How to Make Your Home Heating System More Cost Effective


Finding more cost effective ways to heat your home and make it more comfortable for you and your family is much easier than in years past. That is because conservation efforts and the use of energy efficient heat is such a big trend.

More than ever before, at the heart of every homeowner is a concern for the “green way of life;” the preservation of natural resources, a more energy efficient home design, and ways to cut energy costs. This is especially true in regions like Canada that experience prolonged winters with sub zero temperatures.

Radiant Heat

One way to effectively warm your home is by using heat transmitted or radiated from the surface of an object. This is called radiant heat; one of the oldest forms of heating available. Unlike some other heating sources, such as an electric or gas forced air heater, a radiant heating system is easier to control; with less heat wasted into thin air.

Electric radiant heating systems have a proven track-record as a cost efficient heat source for smaller spaces; say, 5 rooms or under. An option that provides direct heat with quick results, and warmth remaining long after it has been turned off.

A Floor Heating System - Cost Effective and Easy to Install

An underfloor heating system is one alternative heating source rapidly gaining popularity. Especially for areas of the home such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Surprisingly, in floor heating was first used by the Romans. First by the elites, before becoming commonplace in public buildings in colder regions of the Empire. Hot air and steam from hot fires flowed through flues built right into the walls and floors. Radiant chimneys located in room corners helped to more evenly distribute heat.

Modern day, an electric heating element with cables constructed of electric resistant materials can be installed under flooring, and used to conduct and distribute heat throughout the surface of the floor.

Modern Electric Portable Space Heaters…Another Viable Option

Although once notorious as energy hogs, today's options include energy efficient electric space heater models. A cost effective room-heating upgrade, and an efficient way to help keep drafty areas of an older or poorly insulated home warmer and more comfortable.

Select from European style models that attach to the wall and add designer appeal to rooms; including bathrooms, offices, hallways, attic areas, and basements. Some are energy efficient enough to have earned a space heater energy star.

Other Types of Small Space Heater Systems to Consider

With today's available options, it's easy to economically “spot treat” zones of the home that might be drafty and uncomfortable. Take the bathroom, for instance.

Besides the aforementioned in floor radiant heat systems and small electric radiant heater units, consider a bathroom towel warmer. Another source of radiant heat; one that not only provides added warmth to the room, but heats towels for more comfortable use, as well.

Other “bathroom luxury” heating systems include a heated toilet seat, a body dryer (a large version of a hair blower; one that is stationary and dries a person's whole body), a steam generator for home spa appeal (such as an aromatherapy shower steam bath), or the addition of a steam room kit to turn your bathroom into a mini steam room spa as a DIY project.

Energy Saving Tips; Ways to Save on Utility Costs

Whether updating your entire HVAC system, installing an under floor heating system, or spot heating your home to get rid of cold, drafty areas. There are ways to save on utility costs for a more efficient way to heat and comfortably maintain a home.

The quickest and easiest way to upgrade an existing HVAC system to be more energy efficient is to install a programmable digital thermostat. These units range in price from under $50 for a basic unit, to around $200 for more for deluxe units with multiple program features.

A programmable digital thermostat saves energy in two ways:

  • Digital thermostats have a high degree of accuracy in the internal thermometer; therefore more accurately controlling the on/off function of an HVAC system for a much more constant temperature setting. Older mercury switch thermostats tend to allow ambient room temperature to fluctuate 4º to 8ºF between run cycles, causing the heating unit to run harder and longer to “catch back up” to temperature set.

  • A programmable digital thermostat allows homeowners to set multiple temperature settings. Automatically lowering room temperature during the day when nobody is home; or at night when everyone is sleeping and a “comfort zone” is not necessary. This causes the HVAC to run less, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Also, with the recent emphasis on the environment and green building, many homeowners are upgrading an old coal or fuel oil fired heating system to a new energy efficient electric heating system or natural gas heating system. This not only addresses environmental issues, but helps transform an old home into a “green house;” saving homeowners money in the long run in increased energy savings.

Replacing these older, less efficient, and “dirty burning” systems helps to preserve natural resources by making more efficient and cleaner use of resources consumed.

Finally, the most eco friendly and energy efficient types of a heating system are those utilizing geothermal heating or solar heating. Groundwater heated by geothermal activity underground is readily available in many geographical areas. Homeowners can simply tap into the heated water strata by drilling a well, and then circulating the warm or hot water through either passive or forced air radiators into the home before returning it back to the ground.

Solar heating works the same way, except that water is heated in roof top solar panels by the sun. After the initial cost of installation, the only additional expenditure required is to run forced air fans. For passive radiant heat systems, even this cost is avoided.

Because of the fact that geothermally heated water and solar energy are both totally renewable resources, both methods are extremely desirable; with zero negative impact on the environment.

Residential Canadian homeowners and small to medium-sized business owners have the chance to offset costs associated with updating an old heating system. They might qualify for a grant, rebate, or incentive program offered by the Canadian government's Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE).

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