A Good Handyman - in Demand and Hard to Find


What is a Handyman?

When one thinks of a handyman, the usual concept is of a workman with nominal skill in a wide variety of home improvement or home repair trades; such as painting, dry wall, doors and windows, leaky faucets, etc. The scope of handyman services offered by a home handyman may range from a simple dry wall patch job to major renovation in a kitchen or bathroom home improvement project.

Just finding someone for general handyman work is difficult or nearly impossible in many localities; even without any issues of emergency or urgency. A handyman for hire is someone who is in high demand in most localities; booked well in advance. This is where it can start to get a little dicey.

Almost every local building authority has building code requirements that insist electrical or plumbing work be done by a licensed professional. Some localities may require a handyman license to undertake any level of handyman work, while other localities may have no requirements at all.

Some contractor handymen are qualified for broad spectrum work; they may be licensed to do extensive home electrical repair or deal with a complicated plumbing problem. Others do not have the licensing or qualifications to do so, but may attempt such projects anyway.

In most cases, contractor handymen are trade professionals highly skilled in one area, such as carpentry - but fill in the spaces between contracts with handyman work. In rare cases you might find a licensed plumber or electrician who does handyman work. But these contractors are usually in high demand and make more per hour sticking to their trade.

A very important fact to remember is that a handyman contractor usually is not skilled in all areas of home repair. Skills will vary from one handyman to the next. Therefore, it is crucial to define what skills or expertise a handyman should have for a particular project. So that the tasks you want performed can be completed in a satisfactory manner, following local building code requirements.

A carpenter offering handyman services may be an excellent choice for home glass repair or general home repair and remodeling. But a poor choice for home electrical repair or home appliance repair. While a master handyman versed in all aspects of the trade would be an excellent choice for almost any type job ranging from an easy home repair project to an extensive home improvement remodeling.

Helpful Handyman Screening and Hiring Tips

So how do homeowners obtain the services of a good handyman service? Listed below are tips for building a “punch list” of tasks to be performed. And considerations for screening and hiring the right Mr fix it for a successful home repair or mobile home repair project.

  • Make a list of specific tasks you want done. Be sure to accurately define each task, so that you can select a handyman contractor with the necessary skills to successfully complete them.

  • Remember - a handyman may not have all the skills required to undertake every kind of job that a homeowner might want completed. Don't pressure any handyman to do a project they are not comfortable with, resulting in a big disappointment for everyone.

  • Develop a list of possible candidates for the tasks your want completed. The best resource is word of mouth referrals from friends, neighbors, or relatives who have had a good experience with a handyman contractor.

  • Request several references from each candidate, and take the time to check them out.

  • Request licensing, insurance, and certification information from each candidate; verify that all information is up to date. For many projects, homeowners will want to make sure that a candidate carries sufficient contractor liability insurance. However, this may not be as important an issue for certain types of jobs; such as cleaning up trash or raking leaves.

  • For a larger project, you may want to check bank references and credit history, to help establish how a contractor conducts their business.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), local Chamber of Commerce, and local building authority for any possible consumer complaints against the contractor you are considering.

  • Handyman prices can vary drastically from one service provider to the next. Establish in writing how a candidate structures pricing for his services; by the job, by the hour, or by the half hour. Do they provide free estimates?

  • Plan well in advance. As mentioned earlier, most handyman contractors are booked weeks, even months in advance. But this can be good - it allows ample time to thoroughly check out each candidate before making a commitment.

Locating Handyman Services

Whether planning a home repair improvement to increase the market value of your home. Or simply seeking handyman services to complete that do it yourself home repair that you were unable to finish last summer. Finding a good handyman can be a difficult task.

Homeowners all across Canada are turning to, where finding a reliable local handyman contractor is a snap. Whether seeking emergency repair services or a home repair estimate, homeowners sign up without any cost or obligation whatsoever. And then post their home repair improvement project online, where it is immediately visible to local skilled contractors knowledgeable about building code requirements.

Handyman contractor members also receive immediate e-mail notification of new project postings within their scope of expertise. They in turn provide project owners competitive bids in days, even just hours from project posting.

Homeowners can view company profile pages, references, customer comments and feedback, licensing/insurance/certification credentials, and photos of recently completed projects for each contractor member online. And then make an informed hiring decision, or hire no one at all. Remember, there is no obligation to hire anyone.

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