Top Three Considerations When Remodeling Your Home Heating System


Whether you're putting an addition on your home or finishing the basement, most major remodeling projects will have an effect on your home heating system. Because it has been designed for the size and shape of your home before renovations, you may need to do some work on the heating system itself during your remodel project. If that's the case, there are three major things you need to consider to ensure your new space is well heated and comfortable.

How It Sizes Up

When you add square footage to your home, open up a room by removing walls or change the existing layout of a certain space, you could be inadvertently straining your existing heating system. This will result in more severe wear and tear and lower efficiency levels, which can eventually cost you big dollars. Even replacing your windows has an effect on the heating system, especially if you are upgrading to energy efficient designs.

What you need to do is hire a reputable HVAC contractor to conduct a load calculation. This will determine how your existing system stacks up to the needs of the newly remodeled space. Using the data from the load calculation you can make an informed decision on whether or not to replace the current heating system.

Level of Energy Efficiency

A major renovation presents you with an ideal time to have a look at the energy efficiency of your heating system. If your home is ten years old or more you should seriously consider the energy savings of a newer heating system. Not only are these systems better for the environment, but when less energy is used it will mean a smaller utility bill and more money in your pocket.

Have a look at the new forced-air high efficiency furnaces on the market. You may be surprised at how much less energy they use while providing the same or better levels of comfort. In many cases you can also take advantage of government rebates, although you need to make sure the product you are purchasing meets the specifications of any rebate programs. Ask your HVAC contractor for their recommendations based on the age and state of your existing system as well as any rebates that apply to your region.

Better Air Quality

Renovations can be messy, with dust and fumes floating in the air long after the remodel is completed. By adding a whole home air cleaner you can get back to clean air much sooner and provide a healthier atmosphere in your home over the long term.

Whole home air cleaners work in conjunction with your forced air furnace and generally filter out nearly all air borne allergens (including pollen and dust) as well as other harmful elements like bacteria and toxins. Look for one that is certified, reliable and has a solid warranty.

With these three things in mind you can take advantage of an ideal time to upgrade your heating system. Before starting your renovation, ensure that you have a system that can handle the expanded area of living space and consider installing a new, energy efficient heating appliance. You should also think about adding a whole home air cleaner to provide the healthiest atmosphere in your home. In any case, be sure that your newly remodeled space will be well heated and comfortable.

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