All About Jacuzzi Tub Types, Costs, Installation, and other Considerations


It doesn't matter whether you plan to install a Jacuzzi tub for pleasure or health purposes. The addition of a Jacuzzi can jazz up your home's d'cor and increase bath and relaxation time pleasure. Creating a dream spa for home physical therapy or Jacuzzi fun for the whole family.

Jacuzzi Purpose

Before deciding upon which type to buy, determine the main purpose your Jacuzzi hot tub will serve:

  • In home physical therapy - for water exercise or as a natural muscle relaxant remedy.

  • As a Jacuzzi spa- to enhance or create a tranquil home day spa environment. Or as an add-on to enhance a workout room.

  • Fun and entertainment - for the family or Jacuzzi party purposes, indoor or out.

  • To create a relaxing bathroom setting with a more pleasurable environment than standard bathroom design.

Once you've determined the main purpose for wanting a Jacuzzi tub, decide on the type of Jacuzzi that would best suit your purposes.

Types of Jacuzzis

Whether your plan is for an indoor Jacuzzi or outdoor, consider the following tub choices:

Jacuzzi whirlpool tub - utilizing Jacuzzi jets that force both air and water through pressure jets incorporated into the bathtub; for stimulating, deep-tissue massage. Select a tub with spacious bathing wells and multiple jet placements to maximize your Jacuzzi experience.

Air bath whirlpool - for hydrotherapy benefits produced by an airflow system that blows air through the water; creating soothing currents - gentler and more sedating than jetted bath massages.

Jacuzzi water heater models - heated versions of both Jacuzzi whirlpool and air bath whirlpool tubs; with blasts of heated water and heated air that increase muscle massage and relaxation.

Jacuzzi steam shower tub - with the same muscle-relaxing benefits of a regular Jacuzzi, but with the added benefit of a caressing stream of steaming water, pulsating through an attached steam shower head.

Space-saving Jacuzzi shower - instead of a bathtub.

In addition to the above, styles of tubs include the corner Jacuzzi tub, and inground pool and Jacuzzi models. Nearly all Jacuzzis can be found in round, oval, hexagon, rectangle, square, kidney, and standard bathtub shapes.

Jacuzzi Costs

Depending upon the size, model, and quality, Jacuzzi costs range from just under $1,000 to over $14,000 for a Jacuzzi tub. Showers generally range in cost from around $800 to $5,000.

Prices for good quality 60 X 60 X 30 ½-inch deep whirlpool Jacuzzi with multiple massage jets and handheld showerhead, for instance, usually begin at about $1,300. A 54 X 54 X 24-inch corner Jacuzzi tub will generally start at around $1,000.

Larger, more elaborate models with assets such as sculpted armrests, contoured backrests, digital controls, chromatherapy and illumatherapy lights, wave pulse controls, multiple adjustable jets, slip-resistant bottoms, installed heating systems, and European design faucet and handheld shower heads can run $13,000 and up.

Jacuzzi Selection

Jacuzzi hot tubs are measured by length, width, and height. When making your selection, remember the following:

  • Available space verses Jacuzzi size.

  • Jacuzzi pump location.

  • Main person who will be using the tub; their size, and height. For tall persons consider a 6-foot tub minimum.

  • Number of persons using the tub at one time.

  • If children will be using the tub, consider a model with safety features.

  • If two persons will be using the tub at the same time, a center drain works best.

  • Jacuzzi faucets can be for either right or left handed persons.

  • Jacuzzi tub installation type.

  • Color preference - not all Jacuzzi models come in all colors.

Speaking of colors, selection is important. Not only to fit in with the rest of the d'cor, but to enhance the Jacuzzi spa experience. Many persons adapt chromatherapy (also known as colour therapy) into their Jacuzzi room d'cor because of the effect various colors can have on emotions and moods

Jacuzzi Installation Considerations

When making plans for your Jacuzzi tub installation project, remember to allow for sufficient clearance. Not only for access while making final connections during installation. But also for service-panel access in case the motor or pump would require service at a later date.

Some access panels require a clearance of 18-inches by 18-inches, for instance. It is important to provide adequate space around the pump for Jacuzzi repair, as well as enough space for proper air ventilation for the pump and motor during operation.

Another important consideration before installing a Jacuzzi tub is whether or not the floor structure is reasonably level. And also whether or not it is strong enough to support the weight of the Jacuzzi. Rule of thumb is to allow at least 150 lbs per square foot.

Follow individual Jacuzzi tub model directions and all precautions to a “T.” The electrical and plumbing aspects of Jacuzzi installation require careful consideration. Electrical wiring and plumbing needs should meet manufacturer's recommendations as well as building code requirements.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Working with electricity and plumbing can be tricky business. Even most DIY homeowners opt for the services of an experienced plumber, professional electrician, or a general contractor with experience in Jacuzzi installation for at least some aspects of the project.

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