Fact and Fiction: DIY Projects You Can Really Do Yourself

DIY Painting

There are many misconceptions floating around about DIY (do it yourself) projects. Most of the time, these types of projects take much less money than hiring a professional, but in some cases, they simply are not worth your time. Here are some interesting facts and fictions commonly associated with these types of projects.

Fact: You should consult a professional electrician before changing out old lighting.

The truth is, electricity standards and requirements change over time. With that, there is new wiring with different amounts of energy currents running through them. If old wiring is used to hook up a new lighting system, it could cause unforeseen issues.

A great way to look at this would be trying to power a lawnmower with a car engine. The power has to match the device; otherwise the outcome could be dangerous. Anytime electrical work is being done, an electrician should definitely be hired. It is cheaper than the repair work that would occur should it fail.

Fiction: You need professionals to install new flooring.

With today's panel flooring that is available, it has become very easy for anyone to install new flooring. There are some tight spots, namely the corners of a room, but overall the new flooring options typically fit in like puzzle pieces. There are plenty of options at a variety of price levels, and each of them has their own benefits.

If you have to remove carpet, use a safety razor and lift it up. It really won't take very long in a normal room, and once the bottom layer is off you just have to make sure any remaining studs are removed. The one difficulty does arise if you are looking to remove a previous tile floor. This does require some degree of demolition, but nothing that a good hammer and chisel can't handle.

Once the floor is cleared, even it out nicely. From there, apply the necessary film and begin laying the paneling. This process can take a few hours, but overall it is much cheaper than hiring a company and buying flooring from professionals.

Fact: Primer ensures that paint will adhere much better to the surface being painted.

As much as you might want to cut the cost of a good painting project, the reality is that primer is just as important as paint. Unless you want the paint to begin chipping and easily fade away, a good primer is definitely your best option. Make sure to apply a coat of primer without any interruptions in your stroke. In other words, make sure to have a nice even priming coat before putting on the first coat of paint.

After this, continue on and apply at least two coats of paint. The golden rule of painting remains the same though, regardless of what you paint: use primer first.

Fiction: Pool maintenance companies are too expensive.

A lot of people who own pools are afraid to even look at a pool maintenance company because they figure that the price will be a lot higher than they are willing to pay. In reality, when you add up all of the chemicals you need, the inevitable pump work and the time spent skimming, which is required to keep the pool clean, the cost of a good pool guy is usually much cheaper than the cost of doing it yourself. Unless you are already very experienced in pool care, get an expert on this one.

Pool companies will already have all of the equipment you need, and most will include the chemicals in the cost of their labor. Pool chemicals may not be overly expensive, but if you miss a week the entire balance will be off. It is much better to have someone ensure that your pool consistently stays clean and the chemical levels remain balanced.

Who should do it themselves?

Overall, there are plenty of projects that you can do yourself, but before embarking on one, it is always best to really examine your options. Some projects that seem impossible may be quite simple. On the other hand, some projects that you think are easy to handle require the skill and attention of an expert. Make sure to choose wisely when embarking on a new DIY project.

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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