring to ensure everything is in order; damaged wiring represents a fire hazard.

  • Clean any debris out of gutters and rainspouts; this is an easy do it yourself home repair preventive measure most homeowners can perform themselves.

  • Check your roof for possible damage. Check especially around the chimney. If anything is amiss, hire a roof contractor to replace damaged and missing tiles, and perform any roof leak repair work necessary.

  • Give your screen door and window screens the once over; see to any screen door repair and window screen replacement necessary.

Of course, you'll want to open your windows and doors to air out the stuffy winter cabin in preparation for summer use. And check the exterior for any possible home foundation repair, siding, or painting needs.

If your cabin is a vacation cabin rental, check with your landlord about any repair needs. Do this before hiring a home repair contractor, or doing the work yourself if you're skilled at easy home repair projects. Make sure you will be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenditures.

Home Repair Tip

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