Handy Ideas to Organize Kitchen Space - an Alternative to Costly Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation

Homeowners desiring a small kitchen renovation but are unable to appropriate the finances necessary for a more extensive project, have an alternative. Add new appeal and functionality to the room by using efficient, innovative ideas to organize kitchen space and rid clutter.

Hang stemware under cabinets

An excellent space saving idea is to hang wineglasses and other stemware under a cabinet. Protecting them from getting knocked around in the cupboard; at the same time better organizing kitchen cabinet space. Just cut rows of T-shaped slots in a piece of plywood using a plunge router. Install the unit using 2 pieces of 1X2 under the cabinet, with the top of the “T” to the front. Finish it off by painting, staining, or using a sealant. Slide the base of stemware into the slots to hang upside down.

Add a sink front tray

Utilize the space directly in front of the sink by removing the front panel, and installing a tray on its back side for keeping cleaning supplies, small utensils, or brushes. The panel can be attached at the bottom with spring-loaded hinges, converting it into to self-shutting, tilt out sink tray for easy access. Small trays suitable for this purpose are readily available at hardware stores.

Special stow away shelving units

Special space saving shelving units that swing down from under a cabinet, or up out of a cupboard can help to utilize every inch of free space in your kitchen. A shallow swing-down unit under a cupboard might be perfect for keeping kitchen spices out-of-sight, but readily at your fingertips.

A shelving unit that swings up and out from an under-counter cabinet might be perfect for a blender or food processor; two culprits notorious for eating up valuable counter space. These type units are available at home centers and hardware stores, with a wide assortment of styles and sizes from which to select.

Gravity-feed canned goods storage

Vinyl-clad wire storage racks with a lip on one edge are also readily available. By installing the shelves in a pantry at a slight downward angle, with the lip turned up at the front, canned foods or beverages can be stored on their side in rows. When one is removed the rest roll to the front, ready for quick access. Using fin-back clips and angle brackets, this innovative storage rack system can easily be installed in any pantry, or under a shelf. This is an excellent space saving solution; whether organizing existing kitchen pantry storage, or undertaking a major kitchen renovation project.

Stair-step shelving

For under-counter cupboards that are cluttered by items crammed in a helter-skelter fashion, organize kitchen cabinet storage by arranging available space in tiers.

Arrange a front row of items along the bottom of the cabinet. Using a length of 2X4 or 2X6, set up a second tier. Glue two pieces of 2X4 or 2X6 together for a third tier at the back. Paint, stain, or cover the boards with shelf paper; arrange items on the tiers for easy visibility and access.

By utilizing these and other efficient space saving ides, every-day kitchen clutter is eliminated; counter space is freed, every day items are more easily accessible, and your kitchen takes on a whole new clutter-free look.

Some homeowners might not have the handyman skills required to install special storage devices, or incorporate other cost-effective space saving ideas in their kitchen. As an effective resource for finding reliable, local-specific handyman services, can help.

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