Worried Woes Can Be Wallowed Away with a Woman Cave

Woman Relaxing Reading a Book

As every woman knows life can be stressful without downtime. You've got enough on your plate with kids, work, and keeping up on the house. Don't brush "me" time under the carpet. You've worked hard, now it's time to play hard. We've all heard of "mancaves", places where men can run to unwind and have fun in times of strife. Women need a place to put their feet up as well.


What's relaxation without a comfortable setting? Think back to when you've been at a spa or Invest in cozy couches and chairs and while sinking into them cover yourself with warm pillows and blankets. Go all out on this part of your woman cave and your feet will thank you later. Even further look into some massage chairs or chair toppers. Some can even give you deep tissue or other exotic massages! There are also foot messaging systems available on the market. Don't be distracted with machines that just vibrate, look for ones that have moving pieces and maybe even a heat setting. For temperature control think about going the extra mile with a blanket and get heated blankets. Finally the best invention known to woman has to be the hot tub or water-jet bathtub! This is definitely where you don't want to skimp. Even the worst days can be fixed with a hot, luxurious bath. Even further still, think about splurging on installing a sauna.

Beauty and the Beast

Women are part beauty and beast. You want to be pretty but also kick butt. The only way to do this is focus on one's health and wellness. If you are trying to work out the best way to keep yourself motivated is to have your equipment close by and to have the option to work out with friends. Close-by can mean in the same house, right? Think about devoting a portion of your woman-cave to a gym. Get some weights, mats, yoga equipment and possibly a treadmill. Next to tackle the beauty side. Ever wanted a dresser with a mirror and stool to sit on comfortably while putting on makeup? Now is the time to invest in that furniture item you've wanted since you were little. Additionally, your getting ready routine will be much faster and you will get more done A few, maybe more extravagant, but equally important items to put in a woman-cave are manicure and pedicure stations as well as a tanning bed!

Make Your Own Hobby Lobby

Television is a pretty obvious addition to any cave, man or woman. But sometimes things that are necessary for you to take full advantage of your television can be missed in planning. First things, first: cable or satellite is a must! You need to be up to date with your shows and TV movies (probably a way to record your favorites is best). And don't forget to bring your DVD collection! You and your friends will be excited to watch old and new movies in your new woman-cave. Another thing that always seems to be more targeted to men, but can be just as applicable for women is gaming! If you have game consoles, set them up and even if you've never played a certain game before, it will be a hit with your girls on game night! Most importantly however you must create a space that caters to what entertains and interests your specifically. Hobbies are calming and necessary for happiness in many regards. Create an inspiring spot to do your hobbies whether it is painting, knitting, writing, or reading.

Girls Night Essentials

When you've invited your girl friends over for a night of fun, you want to make sure everything is set to please. Having a full bar and kitchen can really kick your woman-cave up a notch above the rest. Not only will you be able to make drinks right in the comfort of the same room you are hosting in, you can cook meals without messing up your main kitchen. As many women can testify, a girl's night is not complete without refreshments of the liquor short. Whether you're a martini, margarita, or other kind of cocktail bunch, your woman-cave bar works best if it does it all. First off, make sure you have ample storage for all glassware. Also invest in bar essentials like blenders, shakers, and muddling equipment. Got wine? Think about getting a nice wine rack or even a mini wine cellar to show off and serve your wine to its fullest.


  • Pick a color and stick with it throughout, and pick a shape and stick with it throughout. An overall theme can really bring a room together. 
  • Be versatile and think about converting the space into what you need. Do you want a dance studio? Install a dance floor and great sound system and you'll be dancing from dawn to dusk. Do you need a dark room to develop photos? Contribute a portion of your space to something that you love.
  • Make sure that you can easy access the rest of the house. You want to be able to check up on things and make a quick entry and exit to "real life".

Posted by: Ahmed Muztaba
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