Calgary Kitchens and Bathrooms

Calgary kitchens and bathrooms

Are you looking to renovate or remodel your kitchen or bathroom? What is popular in Calgary at the moment in these areas and what are some of your options when renovating your kitchen or bathroom?

Basins and Sinks

In terms of bathroom basins the latest styles are often wide and shallow, but deep, round basins are also popular. For kitchen sinks, the double-sink is going out of fashion and instead single sinks or trough sinks are becoming more popular.

Baths for your Bathroom

What is the trend in terms of baths when remodeling your bathroom? The roll-top style is a modern bath style that is free standing. In terms of materials you can now consider stone, cast-stone composites and wood.

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Tiling is another important element in the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom. The use of tiles is becoming more varied with a variety of sizes and textures. Different tiles of different sizes can be layered for different effects, but ensure that you get a professional to do this to ensure that the tiles are watertight.

The Trendy Kitchen - Open Plan

A trend you can consider in the renovating of your kitchen is the fact that many people today are trying to integrate their kitchens with the rest of their homes, making an open-plan with the living room or family room area. Although this can be a good idea when it comes to being able to spend more time with family or friends in the living room, or watching TV, while cooking; the negative aspect could be that if you will also be doing formal entertaining in the open-plan area that you may not wish guests to see you preparing the dinner. Consider whether this option is going to work best for you or not.

Spacious and Light

Another trend in Calgary that is being seen in remodeling is that people want more spacious areas that also have more light. This is part of the reason for the open-plan kitchen design described above, and in bathrooms there is an increased use of glass and larger floor plans.

Wet Rooms to Complement Your Bathrooms

Another element that is becoming popular in Calgary is your wet room. The whole bathroom could be turned into a wet room with the use of a waterproof membrane or a small wet-room within the bathroom could be created. In both of these situations the waterproofing is vital and should be carefully done by a trained professional.

Environmentally Friendly

An environmentally friendly or “green” approach is also becoming more popular as people look for renewable materials, water conservation and energy renewal techniques in their home. If you are interested in creating an environmentally friendly space then speak to local contractor about how you can implement these plans into your home.

If you are looking at remodeling or renovating your kitchen or bathroom then you may wish to consider what is popular at the moment. In kitchens there is a movement away from the double-sink to single or trough sinks, open-plan kitchens, with plenty of space. For bathrooms you are also looking at more space and light, wet rooms, and either wide and shallow or deep and round basins. Tiling is also becoming more varied and different tiles of different sizes can be layered to create interesting effects in your kitchen or bathroom. The environmentally friendly approach is also becoming increasingly important to many home owners and you should speak to your contractor about your options in this area.

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