5 Tips to Make Door Installation Simple

Door installation

Every home has a variety of doors and door styles. From the grand entrance at the front door and the slab doors in each room, to the bi-fold closet doors and patio sliders, you'll have as many doors as you have rooms, if not more. In renovations and when redecorating, changing the style of door can make a big impact. And this DIY project is straightforward with this door installation tips to guide you.

Simple Door Installation

1) Have the Right Tools On Hand

Start your door installation project with the tools you need to get the job done. Since the door needs to fit, you'll have to keep that tape measure close by and use it to double check every necessary measurement. And because the door should open and close smoothly you need to use a level. Also, a cordless drill with a good set of screwdriver bits is an absolute necessity. Have a hammer at your side to knock those shims in easily.

2) Build a Precise Door Jamb

Since your door will fit snugly into the frame installing that properly is essential. Always double check your measurements, both when marking cuts and making your cuts. Don't nail the jamb directly until you've check for a tight and level fit. It's a good idea to pre-drill holes, tack up the jamb and fit each one together with the use of shims. Once it's all in place, go ahead and nail the jamb in permanently.

3) Check the Opening Direction

Be sure that you've installed the jamb in the proper direction for the door you have. Fast fitting interior door systems are a little more straightforward than those you'll need to fabricate from scratch. Be sure to notch out the jamb on the correct side as well, if that's something you need to do.

4) Know When to Replace the Frame

If you are renovating or replacing the current door then you'll need to examine the door frame for signs of wear. While it does add to the cost, replacing the frame at the same time as the door often results in a better fit and a more durable door. Because wood warps even inside your home, older door jambs can be slightly off and make it challenging to have a smooth door. With sliders or traditional doors, a new frame will provide the freshest start possible.

5) Get It Aligned

It's common to get the door completely hung only to find out that the bolt and strike plate are not aligning well. That means your door won't close properly or won't stay closed. With some precise adjustments using a handheld screwdriver you can correct the problem. First tighten up the hinges, which may have come loose or sagged a little. Next you can check to see if the door is square. Use shims to fix that or try shims behind your latch bolt to bring it closer to a smooth fit. Lastly, if all else fails you can still file the strike plate until the latch bolt slides in easily.

From tools to measurements, frames and alignments, installing a door is a detailed project. But with some practice you can become a real pro at door installation and have a blast replacing them throughout your home.

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