7 Major Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen remodeling trends

Real estate agents all over Canada will surely agree that a large, modern kitchen ranks as one of the most important single selling points of a home. Traditionally, kitchens have been the nerve centers of the home and that important aspect has been joined by another important factor - they are becoming an extension of the owner in much the same way as the type of car or occupation. In fact, this past year, designers and contractors have been kept on their toes trying to keep up with what is “modern.”

For example, in a few short years tastes have gone from the busy look of wood-grain cabinets to the homogeneous flow of softer-grained woods and solid colors. Designers have also been bringing in European motifs, but not the sleek, ultra-expensive Pedini kitchen with its minimalist Italian designs. They went out into the countryside and introduced us to the colors and multi-style cabinetry of Tuscany. Here ar some Kitchen Remodeling Ideas:

  1. The Space Race
  2. In the l980's, the “open kitchen/great room decor” concept began expanding the kitchen area, heralding its acceptance as an important fashion module for the whole home. In kitchen remodels the island became a regular feature and there were sometimes two of them to accept stovetops, sinks and cutting boards. However, as the room expanded the fridge, stove and sink area - known as the “golden triangle” - was no longer the easy reach of a single person. Now the homeowner had to make frequent steps between each convenience.

    Kitchen remodeling designers have rectified this by reclaiming the ergonomics. This was accomplished either by making the making the working areas of the kitchen closer together or by utilizing new innovations such as the under-the-counter fridge and freezer.

  3. Cabinets
  4. If the kitchen is the crown of a home's interior then the kitchen cabinets are the jewels. Cabinets are the first eye-catching features and, as stated before, until just recently they were usually arranged in symmetrical banks along the wall. With sweeping pantries only interrupted by the stainless-steel range hood, fridge or double, wall ovens they were the “power block” of many designs.

    This uniformity has been swept aside for a more personal look. In many cases this is the earthy, Tuscan style. Islands and the main cupboards no longer have to match and may also have different countertops in style, material and color. The cabinets themselves can be a mixture of open or closed, dull or gloss-finish, wood or solid-color. Make way for a string of garlic bulbs too!

    Cabinet hardware ranges from wrought-iron pulls to granite and rock knobs, in keeping with the mix-and-match tempo of the latest kitchen designs. The brushed-metal hardware has stood the test of time: brass, copper, gold, pewter and aluminum.

  5. Counter Tops
  6. Granite and other stone countertops still rank as the favorites but porcelain tile adorns many custom kitchen counters. Again, an island countertop may be butcher-block wood while granite countertops could be the surface for the main area. Also gaining popularity is polished-concrete which can be made on or off the property and finished in a myriad of colors and designs.

    For the frugal there is always laminate which is now in many textures and colors. The nice thing about laminate is that it looks good and can be easily and cheaply replaced in a few years.

  7. The Sink
  8. The kitchen sink used to be the poor relative of kitchen accessories especially after the uniform stainless-steel model became the standard. Now models are built from durable composites in all shapes, sizes and styles. For the bold there is also various stone models.

    Kitchen remodeling experts claim that stainless-steel sinks are still popular, especially in restaurant styling with gleaming high-action faucets. This type comes with a drain board complete with a commercial, counter-height dishwasher and pot-scrubbing wand just like the one at your favorite steakhouse.

  9. Flooring
  10. Porcelain tile flooring has been a favorite for years and especially with a heating pad to warm the toes. But tile is hard on the feet and unforgiving when glasses and dishware happen to slip out of your hands. Because of this cork has been gaining ground as a kitchen floor.

    Properly installed cork flooring is durable, easy-to-clean and a pleasurable experience for the back and soles of the feet. It is easily cut and shaped and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. In addition cork flooring does not break the bank.

  11. Lighting
  12. Many kitchens today have banks of track lighting and specialized under-the-cabinet light sources that direct light to where it is needed. While job lighting is still in vogue the track-lighting is coming down in favor of a large area fixture supplemented with multiple medium-glow lights such as sconces. Lighting the inside of the cabinet is also a welcome idea.

  13. Appliances
  14. Transformations are also taking place in appliances which, for generations, were confined to a stand-up fridge and range. The cook top, wall oven and freezer expanded their use a bit but one of the more recent innovations has been the new under-the-counter appliances, restaurant appliances that put chilled and frozen food at your fingertips. For the traditional appliances the lid has come off the paint can, hearkening back to the 1970's when olive green, chocolate-brown and harvest-gold took over from the bland white. Even some brands of washers and dryers come in at least 4 colors.

    I guess the one line that describes the new kitchen is: “Whatever fills your boots!” For entry into your dream kitchen click here for a kitchen renovation expert.

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